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Kalle Demos
Helix Protocol
Posted - 2011.03.22 12:58:00 - [1]

Edited by: Kalle Demos on 22/03/2011 13:01:42
Krutoj sadly didnít do much campaigning and I should have really made this thread a week ago, but no matter, 1 day left so why not, if you havenít voted yet, Krutoj would be a great choice.

Firstly I would like to mention that DRF arenít the source of RMT / Botting and sadly due to propaganda by NC, the finger is sadly always pointed at them, not saying they dont have players who bot, but every alliance has some botters / RMT and singling out DRF is pretty stupid.

Ok so it may or may not be obvious by now but NC have thrown in the towel in this DRF vs NC invasion which in effect will kill them, now while this may not be something major, since lets face it, it is just another coalition beating a weak one (despite the weaker coalition (NC) having more numbers and ISK), DRF unlike NC donít have this obsession with taking over everything.

As you probably know NC want to control all of the CSM seats (as well as all of 0.0), whatever the true reason behind this NC invasion, we should actually look at how it changes 0.0, DRF have no plans to control all of 0.0, though XIX have some past friendship with Goons, unlike NC when there was a Goon conflict they never got involved. This is proof alone that 0.0 will be better, now that NC have surrendered to DRF, this may seem a little confusing so I will put it in powerbloc / CSM terms, after all this whole post is todo with CSM and the future of EVE.

With NC gone, Goons will most likely die to the first alliance that invades them, they have never been good without NC and it is very unlikely DRF will save them, this opens up a lot of opportunities in the north and west where several alliances now have the freedom to create new friends, enemies and most important wars and drama :D

This is something that has been long expected, the 0.0 problems will still be there, but now the urge for an evil dictator to control all of 0.0 wont be, ofc DRF will still be larger and strong but unlike NC they arenít afraid to reset and probably will as they enjoy local combat.

I for one thank Krutoj and DRF for making 0.0 a better place already and think he would make an excellent CSM as he understands the balance even in this horribly broken game and already is making the game and 0.0 a better place through war and destruction.

Vote for Krutoj and bring back small scale warfare in 0.0

Vile rat
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.03.22 13:01:00 - [2]

While I certainly hope I've earned your vote, if I have not Krutoj would be a great choice as well. He would do a good job on the CSM.


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