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CCP Zymurgist

Posted - 2011.03.23 12:02:00 - [1]

CCP Mort is bringing us our latest dev blog in our series of technical dev blogs. Go here and read Introducing steps to improve network performace of EVE: THE FCP.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2011.03.23 12:04:00 - [2]


Very Happy

Vuk Lau
4S Corporation
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2011.03.23 12:21:00 - [3]

Interesting read (and in before Trebor)

Posted - 2011.03.23 12:43:00 - [4]

In after Zymurgist. why no pretty graph?

The Graduates
Posted - 2011.03.23 12:46:00 - [5]

I would be interested to see how well this actually improoves our end game play. So yeah, graph please lol.

You Got A Purty Mouth
Posted - 2011.03.23 12:47:00 - [6]

Loving the super technical dev blogs of late. Keep them coming.

However, one complaint. I DEMAND A GRAPH! And make it pretty! Cool

Naomi Wildfire
Posted - 2011.03.23 12:50:00 - [7]

So we have Kaffeine and FCP, now wheres ma' Pizza :)

Posted - 2011.03.23 12:50:00 - [8]

So you added a Brain™ hamster.
Remember to feed the guy.

Ms Michigan
Aviation Professionals for EVE
Fusion Alliance
Posted - 2011.03.23 12:54:00 - [9]

All I have to say is "WOW!" and Holy cool Batman. This is Epic. For companies that can afford and run progs like EVE this will make a huge difference is my guess.

Talk about tackling latency head on. With this and source code/logic optimization I get goose bumps.

Good stuff CCP. o7

Estimated Prophet
Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe and Trading Company
EVE Trade Consortium
Posted - 2011.03.23 12:55:00 - [10]

Edited by: Estimated Prophet on 23/03/2011 22:23:59
Originally by: Joe SMASH
I DEMAND A GRAPH! And make it pretty! Cool

Here's my before, from Australia:

EDIT: the variability that starts in week 7 I think comes from torrenting, and the low "spikes" from downtimes. Typical traceroute:

Austherus Sialomaet
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:00:00 - [11]

I love how CCP tell us what is happening. Other companies are always like "We have a problem, wait for the fix...".

Explaining this kind of thing is not going to fix the issues, but it makes us trust in CCP Smile

Sorry for the bad english Shocked

Posted - 2011.03.23 13:00:00 - [12]

Would someone like to sum this up into something for us who think the internet is a magik cable you put into your computer?
will this mean i get instant connects? or fast station docks??

Constructive Influence
Northern Associates.
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:01:00 - [13]

Did you just become a tier1 ISP, or some network engineer made an embarrassing mistake in his devblog?:P

Allan Glass
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:06:00 - [14]

Edited by: Allan Glass on 23/03/2011 13:14:01
Edited by: Allan Glass on 23/03/2011 13:13:33
I'm assuming this will have a secondary location to report back to that isn't anywhere near the CCP datacenter/AS?

(I remember a month or two ago, I was out on a roam and suddenly a good portion of the fleet was knocked offline because there was a transient blackhole affecting west-coast Comcast users. None of us could even ping any CCP servers we knew of.)

Constructive Influence
Northern Associates.
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:14:00 - [15]

FCP doesn't report to you, it reports to server.

Kalle Demos
Helix Protocol
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:16:00 - [16]

Bahh while I was logging in I noticed this on the side thingy, read it as "introducing ships to improve network performance of eve" which sounded pretty cool.

Eitherway great work captain

Thoraxe Rig
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:17:00 - [17]

Originally by: ChromeStriker
Would someone like to sum this up into something for us who think the internet is a magik cable you put into your computer?
will this mean i get instant connects? or fast station docks??

If I read it right, this should make our connections more reliable. Perhaps faster?

Nayette Ellis Dalogne
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:17:00 - [18]

Awesome stuff! *enjoys the nerdgasm* Very Happy

Posted - 2011.03.23 13:24:00 - [19]

UUuuuuuu, that sounds like a rather big improvement

*feeds the network hamsters a tasty snack*

StarFleet Enterprises
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:37:00 - [20]

Edited by: Abramul on 23/03/2011 13:39:20
I assume it's not possible for the end-user (or the game client) to force a specific route?

(Nice work, by the way. Hadn't realized the internet was this blind; suppose it's probably a result of it being far larger than originally expected)

Posted - 2011.03.23 13:40:00 - [21]

Edited by: Helothane on 23/03/2011 13:44:48
I'd have to look up the product literature, but it sounds like FCP dynamically decides which networks to announce via what interfaces. As long as the interval that it can choose to change announcements is large enough, I think it sounds like a good solution. BGP does not do quick, dynamic changes well.

NB: The exception to the rule of "Tier 1 ISPs don't pay for connections, others pay them" is when they are connecting to other tier 1 ISPs. The assumption there is that the traffic from another tier 1 will be more or less balanced with the traffic coming from the other side of the connection that tier 1 ISPs don't charge each other. The problem comes in when a tier 1 ISP decides that another company is no longer a tier 1 ISP and wants to charge them...

I assume it's not possible for the end-user (or the game client) to force a specific route?

No, you cannot. Routing between ASs is controlled by the AS path, and as an end user, you have no control of that. There are only 65000 unique AS numbers for the entire Internet (65000 - 65535 are like the 192.168.x.y IP addresses, they are not supposed to be publically routable), so for CCP to have its own is quite something.

(Former network engineer for a US Tier 1 ISP, back when there were the 'Big 7')

ivar R'dhak
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:43:00 - [22]

Anxiously awaiting how Murphy will frack up this one.

Brain™ hamsters 4tw! \o/

Daneel Trevize
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:46:00 - [23]

In This Devblog: Sexism. 'He'?

Nirnaeth Ornoediad
Clan Shadow Wolf
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:56:00 - [24]

Good writeup. You should consider having Ars Technica re-post this, or provide this as an article there.

Vincent Athena
Posted - 2011.03.23 14:00:00 - [25]

Will FCP be incorporated into the client in any way? Will the client try and modify the path back to the server, even if it just tries to copy the server-to-client path?

Is this a big issue with large fleet lag? That is, once in place will the size of a lag free fleet fight go up?

Posted - 2011.03.23 14:02:00 - [26]

I love the tech blogs like this one and the previous one with lots of gory technical details. Keep them coming!

Commander Azrael
Red Federation
Posted - 2011.03.23 14:39:00 - [27]

Edited by: Commander Azrael on 23/03/2011 14:46:41

When is another position going to be become available on your network team! Wink

"We also have a special peering platform where we reach 250 direct DSL service providers."

Would that be LINX by any chance?

Nice dev blog Very Happy

Ay Liz
Sacred Templars
Posted - 2011.03.23 14:52:00 - [28]

Edited by: Ay Liz on 23/03/2011 14:52:52
Can this partially fix the problems a lot of players had in the last months with random disconnects? If that FCP thing detects a lot of packet loss or high latency on a route, for example, somewhere at Telia, will it try to reroute us through a usually worse but in that case better route?
It kinda sounds like that and it would be awesome.

Jacqueline Coeur
Posted - 2011.03.23 15:18:00 - [29]

Chribba is known for not quitting EvE with the "ESC menu" but by simply tinkering with his BGP configuration (of course Chribba has BGP peering, his AS is the only known one that is both non-numeric and 16 nibbles instead of 16 bits. It is, of course, VELDSPAR).

Internap's Flow Control Platform is rumored to be so effective that Chribba's EvE client will stay connected no matter how much tinkering he does with his BGP config. In fact it'll even stay connected during downtime.

Lord's Prophet
Totally Abstract
Posted - 2011.03.23 15:19:00 - [30]

This devblog is just another step towards the EVE cluster becoming self-aware and killing us all.

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