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Meeko Gloom
The Scope
Posted - 2011.03.19 20:24:00 - [1]

Edited by: Meeko Gloom on 21/03/2011 18:58:55
PvPer Looking for Corp.. (US TZ) 73Mil sps, Dread/Carrier Cap Pilot, 8mil sps in Leadership. Black Ops w/ JP pilot

John McCreedy
Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2011.03.19 20:29:00 - [2]

Contact me tomorrow (I'm on all day). Youll be interested to hear what I can offer.

Meeko Gloom
The Scope
Posted - 2011.03.19 20:50:00 - [3]

Originally by: John McCreedy
Contact me tomorrow (I'm on all day). Youll be interested to hear what I can offer.

Im ex ASCN, I know a lot about your Corp.. I hope things have changed or Im not interested

Posted - 2011.03.19 21:25:00 - [4]

Mail sent

Arcane Empire
Darkmatter Initiative
Posted - 2011.03.20 06:33:00 - [5]

I wanted to tell you about Arcane Empire. We are a low sec pvp/pirate corp based in the Kor-Azor region. We have several fun, experienced, and active members and are trying to rebuild ourselves to our former glory. We run regular roams/ops and provide a teamspeak server and killboard. We're in an alliance with a bunch of good guys and work as their pvp/defensive arm. If you're interested or would like to know more please mail me back or join our public channel "AION Temple".

Thanks and fly safe


Andy Croxton
Militaris Industries
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2011.03.20 06:43:00 - [6]

Militaris Industries:
A corporation of Friends and Profiteers:
We are highly independent pilots who are very Loyal to our Allies. We are looking for more pilots who are looking for fun fights.

Recruitment Channel - UDEAD Public In Game
*Corp Vent and Alliance TS3
*PVP'er or willing to learn
*Understand the basics of the game
*Limited API req'd

Militaris Industries UDEAD Public Channel In Game.


We Offer:
Ship replacement Program (Corporation Run)
Willing to teach skilled players new to pvp
Looking for FC's
TS3 Server
Vent Server
Access to jump Bridge Network
0.0 Ratting Systems(Pure Blind, Cloud Ring, & Fountain)
0.0 Roams (Corp & Alliance)
0.0 Fleet Ops & CTA's

Let's have a chat and see if we are a good fit for you.

Andy Croxton

Meeko Gloom
The Scope
Posted - 2011.03.21 18:58:00 - [7]

still looking

Nelios Ran
New Eden Regimental Navy
Rebel Alliance of New Eden
Posted - 2011.03.21 19:03:00 - [8]

New Eden Regimental Navy and the Rebel Alliance of New Eden are a 0.0 based corp/alliance that is looking to fill out its ranks. We are seeking mature fun loving people for pvp, mining, ratting and exploration.

You need to be willing to work independently and in a group situation as NERN is a real life first corp. As such our activity levels have drastic swings, some days you will see 5 people on others you will see 30+.

What are we looking for? We are looking for people who arenít in a rush to have it all in Eve, this corp and alliance both move in slow methodical steps that are planned out. We donít want our entire lives to be about Eve, but there are times.

What we need is PVPíer to help the alliance reach the goal of maintaining Sov. Rebel Alliance of New Eden is a NBSI alliance!

Here is a little information about the corp and what we offer:

ArrowHow old is the Corp and do you think it will be around for a while?

New Eden Regimental Navy about 3 years old. The leadership is too stubborn to give it up. At one point we had three active members but maintained and started profiting. Now NERN is sitting at nearly 115+ toons roughly 75-80 actual people.

ArrowWhat's your average age?

Average age of the Corp is about 20-60ís. With the alliance following the same age cycle; though we are a bunch of crazies and some nights you would think we were a bunch of kids. Or is that drunks? /me looks over his shoulder to quiet the voices.

Arrow What are the requirements to apply?

To apply to NERN you must go through a short interview process, and meet the minimum SP requirements. If you do not meet the minimum SP requirements exceptions can be made by the CEO.

Join NEW NAVY pub chat or contact Nelios Ran via evemail

Meeko Gloom
The Scope
Posted - 2011.03.21 19:18:00 - [9]

Anyone besides Copy and Paste *****s?

Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse
Sanctuary Pact
Posted - 2011.03.21 22:21:00 - [10]

Sure, but since I'm not a copy-paste kind of replier, I also need to know more about what you want. Gives me an idea of what you want, what you don't, and if we are even a good fit.

Rath Kelbore
Kings of Kill
EVE Animal Control
Posted - 2011.03.21 22:56:00 - [11]

After your horrendously informative post about yourself and what you're looking for, I too am surprised at the number of copy and paste replies.

That being said, copy and paste reply

North Eastern Swat
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2011.03.22 14:08:00 - [12]

Maybe ADHD. will be a nice home for ya bud. we got loads of activity looking to grow abit more, we was the allinace called Advocated Destruction but then we merg into one corp ADHD. now we are in 0.0 pvping, making isk, building up our capital/super fleet, and just having fun weekly corp roams around 0.0/lowsec daily pvp with allinace.

We are looking for good pvpers to join our crew hit us up if you want in our public channel ADHD. to have a litel chat with us.

CoolVery Happy

Immortalis Inc.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2011.03.22 14:11:00 - [13]

lol i know you Laughing looks me up tonight if still looking :)

Hunlight Faithus
Initium Malum
Posted - 2011.03.22 15:47:00 - [14]

Hi Meeko were a highly skilled pvp corp in merciless alliance, based in venal which provides an excellent pvp ground.


If intrested please join the channel HEROES RECRUITMENT or contact killfest or Hunlight Faithus

And also please fill out an application here:

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2011.03.23 00:06:00 - [15]

hi Meeko,

Domination could be what you are after.

TZ GMT (Increasing US player Base)
Null SEC Syndicate. NPC
PVP Corp.
More Reds than Blues.
Small gangs not blob hate blob dont want to do blob again

Domination we have quite a high SP avg for a corp and are a tight knit group who understand the Team ethos. We get the that RL must come first and that EVE is after all a game. Domi has very few rules you can pirate or not pirate up to you. All we ask is that when able you fleet up and get in gang, we also have quite a few cap pilots

Drop by in game channel dominate-me if this sounds of interest to you.





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