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Posted - 2011.03.30 20:13:00 - [1]

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I have been dual boxing eve for some time and decided to sell this toon so i can go back to single playing focus.

link here to character sheet skills

I will pay the transfer, isk goes to me.

I am online for the next hour then will be going bed so anyone looking for a quick transfer reply to thread and i will contact you in game.

Jack of all trades toon. Perfect for 0.0 carebearing (mining,plexing,pvping).

Can fly:

And all the inbetween ships. Alot of skill time was spent on mining skills and then switched to focus on caldari pve then switched to focus on PVP gerenal.

Taking offers starting at 5.5b
Reserve: Hidden
Buy Out: 6.5b
Character is in an 0.0 corp 1 jump from hisec.
No kill rights
Positive wallet
I reserve the right to not sell

edit: corrected spelling lol

Isanoe nothwood
Posted - 2011.03.30 20:14:00 - [2]

Link toon plz

Posted - 2011.03.30 20:17:00 - [3]

updated and linked had to get teh link from the other site lol but in OP now

Isanoe nothwood
Posted - 2011.03.30 20:20:00 - [4]

Edited by: Isanoe nothwood on 30/03/2011 20:21:32
Sry,nothing, free bump :)

Posted - 2011.03.30 20:46:00 - [5]

logging off for the night, just read the rules of sale again my bad character has to be in NPC corp so have started the leave corp process got 24 hours for it to be cleared.

Feel free to leave me messages ill be back on in 12 hours. I can log into eve for chat anytime between 10:00 and 21:00 eve time most days and i will monitor this thread frequently incase anyone is requesting in game communication. hmm how do i subscribe to this thread :)

Posted - 2011.03.31 10:00:00 - [6]

daily bump still available

Posted - 2011.03.31 10:29:00 - [7]

Cahracter is now in NPC corp and in Hisec system ready for transfer. Want to sell today offers welcome

Nazgul Jr
Posted - 2011.03.31 10:54:00 - [8]

5,5B buyout offer

Posted - 2011.03.31 11:20:00 - [9]

happy to meet in the middle at 6bil and we have a deal. im online now for the next 15 minutes if you want to contact me

Nazgul Jr
Posted - 2011.03.31 11:34:00 - [10]

Sorry, 5,5B is my final offer, good for today only

Posted - 2011.03.31 11:36:00 - [11]

ok if not got better offer in 4 hours the sale is yours

Posted - 2011.03.31 16:05:00 - [12]

Nazgul Jr its yours if you complete the deal now otherwise still open for offers, i really need the transfer to be completed now as i need the isk for my other character :)

Posted - 2011.03.31 17:24:00 - [13]

still nto sold and not been contacted again by best offer so back on the market guys, character ready for trasnfer, neural remap available +2.7 or somet sec status, positive wallet well 0.11isk lol

Posted - 2011.03.31 17:28:00 - [14]

4bn, more is not possible

Posted - 2011.03.31 17:31:00 - [15]

Im in a rush but i wont accept anythign below 5.5b

Posted - 2011.03.31 18:16:00 - [16]

5bil ?

Posted - 2011.03.31 18:53:00 - [17]

thanks but 5.5bil is the lowest and is very good offer

Nazgul Jr
Posted - 2011.03.31 19:35:00 - [18]

I'm online, sorry for delay.
Need a little time to get account ready, but promise to transfer in about hour =)

Nazgul Jr
Posted - 2011.03.31 20:30:00 - [19]

ISK transfered
account name sent ingame

Posted - 2011.04.01 07:25:00 - [20]

ISK received,

Tried to initialise character transfer using 2 plex but website saying 0 plex available. I wonder if it need a bit to update on teh website that i have purchased plex. will try again in 30mins and confirm if it has worked

Posted - 2011.04.01 07:30:00 - [21]

you have to reverse-redeem them in order for them to be usable to transfer characters, right click the plexs ingame and select reverse redeem

Posted - 2011.04.01 07:31:00 - [22]

solved had to redeem the plexes to use them out of game haha EVE should make this clear rather than me routing through google for the answer.

For your protection, there is a 10-hour delay in processing character transfers and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Character Name: EliteGuardian
Will be completed after: 01/04/2011 17:29:46

Sale closed, thank you


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