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The Whitehound Corporation
Frontline Assembly Point
Posted - 2011.03.25 21:21:00 - [1]

Edited by: Whitehound on 26/03/2011 12:14:51
This post is about how to create a live video stream of your EVE session onto the Internet for others to watch.

What you need:
1. Linux!
2. An account with
3. ffmpeg

Everyone will then be able to watch your EVE session on Justin TV, live.

In more detail:

1. You should have Linux already installed. Windows or MacOS will work, too, because ffmpeg is available for them as well. (Windows/MacOS binaries, though untested)

2. Create an account with
2.1 Once you have your account will you get four categories to choose as your source: Webcam, MobilePhone, VideoGame, Desktop. You want the fifth category, which is hidden and called Other.
2.2 First choose Desktop and you will get to a new page, which lists all five categories on the left. There you can choose the Other category.
2.3 On the page for the Other category will you have the option to get a stream key, which is why you have to choose this one and not any of the other categories. Click the button Show and you will get a key that may look like this: live_01234567_A1B2c3d4e5f6G7H8.
2.4 Copy the key and keep it somewhere save. You do not want anyone to know your key. The key is then used with ffmpeg.

3. Get ffmpeg and make sure it has got the x11grab and network streaming features enabled. It should also support libx264, because this is the video codec you want to use.

4. And this is how you run it:

#!/bin/bash -f

# Justiv.TV stream key:

# Input resolution of your display:

# Aspect ratio of your display:

# X11 display:

# Frame rate (the slower the less CPU and bandwidth it needs):

# Output resolution (should be some h.264 compatible size):

# x264 preset (fast, medium, slow, ... depending on your CPU):

# Bitrate (depends on your uplink speed of your Internet connection):

# Number of CPU cores (the more cores the better):

ffmpeg -f x11grab -s $INRES -r $FPS -i $DISPLAY \
-vcodec libx264 -b $BITRATE -s $OUTRES -aspect $ASPECT -vpre $X264PRE \
-threads $THREADS \
-f flv "rtmp://$STREAM"

If it all works out should everyone be able to see your Linux desktop live on!

Take a look at the script and tweak the options to your needs. It explains itself. Should you have difficulties with ffmpeg can I show you how to configure the source and compile it. Also take a look at the options at You may not want everyone to see you experiment or have them watch previous recordings. Make sure that you do not record a session where your stream key or other secrets are being recorded. ffmpeg supports audio input, too, but I have left it out here out of convenience. You can add audio support by changing the command to:

ffmpeg -f x11grab -s $INRES -r $FPS -i $DISPLAY \
-f alsa -i hw:0 -ab 24k \
-vcodec libx264 -b $BITRATE -s $OUTRES -aspect $ASPECT -vpre $X264PRE \
-threads $THREADS \
-f flv "rtmp://$STREAM"

Note that the audio bit rate adds to the video bit rate. So you should limit the audio rate, i.e. 24k bit/s as above.


Cosmic Encounter
Posted - 2011.03.28 15:56:00 - [2]

That is interesting!

But I only have a slow 100KiB/s Uplink :(

The Whitehound Corporation
Frontline Assembly Point
Posted - 2011.03.28 18:38:00 - [3]

Originally by: Ravow
That is interesting!

But I only have a slow 100KiB/s Uplink :(

All it needs is an upload speed of 30KiB/s. Most DSL connections these days can do it.

More of a problem is the GPU and CPU. Your computer needs to run EVE and to encode a video at the same time. I am using a quad core AMD Phenom together with a NVIDIA GTX260 and get a watchable stream at 10-12 FPS. It sure does not allow for a fast paced action movie, but one can see and identify stuff in the game.

Shadow Lightbringer
Nightghosts Inc
Posted - 2011.03.29 08:06:00 - [4]

I'm going to be building a new system in a month or so. I'm looking forward to giving this a try. Thanks for the info Whitehound. Very Happy

Cosmic Encounter
Posted - 2011.03.29 15:24:00 - [5]

Tested and approved!

THREADS=5 (The last one was for EVE)

The live was between 15 and 20FPS
The EVE client don't loss a lot of FPS and stay between 25 and 60 (Tested at a POS bashing)

Phenom X6 1055T @ 4.2Ghz
AMD Radeon 4870HD With OSS Gallium drivers.


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