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Pendragon Inc
Posted - 2011.04.06 14:49:00 - [1]

Ever wondered why you can't just point your ship at something and power up your engines to blow it up, like good old Alex Noir did? Well i think this would be a realistic feature, which could be implemented without unbalancing the game.
My idea would be to enable pilots to ram a target, simple as that. No special skills or modules needed. It would be an option available form the ship's cap, like the "jump to" option on caps and black ops. So if a player chooses to ram a target, the ship would align to (and follow) that target, and if it reaches "bouncing" range instead of bouncing of would ram the target, dealing damage to it (and itself).
Now to the topic of damage, the damage dealt to both ships should be dependent on the mass of both ships, their relative velocity, and their hitpoints.
The basic damage formula should look like this:
Damage to rammed ship =r*Mass of ramming ship * relative velocity^2
Damage to ramming ship =r*Mass of rammed ship * relative velocity^2
with r being a scaling factor to adjust the damage to reasonable values.

The damage would be dealt iterative however. Both ships would deal like 5% of their total dealt damage according to above formulae to each other, until one is destroyed or both ships have dealt their total damage. This damage would be kinetic. If one ship is destroyed during this, it will deal explosive damage to the other ship according to it's mass. If one or both ships aren't destroyed they will suffer from a one time warp jammer and webber effect.

If this is done in empire space the ramming pilot will suffer from a heavy sec status loss, even if at war (and possibly faction standing loss) as the authorities will frown upon the usage of your ship (and thus your crew) as ammunition.

Jessy Berbers
Posted - 2011.04.06 15:11:00 - [2]

This is a nice idea, But i think a totally new ship a so called Ramming Cruiser.
Would be nicer to have instead, the ramming cruiser would bassically just be a modified cruiser, For instance Gallente would get a decomissioned Vexor fitted with a large Tritanium(or other super strong metal) pnuematic battering ram on it's front and overcharged engines, which arent active during none combat flight, but with combat these engines allow a sort of Charge towards the target.

And in my Eyes ramming a super cap would actually be the point of this ship type.
This ship could even ramm a titan and punch a seriously large hole in the ship with it's overcharged engines.
But there is ofcourse a drawback on this shiptype, Due to the overcharged engine and probably rather malfunctioning powercores these ships have, there is a chance for it to blow up around 20% or 30%?(ofcourse this is variable)

And these ships arent allowed in Highsec due to there rackety put togetherness, the empires dont want this kind of junk flying around afterall in there territories.

I came with idea as i saw the OPs post, and i thought right away about HomeWorld Cataclysms ramming frigates.



Posted - 2011.04.06 15:44:00 - [3]

You dont need to add a ship to do this however in large fleets you are likely to damage friendly ships as well which is likely why they never implemented it.

Jessy Berbers
Posted - 2011.04.06 15:47:00 - [4]

Well the risk of damage to friendly ships is actually a sort of Risk vs rewards during the battle.
The ship could blow up, get out of control and hit a friendly ship, but with the sheer reward of actually hitting that cap/super cap/titan would more then make up for the risk of causing damage to friendlies, and ofcourse just the sheer massive ammount of damage a ram would do to these ship types.



Liam Sky
Posted - 2011.04.06 16:22:00 - [5]

It's a nice idea..
But then people would gather in crowds with cheap ships and ram you to the end of space..

Say that the raming feature wouldn't be possible in a high-sec sys.
That it would only be possible in low-sec etc.
Then it actually would be a funny feature.

But im questioning this:
Damage to rammed ship =r*Mass of ramming ship * relative velocity^2
Damage to ramming ship =r*Mass of rammed ship * relative velocity^2

So basicly, all I have to do it so get in a capital ship and Im podding people like there's no tomorrow?
If... It should be realistic, while we're at it! :D

But I like the idea! :)

Romal Mining Ventures Ltd.
Posted - 2011.04.06 16:37:00 - [6]

That other eve clone (BP) has this already, all we have to do is copy off the smart kid.

Xarissa de Tolnos
Posted - 2011.04.10 10:53:00 - [7]

no - instead of relative velocity - make absolute velocity - or maybe something based upon moment...

shady trader
Posted - 2011.04.10 15:00:00 - [8]

This idea has been suggested before a number of times. Their are several problems.

1) Concord flagging you for an accident.
2) if the ships are on a cause that crosses each other who gets set sec hit and the visit from concord.
3) Jita 4-4 undock.


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