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April Nardieu
Posted - 2011.04.10 08:18:00 - [1]

Alt Post.

I am looking for an active wormhole corporation that runs class 4 to 6 wormholes, (class 5 and 6 preferred)that runes ops in my timezone. I'm on EvE between 0830 and 1500 on weekdays, on weekends I'm mostly available exept for when I'm sleeping and the odd occasion my rl friends aren't playing hide and not seek.

My experience in wormhole space includes CEOing a corp with a friend of mine settling into class 2 system, eventually rising up to run class 3 and 4s when we acquired the members needed to run them. My corp later joined an alliance to run class 6 and 5 systems. That was quite a while ago, since then I have been hanging out in 0.0 but I'm gaining intrest again to get back into unknown space.

I can both armour and shield tank.
I can fly RR battlships for all races but caldari, if needed I can easily train the skills needed for caldari BS though.
I can fly a Tengu.
It would be a short train for me to be able to fly logistics.
I am also looking to get into a carrier in the soon to mid future.

Please leave a message here in this thread as I wont be checking this characters mails :)

Aurora Polaris
The Babylon Consortium
Posted - 2011.04.10 08:54:00 - [2]

Hi, your just what were looking for!

See our recruitment topic at eve Forum

Hope to see you drop a line RazzRazz

April Nardieu
Posted - 2011.04.10 11:58:00 - [3]


April Nardieu
Posted - 2011.04.10 15:10:00 - [4]

Bump before bed

Yuri Smirnoff
Posted - 2011.04.10 20:05:00 - [5]

We could definitely use a pilot like you, here's our forum post, should contain any information you might need to get an idea of who we are and what we do :)
Feel free to message/convo me in-game if you have any questions or would like to apply :)

April Nardieu
Posted - 2011.04.11 14:04:00 - [6]

Still looking to see what I can get, it's really important that your corp is running during my primetime. Nothing sucks more than being alone in unknown space with nothing to do.

April Nardieu
Posted - 2011.04.12 08:35:00 - [7]


Posted - 2011.04.12 08:58:00 - [8]

We are probably exactly what you are looking for. We are mostly US TZ, but we have a great group of aussies perfect for your TZ needs. You get all the great benefits of FBS without having to deal with the CEO, lol. We have a T3 program and lots of good things, we have been doing this for 2 years and know exactly everything about it. Join our public channel BFWAR in game and talk to Atlas Sargantanas or Hull Nightstar. There are prolly 10 pretty dedicated aussies guys but those 2 run most of it and are very active.


Posted - 2011.04.12 15:53:00 - [9]

Should be noted our CEO is an aussie so there is no lack of activity in the aus tz.

Capital Construction Research [CCRES]

CCRES - Well established, long term w-space residents are in search of active and driven pilots for w-space conquest and operations.

We offer:

-Sleeper site fleet PvE in high class wormhole space
-Small gang PvP
-Secure base of operations in wspace
-Advanced probing, signature, and bookmark organization tools
-Operation organization and isk sharing tools to ensure fair wealth distribution.
-Forums and Vent
-Occasional Gas harvesting
-Eu, US, and Au time zone operations
-Wealth of knowledge from one of the largest and most experienced dedicated WH corps in Eve.

What we do not offer:

-Complex politics
-Endless gate camping
-Manufacturing or research of any kind

We require:

-T3 ship (subsystems to IV/V, non Caldari)
-T2 tanking skills with armor compensation skills to lvl IV
-T2 medium weapons and good support skills to go along with your chosen T3
-Covert ops ship with covops cloak and good probing skills
-Ability to operate in a cooperative manner a must. Almost nothing is possible in high class wspace without teamwork
We actively PvP and seek targets. All members are expected to participate. If you're inexperienced, we will teach you. You MUST be either experienced or willing to learn. Pure carebears will not enjoy wspace.

CCRES and Pioneer alliance operate a NBSI policy.

For further information and recruitment help join "CCRES PUBLIC" in game.


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