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Posted - 2011.03.27 16:45:00 - [1]

I am a Amarr pilot, just attained skills to where I am comfortable somewhat flying a command ship (Absolution). This ship will only sparingly be flown for a while during solo ratting, or group ratting with the corp when we make the move to a wormhole which is planned in the next month. I primarily will be in a Harbinger for all other instances (any pvp, some ratting for smaller sites).

I have considered finally doing my Large Energy Turrets 5 to being the training for T2 turrets for my battleship I use for running level 4 missions, which I wont be running as frequent when we make the move to the WH. I have also considered taking most all of my gunner skills to level 5. And also to train up missiles to allow me access to the Damnation and Sacriledge.

Here are the skills I can not decide what order I want to train them in:

Motion Prediction 5 (6 days 7 hours)
Surgical Strike 5 (13 days +)
Trajectory Analysis 5 (16 days 19 hours)
Medium Pulse Specialization 5 (16 days 19 hours)
Large Energy Turret 5 (16 Days, 19 hours)

At this point if I did all of those, the only gunnery skills that I have the books for that would not be at level 5 is Sharpshooter (4), small pulse specialization (4) and Advanced Weapon Upgrades (4).

And as mentioned, I can not decide if I want to train those skills before training up missile skills for the damnation and sacriledge, but I also have Caldari frigate 3 already, so all I would need is Caldari frigate 4, and caldari cruiser 1-3 and I could fly a drake if I drain up the missile skills (I can fit T2 shield modules, tho my skills for shields are just at the minimum to let me use the modules).

What to do?

Posted - 2011.03.27 17:02:00 - [2]

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Here is my stats

Eventually all of these skills will be trained, I just am not sure what order to train them in.

I have a plan to allow me to fly the following ships, with the ship skill itself (battleship for instance) to level 4, with a full T2 fit and the T2 turret of choice (pulse laser or beam or blasters or what have you) also to level 4 at minimum. But most of the time I will be in a cruiser sized amarr ship I am sure, thats why the focus on getting any and everything related to them at level 5 so soon.

Eventual Ships I want as of now:

Rokh (I just think it looks cool)
Hyperion (also looks cool)

I have a 1700+ day plan in EveMon with Amarr Titan 5 as the last skill.

National Quality Breaker
Posted - 2011.03.28 02:09:00 - [3]

I dont know about other ships, but when you fly a damnation, it really doesnt matter if you have ham lv5 or 1..

you are there for the fleet boosts with insanely massive buffertank, preferably as an fc or a target caller within the rest of the fleet so you know how far the target is from your main fleet and so on.

Also, you can think of supercaps as flying coffins for your characters since you wont be able to dock in them and wont do much other than sit in your supercap while waiting for a cyno.

So even if you do have isk for a supercap, I would recommend buying a supercap pilot from the character bazaar if you intend to fly them.

For the skills, I would train large energy turret 5 and trajectory analysis first since it will open up large pulse t2 and scorch L as well.

Imperial Master Jindoshangui
Posted - 2011.03.28 02:36:00 - [4]

If you haven't already explored the frigate side of eve, you should give those ships a look. 90% of my flying is done in an assault frigate (retribution for most pve and ishkur for pvp mostly) or interceptor. They're a blast to fly.

Lots of people dislike the amarr frigates but they're actually very good at what they do.


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