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Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.04.04 16:31:00 - [1]

Edited by: Jade Constantine on 05/04/2011 02:05:59

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Okay everyone, its been a week or so while gathering names and I've got the list ready to go now. On the whole every pilot who offered their own name while abiding by the rules I set out (player corp, curent portrait) has been placed. I have accepted most of the nominations from 3rd party suggestions also. Generally the reason I've refused a couple was no obvious history of IGS posting, or the pilot is very likely retired with no activity for years. I've added several other IGS personalities to the list whether they applied or not, and I've paid precisely zero attention to efforts of corporate leaders to obstruct the participation of their member base.

Anyway the principle is that you look at the names on the list (below) and honestly respond with your initial impressions of the name in a few words to a sentence to let us see how name recognition is currently manifested in the capsuleer community.

(Don't cheat by looking at the gathering names thread if at all possible!)

Please keep your individual participation to the list, your comments on each name (and if there is room) some kind of comment on the Test on the whole and ways you think it could be improved next time. Please don't debate other people's impressions here, though we can certainly make a new thread for that if its felt useful and productive.

So here is the list!

Ai Mei
Alicia Wildfire
Andreus Ixiris
Aodha Khan
Aria Jenneth
Axen Vormar
Borza Slavak
Che Biko
Damar Rocarion
Dame Death
Elsebeth Rhiannon
Eran Mintor
Evanda Char
Ghost Hunter
Istvaan Shogaatsu
John Revenent
Julianus Soter
Kaleigh Doyle
Karn Mithralia
Killer Gandry
Louella Dougans
Lorna Doon
Lyn Farel
Maddox Yung
Mammal Tafren
Mercy Regard
Mizhara Del'thul
Nikita Alterana
Obsidian Hawk
Pax Thar
Punx Evangeline
Rek Jaiga
Revan Neferis
Rodj Blake
Rytha Main
Seriphyn Inhonores
Shalee Lianne
Shintoko Akahoshi
Silas Vitalia
Sinjin Mokk
Sophie Starsparrow
Syn Calibri
The Cosmopolite
Tigerfish Torpedo
Valarie Valate
Vlad Cetes

So please go and have fun!
Let us know what you think.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.04.04 16:34:00 - [2]

Edited by: Jade Constantine on 05/04/2011 02:07:26

And here (for example) is my list!

Ai Mei -> Unknown.

Alicia Wildfire -> Entertaining matari diarist

Andreus Ixiris -> Outspoken Ultra Nationalist, probably greatest word to action ratio in the cluster

Aodha Khan -> Pirate aligned, ex race traitor?

Aria Jenneth -> Posthuman philosopher, old enemy

Axen Vormar -> Highest rated combat pilot in the Fraction, dedicated foe of statism and imperialist regression

Borza Slavak-> Matari guerilla fighter

Che Biko-> Space communist?

Cheiftan-> Matari Nationalist, suspected collaborator/reformed?

Damar Rocarion -> Faction Warfare corruptor

Dame Death -> Multi corp experience and capital ship antics

Elsebeth Rhiannon -> EM leader

Eran Mintor -> Race traitor, 24th Crusader Leader

Evanda Char -> EM leader

Garreck -> Quality CVA pilot, long respectable history for a foe

Ghost Hunter -> Sansha agent, quite courageous for his kind

Grendell -> Ancient monster?

Guthris -> Unknown

Hardin -> CVA propagandist, returned to turn the ship around

Istvaan Shogaatsu -> Retired master criminal, apparently infested with rogue drones

John Revenent -> Meddling Caldari corporate flirted with slavery for a bit

Julianus Soter -> Self-appointed saviour of mankind, most importantant man in cluster

Kaleigh Doyle -> Last years top model

Karn Mithralia -> Gentleman ex leader of Ushra'khan

Killer Gandry -> Ambitious contestant in reality holovids

Koronakesh -> Ex fraction Ex genocidal EOM now merc

Lorna Doon -> Something tells me ex Celestial Apocalypse when they stood for something

Louella Dougans -> Space Nun I believe, Jasmine approves

Lyn Farel -> Curiously rational Amarr Nationalist (not popular with PIE)

Maddox Yung -> Unknown

Mammal Tafren -> Intaki Separatist and seeker of mystic truths

Mercy Regard -> This year's top model

Merdaneth -> Linguistic torturer

Myxx -> Apparently quite insane

Mizhara Del'thul -> Eccentric Matari fighter

Nikita Alterana -> ex lover of Myxx? Angel cartel pirate

Niraia -> Agent of a Sani Sabik cult

Obsidian Hawk -> Old and recent enemy, reformed

Pax Thar -> Unknown to me

Punx Evangeline -> Ex Fraction, returned to pirate roots

Rek Jaiga -> Late to the party, sani sabik cultist

Revan Neferis -> My beautiful madness and glimpse of twilight sanity

Rodj Blake -> PIE Admiral and public speaker, terrible waffler

Rytha Main -> PIE new generation (muzzled?)

Seriphyn Inhonores -> Gallente Nationalist, outspoken trouble maker (shame about the statism)

Shalee Lianne -> 24th Crusade Temptress and heartbreaker

Shintoko Akahoshi -> Taught me how to fight in space with cruise breacher frigates

Silas Vitalia -> Militant Khanid Nationalist, dangerous foe

Sinjin Mokk -> Khanid Nationalist, honest enemy

Stitcher -> Old Nationalist foe, quieter than he was

Sophie Starsparrow -> Confused Matari mystic, flirted with I-RED

Syn Calibri -> Active IGS voice, messy love affairs

The Cosmopolite -> The reasonable man in Star Fraction

Tigerfish Torpedo -> Mercenary often working with Sani Sabik

Ugleb -> Ushra'khan spokesman and leader

Vaari -> CVA heretic and blueprint hostage taker

Valarie Valate -> Apparently cuddly blood raider

ValentinaDLM -> Sani Sabik cultist

Verone -> Gurista pirate and publicist

Vlad Cetes -> Fighter for fotm combat outfits and cybernetic fetishist


-updated after it was pointed out I'd mistaken Vaari for Vaarun.

Seekers of a Silent Paradise
Posted - 2011.04.04 18:09:00 - [3]

Alicia Wildfire -> Writes stuff.

Andreus Ixiris -> Intaki, talks a lot. Target.

Aria Jenneth -> Pretty face.

Ghost Hunter -> True Slave Foundations Overseer, responsible for 90% of my ship loss.

Grendell -> Never on communication channels, probably owes me money.

Hardin -> CVA leader.

John Revenent -> Grumpy old man who I'm told I should fear. I don't.

Julianus Soter -> SYNE leader, gets in the way of progress, needs to explode.

Maddox Yung -> "Stop posting"

Myxx -> Angel, drama queen.

Nikita Alterana -> Risen Angels leader, cute, creepy younger sister.

Reven Neferis -> Frightening, beautiful, wealthy Sani Sabik. Commands respect.

Rodj Blake -> PIE leader?

Seriphyn Inhonores -> Some Gallente figurehead, never invited to parties. Embarassing haircut.

Syn Calibri -> Delusional horse fetishist, posts too much about her corporation.

Valarie Valate -> Nice face, seems polite, mostly unknown to me though.

ValentinaDLM -> Runs my corporation while I'm busy with other Nation girls and business.

Verone -> Guristas, immune to my advances (presumably married or homosexual), could benefit from wearing a hat.

That was entertaining, but quite difficult to someone relatively new to the IGS community. I removed the unknowns from my list because there were so many.

I'm looking forward to participating in other fun threads like this!

Ghost Festival
Posted - 2011.04.04 18:39:00 - [4]

Edited by: Medarr on 04/04/2011 18:46:20
Originally by: Niraia

Ghost Hunter -> True Slave Foundations Overseer, responsible for 90% of my ship loss.

That does sound like him yea.. * mutters something about sploding amarr ships under his breath *

And a little entry of my own
* grins *

Niraia -> Notoriously cute Mouthy Nation wench

The Druids
Green Robe Alliance
Posted - 2011.04.04 19:04:00 - [5]

so many new names i have no clue about, since i been away waaay too long, but remember the oldschool oneswill only mention a cpl players tho.

hardin - Mister Amarr

vaari - still remember the day when he came flying into my belt where i was mining and he was only a week old or so flying his punisher or if it was a executioner(think it was this one) proclaiming the word even as a week old podpilot

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.04.04 19:07:00 - [6]

Edited by: Revan Neferis on 05/04/2011 00:05:12

Aodha Khan - Prominent Sani Sabik (ex?) not sure what he is now.

Aria Jenneth - IGS Philosopher? I like reading her threads.

Garreck - My ultimate object of desire. I hope he reads this and submit to me at once.

Istvaan Shogaatsu - Master Mind Criminal, best Tango dancer in the whole cluster and fashion perfectionist.

Kaleigh Doyle - My ex-wife and eternal lover to my heart.

Karn Mithralia - Voice of wisdom for the Matari culture. Excellent leader and a man of his word. Has my respect.

Killer Gandry - Outspoken, promising aspirant to Sani Sabik greatness.

Koronakesh - Insane Genius. Great friend, has a thing for Khanid females.

Mercy Regard - New Eden's Next Top Model. Best champagne I've ever tasted.

Merdaneth - Only Amarrian hardline I'seen turning into some sort of space nun.

Niraia - Eccentric and interesting Sansha Loyalist. Promising capsuleer to break the boring stereotype that usually surrounds their kind.

Punx Evangeline - My crazy acolyte. Gives me a hell of trouble but is adorable. Now finally on the right track again.

Revan Neferis - God's Banker, Sani Sabik Fetishist, The one who's blessed by the Universe with love, richness and immense modesty.

Rodj Blake- Strange IGS enemy. Repeats the same stuff over and over for years but I'd miss him if he would be gone.

Shintoko Akahoshi - I Remember her from my parties. Has a fetish for drones.

Silas Vitalia- Khanid Loyslist sometimes fighting for separation, sometimes licking amarrian boots. unknown nature.

Tigerfish Torpedo - My Ex Prathet and Elder of Sani Sabik Faith. A man of high tempers but loyalty above all else.

Vaari- A man of his convictions. I like him.

Verone - Leader of a pirate Organization, Veto. His organization is home to some of the best good-looking capsuleers in the cluster.

Vlad Cetes - Sani Sabik Elder. Best friend to those who understands and deserves his loyalty.

Other names are either unknown to me or I didn't feel to add anything that could be positive to the thread.

I'd like to add another name to the list, self evident:

Jade Constantine- A Dream for some, a Nightmare to others. My lover, confident, friend and eternal delicious Torment.

Edited to fix Vaari / Vaarum issue

Posted - 2011.04.04 19:16:00 - [7]

Edited by: Cheiftan on 04/04/2011 19:22:50
Ai Mei - Unknown to me

Alicia Wildfire - Freedom Fighter/Wrighter

Andreus Ixiris - Intaki Sepratist/good with words

Aodha Khan - Unknown to me

Aria Jenneth - Angel Cartel oprative?

Axen Vormar - Unknown to me

Borza Slavak - Ushra'Khan Warrior

Che Biko - Never really read his stuff

Damar Rocarion
- Ex Space perverts, muted me after being killed

Dame Death - Quite nomadic *Grins*

Elsebeth Rhiannon - -EM- Leadership

Eran Mintor - Former Friend/Defector

Evanda Char - -EM- Leadership

Garreck - CVA Diplomat and voice

Ghost Hunter - Sansha Loyalist/No dealings with him yet

Grendell - Unknown to me (love Jades Nordic Comment lol)

Guthris - Unknown to me

Hardin - Creator of Alliances/ FCON and CVA most notable

Istvaan Shogaatsu - Hmm??

Jade Constantine - An Idealist/ Former foe now neutral

John Revenent - Old friend/ Caldari Loyalist/ Former and first mentor

Julianus Soter - Fedral Loyalist/ used to organise Sansha Counter atacks

Kaleigh Doyle - Unknown to me

Karn Mithralia - A Man i respect more than any other

Killer Gandry - Unknown to me

Koronakesh - Ex -SF-

Louella Dougans - Unknown to me

Lorna Doon - Unknown to me

Lyn Farel - Very Liberal/ Respected foe

Maddox Yung - Unknown to me

Mammal Tafren - Voice of the ILF/ Leader?

Mercy Regard - Unknown to me

- Very vocal/ likes Crusaders

Myxx - An Intresting person

Mizhara Del'thul - Unknown to me

Nikita Alterana - Unknown to me

Niraia - Unknown to me

Obsidian Hawk - likes the colure Pink

Pax Thar - Unknown to me

Punx Evangeline - Hang around with Sani Sabik alot

Reven Neferis - The Harpy Queen/ to rich for her own good

Rodj Blake - Voice of PIE

Rytha Main -Voice of PIE

Seriphyn Inhonores - Gallente Nationalist

Shalee Lianne - Unstable / Lover of Eran?

Shintoko Akahoshi - Unknown to me

Silas Vitalia - The leader of KPV/ A discusting organisation

Sinjin Mokk - Voice of KPV

Sticher - Caldari Loyalist

Sophie Starsparrow - Former Friend/ seems to have Amnesia

Syn Calibri - Tribalist/ Likes food/ Had no personal dealings with her

The Cosmopolite - Voice of the Star Fraction/ Likes big words

Tigerfish Torpedo - Works with Sani Sabik

Ugleb - Leader of Ushra'khan/ a good man

- Fool/unites Matari, Amarr, Gallente and caldari in Laughing at him

Valarie Valate - Unknown to me

ValentinaDLM - Unknown to me

Verone - Leader of Guristas subsidary/Unstable

Vlad Cetes - Unknown to me

Neu Bastian
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2011.04.04 20:34:00 - [8]

Edited by: Neu Bastian on 04/04/2011 21:06:34
I was wondering weather or not I'd be added to the list if I didn't nominate myself, I guess I have my answer Laughing

Alicia Wildfire - Loud Freedom Fighter, Great Rifter Pilot

Andreus Ixiris - Outspoken Intakibut dislikes slavers so that makes him OK

Cheiftan - Matari Freedom fighter, Good Pilot, Favors Strengthening ties with Caldari

Damar Rocarion - Profetiona asshat, likes to fly fancy ships and engage easy targets

Dame Death - No idea what to make of her, swiches sides every time I check

Elsebeth Rhiannon - Strong Clanswoman, Gurmpy, liked to yell at me for no reason.

Eran Mintor - Traitor (and for a girl, how weak)

Evanda Char - Former EM exec, strong woman, into stealing tech.

Garreck - Sounds familiar, but that's it..

Hardin - Slaver scum, former CVA head.

Istvaan Shogaatsu - I think someone form IRED

John Revenent - Head of IRED? CAldari, looking for who offers the better deal

Karn Mithralia - Matari Freedom fighter, not very republic inclined, master of the cloaky vagabond.

Koronakesh - Amarrian scum

Lyn Farel - Pro-Amarrian Reformist, still pro-amarrian scum

Merdaneth - Slaver scum, Left PIE god knwos why, one of few agressive

Mizhara Del'thul -Piwat? can't recal but rings a bell

Pax Thar - Murientor Tribesmen

Revan Neferis - Rich and loud scandalist, more bark than bite as far as I'm concerned

Rodj Blake - Slaver and amarrian loyalsit scum

Shalee Lianne - Amarrian Reformist, fleet grunt, gets boots licked by Eran

Silas Vitalia - Slaver scum

Sinjin Mokk - Slaver scum

Sophie Starsparrow - treacherous witch

Syn Calibri - Rings a bell...

The Cosmopolite - Anarchist, talks to much.

Tigerfish Torpedo - rigns a bell as a combat known pilot?

Ugleb - Matari Freedom fighter

Vaari - Slaver scum

Verone - Gurista, will do about anything for a profit.

Syn Callibri
21st Eridani Lighthorse
Posted - 2011.04.04 23:13:00 - [9]

Edited by: Syn Callibri on 05/04/2011 23:53:48

Ai Mei-Stranger with a kind word

Alicia Wildfire-Matari sister / respected

Andreus Ixiris- Few dealings with him

Aria Jenneth- frequent forum voice

Borza Slavak- Tends to talk before he thinks

Elsebeth Rhiannon Electus Matari/ respect

Eran Mintor-Blood traitor / Forum troll

Ghost Hunter-Sansha Loyalist/ tough as hell to take down

Grendell-The monster from Beowulf?

Istvaan Shogaatsu- "Hes such a Shogaatsu"

John Revenent- Hated by Jade Constantine

Julianus Soter- Attention *****/ egomaniac

Kaleigh Doyle- washed up super model?

Killer Gandry- Contestant in a beauty contest / Big Mouth

Koronakesh- Honest man

Lyn Farel- Amarrian mouthpiece

Maddox Yung- Uncle of Lia Suchong / Brother of StalinGrad6

Myxx- pirate / Drone researcher

Mizhara Del'thul- Respected / Associate of Carmilla D'Morenta

Niraia- Personal Forum Stalker / Fear of horses / Galactic glass of warm douche water

Obsidian Hawk- A good man / I disappointed him

Punx Evangeline- Sani Sabik / Pirate

Revan Neferis - Dread Lady of the Sani Sabik / Respect

Rodj Blake- likes P.I.E.

Seriphyn Inhonores- I managed to keep my pants on at least.Rolling Eyes

Sinjin Mokk- Excellent conversationalist / Debater

Syn Calibri- Its spelled Callibri.

The Cosmopolite- Voice of Reason in a sea of madness

Tigerfish Torpedo- Sani Sabik / Pirate

ValentinaDLM- Another Galactic glass of warm douche water / Forum Troll

Verone- VETO "eating from the bin the man!"

Killer Gandry
Shadow of the Pain
Posted - 2011.04.04 23:54:00 - [10]

Alicia Wildfire - Deluded girl in desperate need of a firm master
Grendell - Trusted banker and entreponeur
Hardin - Ugly Amarr who needs a reality check
Istvaan Shogaatsu - The only guy that makes me keep an eye on my wallet while talking with him
Kaleigh Doyle - Stars in some holovids I aquired
Koronakesh - Guy that needs more fun in his life
Mercy Regard - She knows
Punx Evangeline - Turned a good Civire into a whimpering Gallente
Revan Neferis - A challenge
Rodj Blake - Funny guy who thinks I care he notified me of his ill will towards me
Syn Calibri - Some nighclub owner trying desperatly to compete with the Midnight Opera
Tigerfish Torpedo - Once a man, now a puppet to several women
Verone - Some Gurista lover
LORD Cetes _ Logical person who doesn't bother with trivial stuff like emotions

Eran Mintor
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2011.04.05 01:59:00 - [11]

Eran Mintor - Awesome
Shalee Lianne - Awesome and then some


Half Cocked Jack
Posted - 2011.04.05 02:08:00 - [12]

Edited by: Half ****ed Jack on 05/04/2011 02:08:36
Alicia Wildfire is a Matari fighter who publicly chronicles her experiences as an affiliate of the TLF. Perhaps a bit too passionate, but sincere to a fault.

Andreus Ixiris is a former Gallente fighter who now affiliates with I-RED.

Cheiftan is a Minmatar fighter.

Damar Rocarion used to be a Caldari fighter.

Dame Death and Julianus Soter are capsuleers nobody seems to like very much.

Elsebeth Rhiannon and Evanda Char are both affiliates of Electus Matari.

Eran Mintor is an Amarr fighter--used to be a Minmatar fighter.

Garreck, Merdaneth, and Rodj Blake are Amarrian fundamentalists.

Ghost Hunter is a supporter of Kuvakei.

Hardin is the new leader of the CVA.

John Revenent is leader of I-RED.

Koronakesh is a bit misanthropic.

Louella Dougans is part of some monastic cult where everyone seems to look alike.

Mercy Regard is very pretty.

Myxx had a falling out with the Angel Cartel recently.

Nikita Alterana is an Angel Cartel affiliate.

Punx Evangeline seems a bit confused.

Revan Neferis is a wealthy Sani Sabik leader who either controls or has access to a wealth of information sources and is currently in possession of my hat.

Seriphyn Inhonores is a stereotypical womanizing Gallente playboy...also a general.

Shintoko Akahoshi is an Angel Cartel affiliate.

Silas Vitalia and Sinjin Mokk are both affiliates of KPV but couldn't be more different. Where Silas is abrasive and inflammatory, Sinjin is thoughtful and pleasant.

Syn Calibri seems passionate, but has very strange taste in associates.

The Cosmopolite is an affiliate of the Star Fraction.

Tigerfish Torpedo is a former Sani-Sabik who enjoys torturing his crew.

Vaari is an evil clown of some sort?

Verone is a well-respect pirate.

Rek Jaiga
Crimson Path
Posted - 2011.04.05 02:17:00 - [13]

Alicia Wildfire - Minmatar freedom fighter, mother

Andreus Ixiris - Intaki supporter of liberty and Gallantean ideals

Ghost Hunter - SHARE's Overseer and Leader.

Istvaan Shogaatsu - Rogue Drone Systems pilot

Julianus Soter - Archnemesis of Seriphyn Inhonores

Koronakesh - Former EoM-aligned pilot. Very good at putting as much armor on a ship as is possible.

Maddox Yung - Amarrian sympathizer, if I recall correctly.

Myxx - Cartel-aligned pilot.

Nikita Alterana - Another Angel-aligned pilot.

Niraia - The number-one brand of daily humor.

Punx Evangeline - Former lover/love interest of Mr. Torpedo.

Revan Neferis - Owns the Midnight somethingoranother club. Sani Sabik philosopher, great discussions.

Rodj Blake - Amarrian militia pilot.

Rytha Main - PIE spokesperson (leader?)

Seriphyn Inhonores - Gallente militia pilot. Second largest source of laughs on this board, at times.

Sinjin Mokk - Khanid Kingdom pilot. "Federation of Well-Groomed Khanid Men"

Syn Calibri - Republic pilot, owner of the Razor's Edge Dance Club and lover of Driselle.

The Cosmopolite - Haven't heard enough of him lately.

Tigerfish Torpedo - Hates his crew.

Valarie Valate - Sani Sabik pilot. Very quiet until a funny comment can be thrown in.

ValentinaDLM - Comrade in SHARE. Seems to have excellent funding and connections. Very utilitarian.

Verone - VETO leader. Yarr!

101st Space Marine Force
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2011.04.05 02:22:00 - [14]

Ai Mei Who?
Alicia Wildfire Matari capsuleer. (passionate freedomfighter)
Andreus Ixiris Who?
Aodha Khan Who?
Aria Jenneth Who?
Axen Vormar Who?
Borza Slavak Who?
Che Biko Who?
Cheiftan Who?
Damar Rocarion Who?
Dame Death Who?
Elsebeth Rhiannon Who?
Eran Mintor Who?
Evanda Char Who?
Garreck Who?
Ghost Hunter Who?
Grendell Trustworthy. (also **** yeah kestrels!)
Guthris Who?
Hardin Who?
Istvaan Shogaatsu The corp thief that every other corp thief wants to be.
John Revenent Who?
Julianus Soter Who?
Kaleigh Doyle I recognize the name, can't say much beyond that.
Karn Mithralia Who?
Killer Gandry Angry Caldari.
Koronakesh Who?
Louella Dougans Who?
Lorna Doon Who?
Lyn Farel Who?
Maddox Yung That, drone, guy...
Mammal Tafren Who?
Mercy Regard Recognize the name, couldn't give you details.
Merdaneth Who?
Myxx Angel Cartel
Mizhara Del'thul Who?
Nikita Alterana Other Angel Cartel
Niraia Sansha's Nation, one of Progods aquaintences
Obsidian Hawk "That guy"
Pax Thar Who?
Punx Evangeline Married to Tigerfish Torpedo
Revan Neferis Sani Sabaki (do. not. cross.)
Rodj Blake Amarrian Admiral, doesn't like me.
Rytha Main Who?
Seriphyn Inhonores Heavenbound02? I think?
Shalee Lianne Who?
Shintoko Akahoshi Who?
Silas Vitalia Khanid coalition leader. Only member of my "buddy club" not physically present in my hanger.
Sinjin Mokk Amarrian. Khanid coalition.
Sticher Caldari
Sophie Starsparrow Who?
Syn Calibri Matari. (connections to the drones, doesn't like them)
The Cosmopolite Recognize the name, not the affiliation.
Tigerfish Torpedo Connected to Revan Neferis. Married to Punx Evangeline.
Ugleb Who?
Vaari Who?
Valarie Valate Who?
ValentinaDLM Who?
Verone Verone, pay the man.
Vlad Cetes Who?

I'm not very good at this.

Also apologies if I offend anybody. Except Blake.

Seekers of a Silent Paradise
Posted - 2011.04.05 02:36:00 - [15]

Originally by: Aiwha
Silas Vitalia Khanid coalition leader. Only member of my "buddy club" not physically present in my hanger.
I could sell you my corpse of her to complete your collection, if you'd like?

Also, (not directed at Aiwha) there's nothing 'former' about my EoM affiliation.

101st Space Marine Force
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2011.04.05 02:39:00 - [16]

Originally by: Koronakesh
Originally by: Aiwha
Silas Vitalia Khanid coalition leader. Only member of my "buddy club" not physically present in my hanger.
I could sell you my corpse of her to complete your collection, if you'd like?

Also, (not directed at Aiwha) there's nothing 'former' about my EoM affiliation.

Nah, I'm no longer angry at her. (And I could get a corpse for free if I REALLY wanted one)

Ava Starfire
Teraa Matar
Posted - 2011.04.05 03:23:00 - [17]

This is the second ego-stroking thread in as many weeks... something most of the people on your list do not need assistance with.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.04.05 03:54:00 - [18]

Originally by: Ava Starfire
This is the second ego-stroking thread in as many weeks... something most of the people on your list do not need assistance with.

Don't pout it makes your face look like a mishapen egg.

101st Space Marine Force
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2011.04.05 04:52:00 - [19]

Originally by: Ava Starfire
This is the second ego-stroking thread in as many weeks... something most of the people on your list do not need assistance with.

If it matters, I couldn't name more than a third of the listed capsuleers but I do know who you are.

Edward Van Hausen
Posted - 2011.04.05 05:18:00 - [20]

Andreus Ixiris Forum Troll
Aodha Khan ???
Aria Jenneth ???
Axen Vormar ???
Borza Slavak ???
Che Biko ???
Cheiftan ???
Damar Rocarion Kickass FC <3
Dame Death ???
Elsebeth Rhiannon ???
Eran Mintor ???
Evanda Char ???
Garreck ???
Ghost Hunter ???
Grendell ???
Guthris ???
Hardin Old dude CVA
Istvaan Shogaatsu Spy Master
John Revenent???
Julianus Soter???
Kaleigh Doyle???
Karn Mithralia???
Killer Gandry The dude who hates Goonswarm Federation
Louella Dougans???
Lorna Doon???
Lyn Farel ???
Maddox Yung ???
Mammal Tafren ???
Mercy Regard ???
Merdaneth ???
Myxx ???
Mizhara Del'thul ???
Nikita Alterana ???
Niraia ???
Obsidian Hawk ???
Pax Thar???
Punx Evangeline ???
Rek Jaiga ???
Revan Neferis Femme Fatale event creator , ultrarich but as the song goes: Don't even bother Unless you've got that thing she likes :P
Rodj Blake ???
Rytha Main ???
Seriphyn Inhonores ???
Shalee Lianne ???
Shintoko Akahoshi ???
Silas Vitalia She lost an outpost and made a big deal about it.
Sinjin Mokk???
Sophie Starsparrow???
Syn Calibri???
The Cosmopolite???
Tigerfish Torpedo ???Ugleb???
Valarie Valate???
Verone Famous Pirate and writes a lot of good fiction.
Vlad Cetes???

Sinjin Mokk
Stillwater Corporation
Posted - 2011.04.05 06:04:00 - [21]

Well, I suppose it would be rude not to complete my participation in this…

Ai Mei – No opinion.
Alicia Wildfire – Minmatar rebel.
Andreus Ixiris – Gallente. CEO of the “I know you are but what I am I?” debate club.
Aodha Khan – Blood Raider
Aria Jenneth – Well-spoken Angel Cartel member and philosopher. She speaks truths.
Axen Vormar – No opinion.
Borza Slavak – Minmatar rebel.
Che Biko – No opinion.
Cheiftan – Minmatar rebel.
Damar Rocarion – Caldari, an effective leader.
Dame Death – “Well what did you expect with your ship fitted like that?”
Elsebeth Rhiannon – Heretic
Eran Mintor – An honorable and skilled warrior.
Evanda Char - Heretic
Garreck – Plain, simple and devoted.
Ghost Hunter – Would look much better with his head on a stick.
Grendell = More powerful than a bandersnatch?
Guthris – No opinion.
Hardin – Legend.
Istvaan Shogaatsu – You shouldn’t call Istvaan a Shogaatsu unless you really know him.
John Revenent – Caldari
Julianus Soter – Gallente military leader who never listens.
Kaleigh Doyle – Well…she *is* easy on the eye implants.
Karn Mithralia – I’ll probably get around to hating him too eventually.
Killer Gandry – Puppet.
Koronakesh – Cult leader whose head did end up looking good on a stick.
Louella Dougans – Space nun!
Lorna Doon – No opinion.
Lyn Farel – Outspoken Knight.
Maddox Yung – No opinion.
Mammal Tafren – Intaki loyalist.
Mercy Regard – No mercy, no opinion.
Merdaneth – A voice of wisdom for the Empire with a truly amazing singing voice.
Myxx – Angel Cartel.
Mizhara Del'thul – Yet another Matari rebel.
Nikita Alterana – Brilliant scientist with no capacity to maintain positive relationships.
Niraia – Sansha apologist.
Obsidian Hawk – No opinion.
Pax Thar – Heathen pirate.
Punx Evangeline – Pirate.
Rek Jaiga - Heretic
Revan Neferis – Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign of the Sani Sabik heathens.
Rodj Blake – Admiral of Amarr
Rytha Main – Khanid theologian.
Seriphyn Inhonores – The corrupt banner of the Gallente Navy.
Shalee Lianne – Knight and Defender!
Shintoko Akahoshi – Does not compute.
Silas Vitalia – Dread leader of the KP-V who really should give me a raise.
Sinjin Mokk – Nice guy. Send him some ISK because Silas will probably hospitalize him after this.
Sticher – Caldari loyalist.
Sophie Starsparrow – Still yet another Matari rebel.
Syn Calibri – Very well spoken Matari rebel and club manager.
The Cosmopolite – Traitor. Anarchist. Free Thinker. Ballroom Dancer.
Tigerfish Torpedo – Heretic.
Ugleb – Another in a long line of Matari rebels…do they put something in the water?
Vaari – Zealot.
Valarie Valate – Heretic, but a nice heretic. Have you repented yet?
ValentinaDLM – Another heretic.
Verone – Pirate. Rabbit fetishist. One of the truly honest men in the galaxy.
Vlad Cetes – Has spent entirely too much time in null-sec.

Maddox Yung
Posted - 2011.04.05 07:23:00 - [22]

Ai Mei -> OH C**P

Alicia Wildfire -> Seriously gorgeous Matari girl. My word for her: "Wow."

Andreus Ixiris -> Oh yeah him. No... Dont want to go there.

Aodha Khan -> Dont know this one.

Aria Jenneth -> Amarr chick. Mean.

Axen Vormar -> Dont wanna know this one.

Borza Slavak-> Dont know this one.

Che Biko-> Wierd. Very wierd.

Cheiftan-> Dont know this one.

Damar Rocarion -> Dont know this one.

Dame Death -> Dont know this one.

Elsebeth Rhiannon -> Dont know this one.

Eran Mintor -> Dont know this one.

Evanda Char -> Dont know this one.

Garreck -> Dont know this one.

Ghost Hunter -> Sanshas Nation Loyalist, one of the first to turn and betray his kind to a genocidal madman. Ghost, you are a disgrace to all human kind.

Grendell -> Dont know this guy.

Guthris -> One Word: AWESOME!!!!

Hardin -> CVA dude.

Istvaan Shogaatsu -> Not worth mentioning. Hes a virus. 'nuff 'sed.

John Revenent -> Caldari Dude. Havent met him much, but hes a tough one.

Julianus Soter -> Self righteous bigot Moron who cant do anything except save his own a**.

Kaleigh Doyle -> HOT

Karn Mithralia -> Ex leader of some big time Alliance.

Killer Gandry -> Dont know this one.

Koronakesh -> EOM. 'nuff 'sed

Lorna Doon -> Dont know this one.

Louella Dougans -> Dont know this one.

Lyn Farel -> Dont know this one.

Maddox Yung -> The guy EVERYONE hates, simply because its fun.

Mammal Tafren -> Dont know this one.

Mercy Regard -> Dont know this one.

Merdaneth -> Crazy dude. Hes a fun one he is. Enjoys chaos and discourd.

Myxx -> Crazy Pirate girl. Hot in every way from her body to her temper.

Mizhara Del'thul -> Dont know this one.

Nikita Alterana -> Dont know this one, but shes hot.

Niraia -> Crazy Sansha Loyalist attention *****, all round *****, crazy **** and all around demon *****. Shes a Sansha-what more do i have to say?

Obsidian Hawk -> One Word: AWESOME!!!!

Pax Thar -> Dont know this one.

Punx Evangeline -> Ex Tigerfish lover. Youve met Lia havent you?

Rek Jaiga -> I wouldnt qualify this scum sucking Dirtbag Sansha Loyalist as a human being much less a capsuleer.

Revan Neferis -> Leader of the Sani Sabik i think.... I dont kno... i forgot. Evil, crazy *****. But in a good way.

Rodj Blake -> Dont wanna talk about this one.

Rytha Main -> Dont wanna talk about this one.

Seriphyn Inhonores -> Gallente dude. We on speaking terms, but hes a good fighter.

Shalee Lianne -> Dont know this one.

Shintoko Akahoshi -> Dont know this one.

Silas Vitalia -> Another friend. Trustworthy Matari. This one knows well enough.

Sinjin Mokk -> Meh. Old friend of mine. He knows what hes doing. (mostly)

Stitcher -> Caldari guy. Evil in every respect, but otherwise polite.

Sophie Starsparrow -> Dont know this one.

Syn Calibri -> One word: AWESOME!!!!

The Cosmopolite -> Dont know this one.

Tigerfish Torpedo -> Evil bastard mercenary pirate who got my niece pregnant.

Ugleb -> Ushra'khan Leader type person.

Vaari -> Dont know this one but apparently he stole things.

Valarie Valate -> Dont know this one.

ValentinaDLM -> Sani Sabik/Sanshas Nation. Crazy ***** with big guns. Never a good thing.

Verone -> Guristas pirate. Big time.

Vlad Cetes -> Dont know this one.

Oh and one more addition: Drake Arson -> Sansha loyalist, traitor and disgrace to the name human.

John Revenent
Revenent Defence Corperation
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive
Posted - 2011.04.05 08:29:00 - [23]

Edited by: John Revenent on 05/04/2011 08:32:50
If you are missing from the list it is because I have no recollection of meeting you, or you have not put a effort to be seen.

Alicia Wildfire > Very Amusing with public writing.
Andreus Ixiris > Respected Intaki Old Friend, even if we do not always see eye to eye.
Aria Jenneth > Intelligent Pilot, though sadly a Pirate.
Borza Slavak > Met on several occasions, cannot say anything about personality.
Che Biko > Interesting fellow, enjoy listening to his reasoning.
Cheiftan > Very old and respected friend, knows nothing but honor and pride for the Matari People.
Damar Rocarion > Met on several occasions on the battlefield, has proven to be an ally at times. A True Patriot of the State.
Dame Death > Interesting Pilot.
Elsebeth Rhiannon > Figurehead among the Matari Loyalists, respected.
Eran Mintor > Old friend. Has earned the respect of my organization several times over.
Evanda Char > Another respected Matari.
Garreck > Never really spoken to him.
Ghost Hunter > Nation Loyalist, though with all his faults there is something about him.
Hardin > Have not spoken much, but a very focused leader.
Istvaan Shogaatsu > Never spoken much, not much of a thief lover.
John Revenent > .....
Julianus Soter > Fought both on the battlefield and on the IGS, worthy of respect even with a larger then average ego.
Kaleigh Doyle > Only seen once, never spoke after.
Karn Mithralia > Honest foe, with a good heart.
Koronakesh > I am not sure what to think.
Louella Dougans > Seen, never made acquaintance.
Lyn Farel > I enjoy her open mindedness, worthy ally.
Maddox Yung > Young Pilot, requires some work.
Mammal Tafren > Intaki supporter, free spirit, and voice of my greatest ally.
Merdaneth > Seemed stable enough, in our two encounters.
Myxx > No Comment...
Mizhara Del'thul > Well spoken Freedom Fighter.
Nikita Alterana > No Comment...
Punx Evangeline > True Anarchist.
Rek Jaiga > String puppet, that seems to stumble into situations.
Revan Neferis > Lady of many words.
Rodj Blake > Well spoken Amarrian.
Rytha Main > Polite and upfront, I like her outlook on diplomacy.
Seriphyn Inhonores > Respectable Gallente, has potential for great things.
Shalee Lianne > Never spoken much, seen her work on the battlefield in the past.
Silas Vitalia > Old friend, respectable Khanid... Excellent Trade partner.
Sinjin Mokk > Interesting outlook on Diplomacy.
Sticher > Caldari with Liberal tenancies, good Pilot.
Sophie Starsparrow > Old contact.
Syn Calibri > Never really met, owns a.. bar I think.
The Cosmopolite > Sigh...
Jade Constantine > Has a hate for free trade, and progression.
Vaari > Never really got along with him, alittle to preachy even for a Amarrian.
Verone > Pirate... Seems to have a grasp on economics, and demands alot of respect.

Major JSilva
Oberon Incorporated
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2011.04.05 09:04:00 - [24]

Ai Mei: Don't know
Alicia Wildfire: TLF/Writer of logs.
Andreus Ixiris: Gallentean Extremist?
Aodha Khan: Don't know
Aria Jenneth: Angel Cartel Affliate/NEA Advisor
Axen Vormar: Don't know
Borza Slavak: Ushra Khan
Che Biko: Saw him a couple times in NEA
Cheiftan: Matari FC
Damar Rocarion: State Militia Member
Dame Death: Don't know
Elsebeth Rhiannon: leader of EM/Legendary Diplomat
Eran Mintor: Amarr Militia/ Enjoys Cigars and Heavy liquor/ PIE's worst nightmare
Evanda Char: Something to do with EM
Garreck: CVA Pilot?
Ghost Hunter: Leader of TS-F,"Sword of Nation", Good Enemy
Grendell: No Clue
Guthris: Member of FCORD
Hardin: Executor of a Dying alliance
Istvaan Shogaatsu:Guiding Hand Social Club Criminal mastermind
John Revenent: Executor of I-RED
Julianus Soter: CEO of Moira.
Kaleigh Doyle:Unknown
Karn Mithralia: Unknown
Killer Gandry: Sani Sabik?
Koronakesh: EoM symp, Pilot for NOIR.
Louella Dougans: Hippie Space Nun?
Lorna Doon: Unknown
Lyn Farel: Knight, makes amarrian hardliners tremeble
Maddox Yung: Sansha Killer
Mammal Tafren: ILF Diplomat
Mercy Regard: Charity's Sister
Merdaneth: Hardliner Amarrian
Myxx: Former RIA pilot
Mizhara Del'thul: Unknown
Nikita Alterana: CEO of RIA, Cartel Associate
Niraia: Another Sansha Loyalist/Angry Uninformed trip poster
Obsidian Hawk: Don't know
Pax Thar: Unknown
Punx Evangeline: Sani Sabik/ Pirate
Rek Jaiga: Blooder who dies alot
Revan Neferis: Make believed leader of Sani Sabik
Rodj Blake: PIE Admiral
Rytha Main: Evil PIE Religion convertor, yells prayers in local chat
Seriphyn Inhonores: Widow of Heavenbound02?
Shalee Lianne: Breaker of Mens Wills
Shintoko Akahoshi: RIA Pilot/Cartel loyalists
Silas Vitalia: KPV CEO
Sinjin Mokk: Diplomat for KPV
Stitcher: State Loyalist
Sophie Starsparrow: Former Knight
Syn Calibri: 21st Commander
The Cosmopolite: Star Fraction IGS Watcher
Tigerfish Torpedo: Merc, CEO of UPAY
Ugleb: Don't Know
Vaari: Don't Know
Valarie Valate: Sansha Loyalist
ValentinaDLM: Another Sansha Loyalist
Verone: Gurista Loyalist, CEO and Executor of Veto.
Vlad Cetes: Robot

Tigerfish Torpedo
Underworld Protection Agency
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.04.05 12:14:00 - [25]

Alicia Wildfire – Minmatar Freedom Fighter and author of a regular log on IGS.
Aodha Khan – Urgh, death to the Amarrians?
Istvaan Shogaatsu – Guiding hand social club! Well renowned.
Kaleigh Doyle – Ex glam' star and former lover of Sovereign Neferis?
Karn Mithralia – I’ve known Karn for years – former (present?) leader of UK
Killer Gandry – Caldari pilot, entered New Eden’s Next Top Model
Koronakesh – Former SF pilot
Maddox Yung – Uncle of Lia Suchong – and yes, please stop posting
Mercy Regard – Beautiful Veto pilot, won New Eden’s Next top Model – well deserved!
Myxx – Familiar with the name, but no one I’ve ever socialised with.
Nikita Alterana – Angel Cartel and Risen Angels CEO
Niraia – Seen many posts by Niraia, but have never met her.
Punx Evangeline – My beautiful wife – Que mes baisers soient les mots d'amour que je ne te dis pas!
Revan Neferis – My former Shiras – a powerful woman that I’ve served for many years.
Rodj Blake – Some Amarrian loyalist fellow. Fought against him in the past. I want to say he’s in PIE.
Rytha Main – Guardian Main, a spiritual inspiration.
Shalee Lianne – Beautiful loyalist combat pilot, and a friend.
Silas Vitalia – Have undertaken contracts in the past that had me working closely with her.
Sticher – Urgh, this guy annoys me. Seems too morally sound for his own good.
Syn Calibri – Owner of Razors Edge, wife to Driselle.
Tigerfish Torpedo – Very misunderstood man, who doesn’t hate his crew – just demands perfection.
Verone – CEO of Veto with a well respected and deserved reputation
Vlad Cetes – A very loyal man to the Sovereign Neferis, and vicious combat pilot.

GoGo Yubari
Posted - 2011.04.05 13:11:00 - [26]

Edited by: GoGo Yubari on 05/04/2011 13:14:56

Andreus Ixiris. Opinionated Intaki.
Aodha Khan. A pirate whom I think I remember from Oyonata's old days.
Aria Jenneth. A verbose Angel Cartel spokesperson.
Elsebeth Rhiannon. Minmatar politician. Received some slaves I freed once.
Evanda Char. Another Minmatar mover'n'shaker.
Garreck. Winner of the best looking pro-Amarr fighter. I guess he's still CVA.
Ghost Hunter. Serves the Nation.
Hardin. Grey eminence within the Amarrian bloc. Current CVA leader.
Istvaan Shogaatsu. Breeds slaver hounds and steals money.
Kaleigh Doyle. Gallente celebrity capsuleer.
Mammal Tafren. Prolific Intaki. Should probably have a chat at some point.
Mercy Regard. Cutie down the hall.
Revan Neferis. Best known for her use of mercenaries to cause chaos and for hosting lavish events. Sani Sabik.
Rodj Blake. Yet more of the Amarrian old guard.
Seriphyn Inhonores. I've seen this guy giving speeches and doing parades on all the patriotic Gallente networks. What a riot.
Shintoko Akahoshi. I think I best remember her from her Omerta days, but she's an oldie and goldie.
The Cosmopolite. Some would call him the most reasonable Amarrian in the cluster, but I call him the only man who looks good in a dress (robe).
Vaari. An Amarrian zealot of epic proportions. Blew up his Armageddon once. A small wonder he hasn't been assassinated yet.
Verone. He's my new boss.

I'm very out-of-date with all these names.

Heathen Legion
Posted - 2011.04.05 13:32:00 - [27]

Edited by: Kazzzi on 05/04/2011 13:33:49

You can tell a lot about a person by what kind of ice cream they order

Alicia Wildfire - Strawberry
Andreus Ixiris - Neapolitan
Aria Jenneth - Banana milkshake
Borza Slavak - Coconut ripple
Cheiftan - Coffee flavor
Dame Death - Chunky Monkey
Elsebeth Rhiannon - Whatever, as long as it's covered in lots of hot fudge
Eran Mintor - Choco chip cookie dough
Evanda Char - Apple Pie A La Mode
Garreck - Choco taco
Ghost Hunter - Silicon
Hardin - Vanilla
Istvaan Shogaatsu - Isk flavored
John Revenent - Caldari only use waffle cones.
Julianus Soter - Custard
Karn Mithralia - Phased plasma flavor
Koronakesh - Root beer float
Louella Dougans - Anything with sprinkles
Merdaneth - Glares angrily at it until it melts completely, then eats the cone.
Myxx - Peach
Mizhara Del'thul - Toasted almond fudge
Nikita Alterana - Mint Chocolate Chip
Revan Neferis - That's not ketchup on her sundae.
Rodj Blake - That IS ketchup on his sundae.
Rytha Main - Frozen yogurt
Seriphyn Inhonores - Caramel frappe
Silas Vitalia - Peanut butter parfait
Sinjin Mokk - Butter Pecan
Sticher - Pistachio
Sophie Starsparrow - Turtle
Syn Calibri - Sorbert, whatever that stuff is.
The Cosmopolite - Gelato
Tigerfish Torpedo - Moose Tracks
Ugleb - Rocky road
Vaari - Loves dippin dots
Verone - He always gets the lil candy eyes on it, then pretends his cone is looking up girls dresses.
Vlad Cetes - Snow cone with antifreeze

Ava Starfire
Teraa Matar
Posted - 2011.04.05 18:23:00 - [28]

Originally by: Jade Constantine
Originally by: Ava Starfire
This is the second ego-stroking thread in as many weeks... something most of the people on your list do not need assistance with.

Don't pout it makes your face look like a mishapen egg.

If we want to degenerate to childhood playground have seen your chin, right?

Find a mirror.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.04.05 18:59:00 - [29]

Originally by: Ava Starfire
Find a mirror.

Less pitiful snark more replying to the topic.
Give your impressions of the listed names or get the hell out of the thread.

Durf Askold
Posted - 2011.04.05 19:08:00 - [30]

Edited by: Durf Askold on 05/04/2011 19:08:37
Originally by: Ava Starfire
If we want to degenerate to childhood playground have seen your chin, right?

Find a mirror.

Dear, I don't think Jade's face is so much like an egg as it is... I don't know, some kind of vegetable. A baby carrot... no, no, that's too thin...

An avocado! Look at it; it has the little jutty-outty bit for the top with the chin, even if 'jutty-outty' might be too light a term for this case, and the too-wide cheekbones are obviously the bulge of the fruit itself.

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