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Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.03.22 04:47:00 - [1]

Edited by: Talr Shiar on 29/08/2011 15:45:51
.-=Angels of Death EvE Division=-.
Angels of Death EVE (AODE) Immortals Mortis Angelus (IAM)

I send this out in hopes that it reaches you in good spirits. I offer to you a spot in our family of over 1000 members. Angels of Death has been alive in the gaming community for over 12 years, and currently is active in over 12 different games each its own gaming community within Angels of Death. Our World of Tanks division recently won their games tournament in Moscow finishing ahead of much larger groups.

We like to think of each other as family and this as just a game. Though others may feel and think of this as a second job that is not us. We come from all walks of life, from students in university to retired military members. We are loyal to one another and treat each other with respect.

We Offer you the following benefits:
ArrowTwo Corporations One for PVP and one for PVE
ArrowLarge Max Bonus Mining Fleets
ArrowLevel 4 Mission Runners for Amarr, Caldari, Minimtar, and Gallente Navy’s
ArrowLevel 5 Missions for Amarr Navy
ArrowLarge Production Capacity
ArrowAccess to Low Security Space for Ratting and Mining
ArrowHighly Knowledgeable FC’s
ArrowPVP Training/Fitting Knowledge
ArrowTop Ranked on Battle Clinic Killboards
ArrowCommunity Boards
ArrowRespect and Loyalty

What we require in return:
Arrow*Limited API Key*
ArrowThe use of Ventrillo while in game
Arrow18+ Years of Age
ArrowBeing active on our Community Boards
ArrowHaving Fun

If this interests you please contact us in game in Clan AOD channel or stop by our forums and register here,, we look forward to hearing from you.
Recruitment Officers:
Salia Shiar, G Silon, Akatsyia

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.03.23 15:39:00 - [2]

Recruitment seats are still open

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.03.27 07:47:00 - [3]

Still looking for new piolts to come have fun with us.

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.04.04 20:34:00 - [4]

still making the world free one system at a time, please join us in the excitement. We are still looking for people who are looking to learn and make isk in the glorious world of eve.

Posted - 2011.04.04 23:57:00 - [5]

nice topic Talr see ya in game

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.04.13 04:12:00 - [6]

recruitment still open, the cogs of change are spinning. Be apart of it,

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.04.14 05:23:00 - [7]

Join the path that many have traveled, but few have mastered. Angels of Death

Posted - 2011.04.15 01:24:00 - [8]

i aminterested in the corp my character name is heavenlyecho and im wanting to have help with pvp

Posted - 2011.04.15 17:28:00 - [9]

Hi, I'd like to have some fun with you guys and especially learn more about eve (noob).

Posted - 2011.04.15 21:13:00 - [10]

Hello :) Im Intrested in Joining, i was contacted allready by Salia Shiar in-game, right now currently on a conversation with her

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.04.16 02:13:00 - [11]

Thank you for your interest, i have sent an attache to our mansions with gifts and women/men to cater to you.

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.04.17 17:25:00 - [12]

Growing on the daily, get your tickets while they last.

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.04.22 04:55:00 - [13]

Looking for new members

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.06.18 16:43:00 - [14]

We are growing, do you want to be apart of the revolution ? Come join us and make isk

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.06.19 18:20:00 - [15]

daily bump

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.06.20 16:09:00 - [16]

Daily Bumps

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.06.25 23:25:00 - [17]

Daily Bump

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.07.01 07:03:00 - [18]

Daily Bump

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.07.02 04:12:00 - [19]

forum bump, 5 people joined yesterday join us and have fun

Posted - 2011.07.02 04:26:00 - [20]

i wood like to join Rolling Eyes

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.07.03 23:15:00 - [21]

The doors remain open

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.07.06 00:25:00 - [22]

5 Last Night, come on in and join the family

Posted - 2011.07.06 05:48:00 - [23]

Looking to join. Spoke to recruiter in-game.

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.07.07 05:06:00 - [24]

Still recruiting

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.07.09 23:24:00 - [25]

Shameless Bump

Knights of Azrael
Posted - 2011.07.10 04:53:00 - [26]

Friendly bump for an awesome name 07

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.07.17 11:14:00 - [27]

Join us, as we grow and improve. We have been around since 2004, wouldn't you want to join that level of experience?

Zeron Umik
Posted - 2011.07.17 12:20:00 - [28]

Hi , I'm a new player willing to join if possible :)

Talr Shiar
Posted - 2011.08.07 07:10:00 - [29]

Attention all,

we are are still recruiting, growing fast looking for more members to have fun and enjoy our friendships

Posted - 2011.08.07 08:32:00 - [30]

Sounds fun!

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