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FatCat Aluben
Galactic Empire
Posted - 2011.05.12 22:17:00 - [301]

Anyone remember Cinori Aluben who ran for CSM5? This was his exact campaign premise - "Fix the Little Things First." He didn't win, but it seems like CCP finally got the picture 1 year later, and btw totally bit his tagline.


Glad to see it being done, sad to see it took so long, but such is the way of CCP; we know this. If anyone's interested, do a google search of all the ideas that were being pioneered a year ago. He polled extensively, compiled lists of ideas and prioritized them based on feedback. He advertised and broadcasted this ideal like wild. But alas, the politics were not on his side.

Nero Renner
Posted - 2011.06.13 08:14:00 - [302]

This might be one of those little things, but it annoys the hell out of me after waiting so long for the character creator to get "fixed":

i understand that Incursions 1.6+ had been "touting" a fully functional character creator, but i am baffled at one thing (when checking it out the other night):

piercings.. specificly, male ears.. the options seem typically generic, but numerous..

what bothers me is that there are no options for both ears to be pierced with the same ring choice.. except those ugly black ear-stretching ones..

seriously, it is the only one which offers a head-on shot to allow both ears to be identically pierced.. but with big oversized black circles.. that's not fair to any pilot's choice of any other piercing, and i'd like to see that option for other piercings (currently offered) for the ears..

thank you..

Posted - 2011.06.21 10:59:00 - [303]

1) When listing My Assets according to number of items, the list is now in ascending order with the largest number at the bottom, instead of descending order with the greatest quantity at the top as it used to be.

2) The Wallet and Market windows are no longer brought to the front by a right-click. It now requires an extra left-click on the window to bring it forward, instead of a right-click being sufficient to both highlight the window and open an options menu.

3) When conducting a simple Buy order, the cursor no longer defaults to the Quantity box. It requires a left-click before a quantity other than "1" can be entered.

4) When placing a Buy order on the market, if you want to set an alternative location for the buy order to be centered upon, the cursor no longer defaults to the text entry box. It requires a left-click to place the cursor so the alternative location can be entered.

5) In numerous situations (PI for example), when selecting a partial quantity of an item to be dragged-and-dropped from a list (using shift-leftmouse), it appears that on occasion some other item is (invisibly) selected and instead of dragging just the selected item, a range of items are selected and dragged.

6) On the UI the buttons have been recoloured so they fade almost to black at the bottom. This frequently makes them appear to blend into the background and is very disconcerting.

7) On the login screen the text entry boxes have had their shading altered so the text now appears to be off-centre. This looks unprofessional and just plain wrong.

8) The Capacitor is still too transparent. Can we please have it with an opaque background?

9) In the Science and Industry window, Jobs tab, the Range selection keeps resetting to the minimum possible (i.e. Current Solar System / Current Station). Can we please have it stay on the last setting we chose?

Zero Core Labs
Posted - 2011.07.03 19:40:00 - [304]

I would like to see one thing changed, its something very simple:

Re Balance the Survey Scanner range to come in line with the Rorqual and Orca Bounces.

Survey Scanner II should scan at 1km over what a maxed skill out Rorqual Pilot can do with Implant. Why adjust these, cause they have not been touched since the module was released to TQ.

Evira Alivar
Posted - 2011.07.30 02:06:00 - [305]

two little things:

1. Modify the log entrys for combat in a way that shows the most important info first. the order should be: damage, weapon, target, flavor comment.
Its nice you speak in whole senteces, but that always needs a very wide log window to show the damage. if you put damage first, the log could be much less in width to be usefull. maybe adding orderable columns would be a idea, or just rearranging the sentence to have the important things at the front while the flavor is clipped. This would only need the change of a few lines script, so not a big thing.

2. In space, rotating the camera is very smooth an nice. zooming in and out has "steps". just open your client and use the mouse wheel, do one "click" in and out (keyboard does the same). The camera then snaps to the next distance. It would be nice if it would do a transition. It would look better in play and especially if someone takes a video. I would suggest not just snapping the distance on the z-axis. Use two variables: the "current" and "new" value and use a smooth transition to reduce the distance between both on the z-axis.

Manta Avoid
Posted - 2011.08.29 19:07:00 - [306]

Probably already mentioned -

For the sake of expediency:
Dragging a group of drones (say 50 hornets) into your active ship's Drone Bay of 25m3 (in the fitting screen) shouldn't just break the operation - you're dragging hornets into the bay, and it should fill it with 25m3 of hornets!

Instead of:

a) Opening your Drone bay, dragging the 50 in, etc

b) Separating however many drones will fit in the bay, and then dragging and dropping that stack onto the bay in the fitting screen.

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