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Posted - 2011.03.10 14:31:00 - [1]

We are all excited about the 3D virtual world that eve is going to introduce in the future but first we shoul have the programmers fix the current problems and focus on the dynamics, engineering of the game! They fixed a lot of things for pirates and gankers but what about miners and industrialist? As we all recall we had a equal choice of choosing a profession when we first started the game! When did the programers become prejudice against the industrialist? While PVP is a favorite amongst many players those players make up the majority of the game. We must keep an equality of all professions in the game! It is not always about fighting and having wars, It's about peace and diplomacy. Human decency and clear communication is the key for a growing game such as EVE.

I also believe that attention to details is as much important to every players choice of employment in eve.

Example. The graphics collisions are packets that travel over a network to your computer and back to their network hub. Depending on the amount of hops it has to take! The packets in the EVE game are really good but only if the engineers work on the compression. PVP has evolved so much that this game has become the best at person to person realtime fighting. But wait that's PVP! They have forgotten about Industialist and the POS stations.

POS: the force field is pretty cool but man does it lag peoples processor so much that it takes longer to get a Blueprint in to research. It is really annoying for players and has been going on for years, no changes have been made to organize these packets. This is why you need to vote for me because I know how a game works!

Thinking of the little people: The poor people of EVE! No job, disabled, Bed Ridden, college student they all don't have the money for the latest computer In gaming! I know the feeling because I too have an older model computer. We need to fight together as a team! If you Vote for me I will fight for you and making sure you will not be left behind! "Together we fight, divided we fall"

When I become CSM 6 I will listen to your evemails and I will Convo you for any situation that needs to be fixed or feel that needs to be done. I will not promise you the sun because I cant give it to you but I can promise I will work hard for you and try to find a solution to your problem

Knowledge is Power! Vote for MJJackson for CSM6
This ad has been aproved by candidate MJJackson.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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