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Peter Grayson
Posted - 2011.04.05 16:24:00 - [1]

Edited by: Peter Grayson on 05/04/2011 16:48:32
I had an idea yesterday while browsing may shield hardeners in fitting window. Actually the only way to know which hardener is fitted is to place the cursor on it, which is not very practical I think. I've quickly colorised my hardeners using photoshop, and here's what it could look a like. Fast preview :

colorized Hardeners

Invulnerabilty field should remain in the same basic orange

the same method could be applied to armor Hardeners, the same way
What do you think about that ?

(sorry for my awful english)

Beyond The Gates
Posted - 2011.04.05 17:00:00 - [2]

I can agree with that but it might be easier to just add a second tag like the T2 and faction icons. just have it set to a color and maybe throw it in the bottom right.

Flynn Fetladral
Royal Order of Security Specialists
Posted - 2011.04.05 17:01:00 - [3]

Yeah nice idea.

Posted - 2011.04.05 17:29:00 - [4]

I like this. It would work for armor hardeners too, and makes it easy to see what you have fitted or what you are looting from a wreck without having to individually check.

Nikita Alterana
Kumiho's Smile
Posted - 2011.04.05 17:43:00 - [5]

I never realized how empty my existence has been. This completes me.


Angst IronShard
Sense of Serendipity
Echoes of Nowhere
Posted - 2011.04.05 18:30:00 - [6]

nice color pick too.


Soden Rah
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2011.04.05 21:18:00 - [7]

+1 I think the coulour selections could better but I definately support this idea.

Bill Serkoff2
Posted - 2011.04.05 21:24:00 - [8]

Yes, do want. Do this with armor too.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.04.06 05:29:00 - [9]

+1 Brilliant Idea!

I never had the chance to see them side by side but from a glance, it looks as if the heat hardener may be too close in color to the invuln field. Perhaps make the heat resistance amplifier a little more red.

SiIver Twin
Posted - 2011.04.06 10:33:00 - [10]

Only issue I'd have is that the blue hardener kinda looks like a booster. and unless you put your cursor over it... you won't know if that's a photon scattering field or shield booster. Which is the same kinda problem as we had before... it would be far simpler to have a logo on the middle of the shield. Like the graphical representation in the attributes section. So the Therm damage resist emblem would be on the thermic hardener and so on.

Bender 01000010
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2011.04.06 10:53:00 - [11]

good idea is good.

Price Prince
Posted - 2011.04.06 10:54:00 - [12]

will try to add a logo on it this evening, just to see how it works … but keep in mind its just a general idea about colorizing hardeners.
stay tuned, and many thanks for the feedback…

Solum Contego
Posted - 2011.04.06 12:38:00 - [13]

IF the purpose is to clarify the hardener type why not just put an etched:


On the icon (embossed or etched) near the upper left corner of the shield (along with or instead of the coloring.)

Peter Grayson
Posted - 2011.04.06 16:50:00 - [14]

here's the two others possibilities you asked about … but I still prefer the first ones.
Anyway this is a very fast rough, and I repeat its just to illustrate the idea… CCP has its own designers, and they are quite good

basic orange and icons
Colorized with icons

Peter Grayson
Posted - 2011.04.06 16:59:00 - [15]

and this last one for a better legibility

colorized with tags

Romal Mining Ventures Ltd.
Posted - 2011.04.06 17:27:00 - [16]

yes! a thousand times yes! more color coding
(so we can remember what does what...

Peter Grayson
Posted - 2011.04.06 17:38:00 - [17]

and the last one as requested
Basic orange & minitags

Skyra Sapphire
Posted - 2011.04.06 17:42:00 - [18]

+1 Yes please.

Alexander Yukari
Posted - 2011.04.06 17:55:00 - [19]

+1, good idea.

Liliis tenaci vimine jungor
Posted - 2011.04.06 18:13:00 - [20]

Newb friendly but I definitively like this ideas

Kryo Turin
Posted - 2011.04.06 18:57:00 - [21]

Good idea ! +1

Posted - 2011.04.06 20:45:00 - [22]

Very good idea.

The one I like the most is the colorized with tags version.

I want this for shield and armor hardener in the next patch. Razz

Magnus Lefebvre
Jus des Dieux
Posted - 2011.04.06 21:48:00 - [23]

Given the difficulties of players with colour blindness, the combination of colours and tags seems an ideal solution.


Kara Sharalien
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2011.04.06 21:51:00 - [24]

Originally by: Peter Grayson

Colorized with icons


Gizznitt Malikite
Agony Unleashed
Posted - 2011.04.06 22:13:00 - [25]

This is a fairly good idea.... although I'd have the colors of each hardener match drone race colors....

Posted - 2011.04.06 22:47:00 - [26]

Originally by: Peter Grayson
and this last one for a better legibility

colorized with tags

This is a brilliant and simple idea

Aphoxema G
Posted - 2011.04.06 22:59:00 - [27]

I love it, I didn't realize how much trouble I was going through having to mouseover on my hardeners. I'd often undock to do a mission and not until I get into it I realize I fitted the wrong hardeners.

While you're at it, maybe you should use an invulnerability field for contrast on the image.

Besides the color, sometimes it'd be nice to just have the option to always show the names of fitted items. That would help people with red-blindness be even able to tell the difference between the current shield boosters and hardeners.

Coronus Vistule
Posted - 2011.04.07 00:12:00 - [28]

+1 for uber1334ness

must have.

I like the colored with tags ones the best

Aphoxema G
Posted - 2011.04.07 00:23:00 - [29]

Hell, I'd like to see the tags with all damage-based modules. Problem is a lot of different ammunition types have multiple kinds of damage... and the tags would have to be away from the tech level tag.

All it would take is an artist to touch up the existing art, it'd be an hour at most and require no localization.

It'd be nice if there were some elements in EVE that could be modified on the client side, but when you open that up the security concerns would be daunting.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2011.04.07 09:55:00 - [30]

+1 Nice idear.

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