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Posted - 2011.04.10 16:42:00 - [1]

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Hey guys,

i am somewhat new to the P.I side of eve. im not sure why...i mean i am an indy guy through and through, have been since i started playing eve back in 2009. what can i say? i like to run a business like thing.

ehem.....anyway, i have no idea whether the new P.I system is any better or worse than the 1st itteration..all i know is that i like it :D

the only thing, and its really small, i would suggest is potential colour coding for processors, dependant on schematics. on occasion, i manage to have enough power to perhaps have 2 extractors running at the same time from a lvl4 upgraded command centre, enabling me to harvest 2 different resources. i set up both of my extractor units to route to a space port, and then from the space port i route the resources to the processors. really helps on if the yield is higher than my processors can handle. to me, it makes logical sense, and is efficient to have this kinda "buffer" in place. naturally, my OCD dictates that i have my processors set up in orderly, schematic ordered lines. usually either side of my space port. sometimes though, i get confused and i try to route to the wrong ones, and then i have to ammend the links, and it can waste time lol. not a lot, but time nonetheless.

i would like to propose some kinda colour coding for the outter ring of a processor (currently orange). i mean when there is no schemactic installed, its black, thats makes a ton of sense to me. so why not have "teal" water, or White for "biofuels" and perhaps "green" for bacteria....etc. you get the idea right? an just this second thought of an addition info pop up when hovering over object, displaying its status/schematic info aswell. that would help too :) but i think colour coding would be enough. i have thought about the colour coding clashing with the outer ring colour of say the command centre and spaceport etc. so another method could be to change the colour of the logo in the middle of the processor, rather than the outer ring? so you would have orange on the outter ring (dictating the catagory of utility, just like blue for the command centre/spaceport etc) and the inner logo would say what its doing (schematic in use)

i just think (being a huge fan of micro management at a glance....who isnt right?) that this will help to keep player aware of how the setup is organised and make quick decisions and be able to make quick and efficient ammendments just from a glance.

i recently checked out my skill distribution through eve mon through the aid of a pie chart, and i thought to myself "how much more daunting would this be to read if it was all white sections, and i had to rely on the writing. i wouldnt perceive it in the same way, or as easily" so i directly transferred this observation to the PI UI.

im clearly just brainstorming here, but the concept and general idea is all there, and ive probably missing something else that could make this idea even better......and oh yeh, batch routing and linking would be nice :D so much work for the click finger, itll be too buff to pleasure the ladies if i keep going at this rate Razz


thanks guys


P.S i do really like the PI system...honest Laughing

Romal Mining Ventures Ltd.
Posted - 2011.04.10 20:19:00 - [2]

say yes to color coding...yes!

Posted - 2011.04.10 20:35:00 - [3]



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