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Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.03.28 20:56:00 - [1]

Edited by: Revan Neferis on 28/03/2011 22:03:50

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Greetings to the Sani Sabik Illuminati

And the rest of you.

Following up with the Sani Sabik Project to facilitate the access of information to be transfered to our new capsuleer -soon to be- communication systems, we continue now from our Philosophy section to the Archives of War.

The system that we will collect here is to be objective, methodic, academic, and should follow the set of rules bellow:

Capsuleers, Alliances and Corporations of New Eden - specially those involved with IGS - are welcome to present here to the archives a list of some of your wars to which you have either:

1- been directly responsible for either by issuing it with your own Organization, Financing it, or counter fighting it in the name of Faith; politics, isk or personal vendettas.


2- Have had a major role in the wars such as First Commander, Strategist or ace combat pilot [ make sure to state which role you had in the wars]

Follow the model bellow for better understanding:

ArrowYour Organization:

ArrowReligious positive Standings:
ArrowReligious Negative Standings:

ArrowPolitical positive Standings:
ArrowPolitical Negative Standings

ArrowList of Wars:
[Campaigns or Single wars of significance to your Organization.]
Maximum 25 To be given without details, simply state:

[Your Organization, Coalition] x

ArrowCurrent Wars: [ Enough to specify Region as this can be considered sensitive information ]

ArrowReasons as why most of your wars are issued:

ArrowA single quote that amused you during any of the wars:

This is an archive only. It's not a place for debate or controversies so stick to the model for a better record for us all.

I'll start the thread with a list of my own wars to show as an example of how we would like to compose it.
Any doubts or issues rising about third parties and their claims, contact them directly and do not disrupt the archives here.
Everyone is encouraged to add their list to the records, independent of being enemies or friends of Sani Sabik faith.
Show New Eden that IGS users and their Organizations know what consequences at space means.

With no more

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

PS: ( Try to stick to rp wars if possible and do not repeat names of same organization even if you have had several wars with them at different times. )
PPS: ( 25 is the maxium number, not minimum. So even if your organization is small, dont feel shy to add your wars to the records )

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.03.28 20:59:00 - [2]

Edited by: Revan Neferis on 28/03/2011 22:05:01

War Archives: Revan Neferis
Role: Directly responsible for ( issued the wars), strategist, financier.

ArrowYour Current Organization: Propaganda Due.

ArrowReligious positive Standings: Sani Sabik, Equilibrium of Mankind.
ArrowReligious Negative Standings: Amarr Mainstream Faith, Matari tribal cults, Order of St Tetrimon.

ArrowPolitical positive Standings: Fractionist Anarchy, Guristas, Sansha Nation.
ArrowPolitical Negative Standings: 4 Empires.

ArrowList of a few Wars:

Sani Sabik Coalition


1. Pie Inc

2. CVA

3. Aegis Militia

4. Order of St Tetrimon

5. Cult of Cathequization

6. Dark Seraph

7. Sylph Alliance

8. Slammers Republic

9. Sev3rance

10. FAT

11. IAC

12. Kimotoro Directive

13. The Dead Parrot Shoppe Inc.

14. Electus Matari

15. Strix Armaments and Defence.

16. CHON

17. Namtz'aar k'in

18. 5th Colomn


20. Delictum 23216

21. 4th Cohort

22. Norsefire

23. Vaapad Shinobis

24. Knights of the Black Sun

25. Mad 4 Gaming

ArrowList of major campaigns:

Amarr civil wars - Verisum Wars
Number of Alliances and Corporations involved: appx 14

AzA Wars - Providence Assalt.
Number of alliances and Corporations involved: appx 19

Blood from Heavens - Minmatar Wars
Number of alliances and Corporations involved: appx 9

Kheran Take over - Pirate Strike
Number of alliances and Corporations involved: appx 11

Crime Pays - Delve Campaign
Number of Alliances and Corporations Involved: 7

ArrowCurrent Wars: Geminate.

Reasons as why most of your wars are issued: Profit, Faith, Love, change of moods.

ArrowA single quote that amused you during any of the wars:

Originally by: Garreck

"Electus Matari will die for the crime of ugliness and crass parochialism."

That's...almost incredible.
The prose was moving and creative, the motivation twisted and maniacal. You win, Revan: you've turned random chaos into an art form of entertainment. I find myself intrigued...which makes me feel unclean in the highest order, but I cannot deny the sentiment.

Nidia Masters
Noir. Mercenary Group
Posted - 2011.03.29 00:51:00 - [3]

War Archives: Nidia Masters
Role: Commander, Strategist and Ace Combat Pilot

ArrowYour Organization: Noir. Mercenary Group <NMG.>

ArrowReligious positive Standings: None
ArrowReligious Negative Standings: None

ArrowPolitical positive Standings: None
ArrowPolitical Negative Standings: None

ArrowList of Wars/Campaigns:

Interstellar Starbase Syndicate

1. ISS - Curse Coalition / Center For Disease Creation War
2. ISS - CVA War
3. Siege Of Unity Station

Shinra, Lotka Volterra

4. Red Alliance War
5. The Pendulum Wars

The Star Fraction

6. Operation Terminus Est
7. Touch Of Anarchy Campaign

Noir. Mercenary Services

8. Siege Of Providence, Downfall of CVA
9. Legiunea Romana - Romanian Legion Civil War
10. Noir. Withdrawal, Second Fall of Providence

ArrowCurrent Wars: None, as of posting

ArrowReasons as why most of your wars are issued: Being a mercenary, the reasons are innumerable, and generally private. Others involve political disputes typically.

ArrowA single quote that amused you during any of the wars: Aralis:
"I never said no deals with AAA. I said no deals that compromise our honour."

Being at this job a very long time, and because my mercenary work keeps us very very busy in new areas of the world all the time, I posted what is in my opinion the most major campaigns and engagements that most would be interested in. If anyone is further interested in anything, they should not hesitate to contact me.

Tigerfish Torpedo
Underworld Protection Agency
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.03.29 10:20:00 - [4]

Arrow War Archives: Tigerfish Torpedo.
Arrow Role: Exec to CRMSN, CEO & FC to UPAY, Former Legatus to Verisum, Former Prathet & Cmdr to Revan Neferis.

Arrow Your Current Organization: Underworld Protection Agency.

Arrow Religious positive Standings: Sani Sabik.
Arrow Religious Negative Standings: Order of St Tetrimon.

Arrow Political Positive Standings: None.
Arrow Political Negative Standings: Everyone Else.

Arrow List of a few Wars:

Underworld Protection Agency (and CRMSN Alliance)


1. Goonswarm

2. Knights of the Southerncross

3. IAC

4. CVA

5. Aegis Militia

6. Slammers Republic

7. Sev3rance

8. Rebellion Alliance

9. Shadow of xXDeathXx

10. Privateer Alliance

11. Northern Coalition

12. Against All Authorities

13. AAA Citizens

14. Imperial Crimson Legion

15. Saints Amongst Sinners

16. Dark Taboo

17. Legion of Honor

18. Evolution Alliance

19. Mournival Alliance

20. United Eve Federation

21. Russian United Star System

22. Foundation

23. Dark Matter

24. Kenshin Alliance

Arrow List of major campaigns:

Goonswarm – Anti-Jihad Taskforce (Merc Contract)

Genesis Region – The Cleansing (Expansion and Subjugation)

Amarr Civil Wars – Verisum Family (Political Affiliation)

AzA Wars – Providence Assault (Political Affiliation)

Thakala Liberation – Our Former Home (Defensive Action)

Arrow Current Wars: - Genesis (region), Gonditsa (system), Faswiba (system), Goonswarm (ongoing).

Arrow A single quote: - Sasio Shihari: “Gaaah… The wretched Tigerfish Torpedo!!! That’s it, I’m out of here!”

Killer Gandry
Shadow of the Pain
Posted - 2011.03.29 11:23:00 - [5]

Arrow Role: Cannonfodder
Arrow Your Current Organization: Red Horizon Inc.

Arrow Religious positive Standings: Sani Sabik.
Arrow Religious Negative Standings: None

Arrow Political Positive Standings: None.
Arrow Political Negative Standings: Personal dislike of Goonswarm in any form.

Arrow List of a few Wars:

Exceed (Xetic Alliance)
1.Curse Alliance

Dreamscape (NORAD)
1.Curse Alliance

Red Horizon Inc.(FFA)
1.Red Alliance

Red Horizon Inc.
1.Venom Alliance
2.Child Head Injury

Red Horizon Inc (RAGE)
Various wars ongoing most of the time
Constant campaign versus DRF.

More detailed information about passt and current ongoing engagements and contracts: Classified.

Arrow A single quote: There is no safe place in New Eden.

Imperial Pharmacy
Posted - 2011.03.29 12:47:00 - [6]

Registratum Militaris: Vaari
Role: High Father and founder of the Imperial Pharmacy. Earl of Sosan VII, Arch Bishob of the Providence.

ArrowCurrent Organization: Imerial Pharmacy.

ArrowReligious positive Standings: Imperial Faith.
ArrowReligious negative standings: All other religions and heresies.

ArrowPolitical positive standings: Amarr Empire, Ammatar Mandate, few loyalist corporations and some anti-Sansha organizations.
ArrowPolitical negative standings: CVA and her allies, all organizations which occupy Providence, almost all ancient amarr speaking organizations, Jove Directorate.

ArrowList of few wars:

Imperial Pharamacy (every time on defencive position)

1. Uprising of military division (Civil war)
2. Polaris Syndicate incursion.
3. Space Perverts and Forum Warriors United.
4. Privateer alliance
5. Exile Consortium
6. First siege of Providence.
7. AAA Aggression to the Providence and following guerilla war.

ArrowList of major campaigns

1. Dark age.
[Includes the first siege of Providence, military division rebellion, when they later formed Exile Consortium and declared war.]
2. Space Perverts and Forum Warriors United.
[Most notorious of our campaigns. This valiants struggle lasted over 2 years and ended total victory]
3. Building of Ark fleet.
[We built 2 Ark class jump freighter. Building then took over a year.]
4. Devastation of Providence.
[AAA and their allis occupied my region.]

ArrowCurrent wars.
Not a war, but severe hostilities between CVA, Nihilist Social Club and their allies. This is the era when Amarr loyalists divide if nothing is done to prevent it.

ArrowReasons as why most of your wars are issued: Greed and bloodlust.

ArrowA single quote that amused you during any of the wars: Time of Iphar is over and all of its variations. This is said many times during every crisis. Yet we have not seen the end.

The Order of Reverance
Crimson Isk
Posted - 2011.06.27 16:12:00 - [7]

Your Organization: Crimson Isk
My Role: Executor, Stratagist

Religious positive Standings: Sani Sabik
Religious Negative Standings: None of note

Political positive Standings: Propaganda Due
Political Negative Standings: Fractionist Anarchist's

List of Wars:
ils, simply state:

Crimson Isk Wars
1. Sentinel Federation
2. Electus Matari

Current Wars:
Limited Liability Chaos

Reasons as why most of your wars are issued:
As a Freelancing entity we may go to war for any number of reasons, however our primary benefector usually is the motive for such actions, aswell as the isk.

A single quote that amused you during any of the wars:

Rockafella93: (quote from jason galente's apology mail) "I am glad that this is worked out, and I have learned my lesson". Hmmm, i think that's a bit suggestive and deserves another podding


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