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Asuka Solo
Stark Fujikawa
Posted - 2011.08.16 04:48:00 - [61]

Originally by: Dinta Zembo

-What if logistics ships start keeping the dreads alive? Planetary defenses won't be able to hit them.
-Why can planet guns shoot through the shield from the inside but not be shot from the outside? Shields are impenetrable but they should be from both sides. I know, ships have the same thing, but ships could have like, barrels/launchers not shielded or something whereas planetary defenses are standing on the surface with the shield high above them.
-How would the ship bonusses from crews be applied? A capital ship could have hundreds if not thousands of crew members, if they all give individual bonusses it's a huge stack. Do bonusses come in groups of crewmembers on larger ships?

I didn't make any notes so this is all I can think of now, if the answers are actually in the text wall forgive me for that Smile

1) You will need allot. The idea is that those anti cap ship weapons do so much dps, that you'd need a blob of logistics to keep a dread alive if your not risking a carrier or 5. This goes without saying, what happens if a gang warps in and starts attacking the logistics? This situation is very comparable to a scenario of jumping into a system and ending up in a bubble camp on the gate. 180km away, we've got sniper fit BS taking shots at you and you can't shoot back. Then that BS gets logi support. Fair in eve? I lolled.

2)I never said the guns cannot be placed outside the shield... it would just make more sense to protect them. This having been said, all Military PI structures such as defenses and weapons will have an operational placement range requirement, think green buildings in command and conquer. I'm sure for some players, their setups will only allow them to place weapons outside the shield(s) of their cities.

3)This thread is not a ship crews bonuses suggestion, so feel free to take that rationale to the linked topic. That having been said, I'm sure the bonuses (if any, I'm more of a "gimmeh npc crews that look busy but dont really do anything for moar shiny so i dont feel all alone in a big cap ship" kinda gal) will be applied per entire crew.... and not per crew member....

Posted - 2011.08.16 23:35:00 - [62]

Bump because it needs bumping for awesome

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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