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Interrobang Inc.
Posted - 2011.03.11 23:22:00 - [31]

Who wants to buy the Wolf that's on the KM?

Ion Nizer
Posted - 2011.03.11 23:30:00 - [32]

Collect the whole set!

Solomar Espersei
Suddenly Ninjas
Tear Extraction And Reclamation Service
Posted - 2011.03.12 00:12:00 - [33]

A vote for Arden is a vote for Great Justice.

For my part, I just wish someone would have recorded voice comms.

"Hey guys, heads up looks like another condor is..."

"Wait, is that a Tengu moving toward... no. It cannot be... guys, that's not the REAL Chribba is it?"

[long pause.... I'm talkin' really long pause]


Lucifer's Hammer
Burn Away
Posted - 2011.03.12 00:26:00 - [34]

Originally by: Ion Nizer
Who wants to own a Stealth Bomber that helped kill Chribba? Bidding starts at 10b.

It's a rare few-of-a-kind item! :-)

Can we use Chribba as a third party?

Set Shwayo
Suddenly Ninjas
Posted - 2011.03.12 02:07:00 - [35]

Who knew that Chribba would find a 25m3 jetcan of veldspar completely irresistible?

Posted - 2011.03.12 02:48:00 - [36]

Epic, truly Epic

Jovan Geldon
Lead Farmers
Kill It With Fire
Posted - 2011.03.12 02:55:00 - [37]

This is the best thread on C&P in a long time.

Kinda says something about the usual quality of the posting here, mind you.

Suddenly Ninjas
Posted - 2011.03.12 04:52:00 - [38]

Killmail is fake.

Velocity Prime laid the final blow.

Meridith Akesia
Posted - 2011.03.12 13:04:00 - [39]

Best. Thread. Ever.

Nathan Jameson
Talocan Vanguard
Talocan United
Posted - 2011.03.12 13:22:00 - [40]

When did Chribba turn to stealing veld to make ends meet?

Sad what boosters will do to a man.... Crying or Very sad

Suddenly Ninjas
Posted - 2011.03.12 14:30:00 - [41]

"That Tengu's checking it out."
"Definitely checking it out, wh- is that Chribba?"
"Hey cool, it's Chribba."
"What is he...wh-"

/entire fleet needs change of pants

Patient 2428190
DEGRREE'Fo'FREE Internet Business School
Posted - 2011.03.12 17:08:00 - [42]

Dear Chribba

Crime does not pay

Frau Klaps
Posted - 2011.03.12 20:06:00 - [43]

Congratulations on ganking a ship.

CCP Adida

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.03.12 20:13:00 - [44]

Locked for no content as the killboard link was removed.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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