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Lucius Arcturus
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2011.04.12 07:17:00 - [1]

Edited by: Lucius Arcturus on 28/08/2011 21:34:46
Taggart explorers come across a wide variety of WHs, some of them uninhabited. To see our available WHs as they are discovered, join the in-game mailing list Taggart WH Sales. To join a mailing list, open Evemail, then look for the "Add Mailing List" button in the lower left.

A Taggart will not post a WH to the mailing list if:
  • There is a force field anywhere in the system.

  • The Taggart will not be online for at least a few hours to entertain offers.

  • There is no entrance from k-space available.

  • The entrance pipe is unhealthy in time or mass (as of the time of the advertisement).

Keep in mind that as most Taggart explorers live in WHs, it is not practical for us to stay in any WHs that we find for longer than 24 hours or so. That's why we prefer to use the mailing list rather than the forums for individual sales (although you will sometimes see our offers on the forums), and why we do not keep a constant list of available systems. It does mean that because all of the stars need to be aligned to make sales in this fashion, our prices are quite low.

If you join the mailing list and see a WH that you like, evemail the Taggart who posted it directly and you can start the negotiation process. We usually do a half-and-half type deal as is common for these things, whereby the buyer pays half of the total sum and the Taggart gives the k-space entrance. After your scout enters the system and verifies it, you can transfer the rest and Taggart will go on its way.

If you are an explorer with a WH for sale, feel free to contact me via evemail and Taggart will advertise the WH for you. There is no charge for this service if we cannot find a buyer. If we do find a buyer, we will act as a third party for 10% of the price of the WH.

Q: What are some of your general prices?

A: This depends on many factors. As you probably know already, uninhabited WHs are becoming less common, which can raise the price. WH PI is very popular at the moment and a decent planetary makeup could increase the price. A highsec entrance for a WH that does not usually have one may raise the price. The class and environment may raise or lower the price as well. Tl;dr - as a general rule, most of our WHs go for 200m - 400m.
Q: I want the hole but am not ready to move in at this time, can you leave an alt in there?
A: Not usually. However, this can easily be remedied by buying the WH and then placing your own scanner alt in it until such time as you can move in. If this is not possible and you do not want to lose the WH to time or another buyer, the Taggart selling the hole may be able to work something out, for a price.
Q: What kind of entrances do you offer?
A: This is a limiting factor and means that some WHs that we find cannot be sold, because there is no entrance available. Our explorers will look in the WHs surrounding each system for entrances. Sometimes we can find a highsec, sometimes only a null is available. Sometimes the available entrance is very small and cannot fit larger classes of ships. The nature of the entrance will be made clear to you before you transfer any ISK.
Q: I just joined the list and can't see today's WHs; what do you currently have available?
A: Evemail or convo me directly for a list of our current offerings.

You can find several testimonials from our customers and clients later in this thread. Here are a few of our other references:
- Example 1 (third party for a C3 sale)
- Example 2 (third party for a C4 sale)
- Example 3 (third party for a C1 sale)
- Example 4 (third party for a C2 sale)

Aaruhn Tildarus
Posted - 2011.04.12 07:35:00 - [2]

Edited by: Aaruhn Tildarus on 12/04/2011 07:35:56

Posted - 2011.04.12 07:40:00 - [3]

Edited by: Yeshmiel on 12/04/2011 07:40:44
Making specific requests, such as class, environmental effects, static and planetray make up will be easier to fill your order. If you are not sure what is best for you please feel free to ask questions and we will do our best to facilitate your needs. EVEmail Lucius Arcturus or myself in game please and we will get back to you as soon as time permits, as posting to the mailing list is limited to prevent counter productive clutter in the mailing list. Serious inquiries only please.

Lucius Arcturus
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2011.04.12 20:14:00 - [4]

If you see a WH you like, contact the pilot who advertised it and make an offer. If you can agree on a price, they will bring you in as safely as possible to your new WH when the funds have been transferred. If you'd like to use a third-party mediator, that can be arranged.

Lucius Arcturus
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2011.04.13 20:08:00 - [5]

Join our mailing list and let our pilots find your next home!

Zedd Clark
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.04.15 03:49:00 - [6]

I was on the edge at first but good deal for a C3 wormhole!


+1 Rep :)

Posted - 2011.04.16 06:14:00 - [7]

IM looking for a C3 Wolf Rayet. Have anything like that?

Lucius Arcturus
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2011.04.16 13:03:00 - [8]

We'll keep an eye out for a WH like that, metallica.

Posted - 2011.04.16 13:39:00 - [9]

Im looking for c1 with all pos fuel, hs exit a must. good planet mix.

Division Six Network
The Smurfs Alliance
Posted - 2011.04.16 16:20:00 - [10]

I'm looking for a C2 with either a high-sec or low-sec static and a static to any other type of Wormhole. Preferably without an anomaly, but a pulsar or cataclysmic event would be fine.

If you find anything like that send me a mail.

Lucius Arcturus
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2011.04.17 21:18:00 - [11]

Your orders have been added to our list.

Posted - 2011.04.21 13:53:00 - [12]

Looking for a c3, lowsec static and preferably a c1/c2 static. All PI is a must.

Posted - 2011.04.21 14:20:00 - [13]

Looking C3,C4 with static C3,C4.....must be a pulsar!

Posted - 2011.04.21 18:08:00 - [14]

looking for any wormhole with a c3 static

Posted - 2011.04.21 19:55:00 - [15]

looking for C3 static C4 or C4 static C3

Lucius Arcturus
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2011.04.22 22:35:00 - [16]

Orders added.

Posted - 2011.04.22 22:51:00 - [17]

Looking for Static Hi-Sec WH Empty.

Posted - 2011.04.23 02:26:00 - [18]

Looking for a unoccupied C3 with a HS static. PI is a must. Don't care about phenomenons.

Posted - 2011.04.23 11:26:00 - [19]

My corp is looking for a c3 or ideally a c4 Pulsar, one with a static c3 or c4 would be best. i just joined the mailing list.

Posted - 2011.04.23 21:03:00 - [20]

Edit to previous post: Empty WH (Class size isn't much of an issue) with PI, HS static is a must.

Posted - 2011.04.23 23:03:00 - [21]

I'm looking for a C2 with static C3 or vice versa.


Full pos PI.

No static Hi - low or null is fine.

No effects.

Master Tyberious
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2011.04.24 00:27:00 - [22]

im looking for a C1 or C2 with a highsec static. all pos fuel would be nice but not required. please send me a mail if you find one.

Lucius Arcturus
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2011.04.24 01:22:00 - [23]

Orders added. Also, explorers - we are more than happy to serve as a broker and/or mediator for your WH sale. For a small fee we will advertise your WH to our clients and serve as a third-party mediator for the sale.

Alexas Kateiwa
Aikoku Inc.
Revival Of The Talocan Empire
Posted - 2011.04.24 21:04:00 - [24]

Bought a wormhole off him. Everything went smooth without any need of 3rd parties.

Friedrich Pockels
Posted - 2011.04.25 22:09:00 - [25]


I'm looking for a C2/C3 with static HS and static C3.



Lucius Arcturus
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2011.05.01 20:39:00 - [26]

Join the mailing list today!

Lucius Arcturus
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2011.05.05 01:29:00 - [27]

In-game mailing list: Taggart WH Sales

Brugashi RockBreaker
Posted - 2011.05.05 04:50:00 - [28]

I use the service to sell the WH's I find. Lucius is professional and polite and to the point. no extra haggling. I let him know what i have found, he quotes me an appraised value and then if its acceptable to me, then he starts looking for a buyer from his list of clients. Very satisfied with the results.

Posted - 2011.05.05 04:57:00 - [29]

we bought a class 4 with a class 3 static from these guys very professional got exactly what we wanted no trouble at all thanks.

Jake Macleod
Loyal Order Of Bacchus
Celestial Tribesmen
Posted - 2011.05.05 18:07:00 - [30]

What are some of your general prices for each class of WH? Thanks.

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