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Gypsio III
Dirty Filthy Perverts
Posted - 2011.03.22 16:41:00 - [91]


I was following a chain of 3-4 WHs in a Proteus and Fleet Typhoon. I finally found a system with some activity, it's a Tengu sodding about at a POS. Then a Thanatos logs in at the POS too, a quick killboard check suggests that it's a lolfit. Then the Tengu warps to the star (seriously) and drops Core probes. I tackle and kill it.

As it dies, the Thanatos warps in. I tackle it. A corpmate asks if anything's going on. I tell him that I have a carrier tackled 3 systems away, but he'll have to probe the entire route out! Then the Tengu pilot returns in another Tengu.

This second Tengu is being RRed by the Thanatos, and I can't break it. So I switch to the Thanatos, hoping that his last carrier lossmail reflects his current fit (single rep in cataclysmic variable system, no hardeners whatsoever!). It does, and he starts dropping slowly. After a while, my Fleet Typhoon crashes and has to relog. Then a third Tengu warps in... I hold tackle on the Thanatos and, not for the first time, thank the Proteus's 94% kinetic resist. Just as I get the fleet Typhoon back on the field, my corpmate in an Abaddon, having probably set a personal record in probing speed, finds his way in, and a few seconds later we have the Thanatos and both Tengus tackled and helpless! Surely victory is ours!

Alas, not quite. We see the self-destruct messages flash up, but there's too much EHP on the carrier and too much RR on the Tengus to break any in time. Three flashes light up the zodiacal dust, then all is quiet again.

Sean Faust
Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
Posted - 2011.03.22 16:45:00 - [92]

Edited by: Sean Faust on 22/03/2011 17:29:57
Once upon a time, NPC 0.0 was left alone by major alliances. During this time, The Curse region was the hotbed for small entities who wanted to be able to enjoy solo and small gang PvP without fear of being blobbed by 30+ man gangs. Flying around in a solo Taranis and sometimes having one or two buddies tagging along also in Interceptors or AFs was a blast. Arguably the most consistently fun activity in EVE. You had a choice of either roaming around Curse looking for fun, challenging fights, or raiding neighboring Providence (at the time, CVA controlled) for lots of lolworthy kills.

The single most fun fight I had in EVE, however, was pre-nano nerf. We were living in Catch but did our ratting in neighboring regions in Immensea. Because of the Sacrilege's insanely high base resists toward explosive and kinetic, you could effectively rat vs. Angels in a nano pvp setup. I was ratting when I see in Intel chat that a fight is going on between a small gang of blues and another gang of equal numbers (but better ships).

2x Falcon
Nano Sacrilege

2x Mega
Myself (nano sacrilege)

The friendlies are permajammed by their 2x falcons. I jump in to help not sure what to expect, and I decloak right on top of one of their falcons. The fight was literally happening on the gate I jumped in through. I take out their falcon immediately upon decloaking and the other one bails (for reasons I don't know), but the rest of their gang stays to fight. I ***** on the Astarte mail with a single missile volley then start chasing after the other Nano sacrilege, who is burning away from the fight. We start dogfighting each other in the middle of the action with me coming out on top. Before I can pop him, however, his buddy in the falcon decloaks and jams me, allowing him to escape in hull. The falcon then bails again and I take out the two interceptors who, for whatever reason, decide to try to web me.

In the end, we lost the Deimos only. We had wiped out their entire gang except for the falcon and sacrilege that got away. And it was all because I jumped through and taken out that falcon. Ever since then I've refused to fly with blobs because nothing you get in this game can match the feeling of knowing you single handedly turned the tide of a fight, that without your presence, the fight would have gone a completely different way.

Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2011.03.22 16:47:00 - [93]

back during the invasion cloud ring and fountain not too long ago
there were a couple times when on a roam we would run into a counter fleet
battles like that
the ones i normally miss out on haha
nothing has ever been that intense for me in any game ever
its own unique kinda fun

Ira Theos
Posted - 2011.03.22 16:47:00 - [94]

Fun? Is that why you think you are playing this game?

There is no fun. The Cake is a Lie!

SOL Industries
Black Thorne Alliance
Posted - 2011.03.22 16:59:00 - [95]

EleventySix - I just wanted to comment on your Character Portrait... We could be brothers!

Daneo Mistry
Posted - 2011.03.22 17:41:00 - [96]

One of the most fun moments I have in eve happens every month. That when the corp get together for one night of mining, we all drunk, and we all talking crap in the fleet. It moments like that, that reminds me why I play a MMO, rather then just getting Civ 5 or something like that.

Posted - 2011.03.22 17:47:00 - [97]

Originally by: Daneo Mistry
One of the most fun moments I have in eve happens every month. That when the corp get together for one night of mining, we all drunk, and we all talking crap in the fleet. It moments like that, that reminds me why I play a MMO, rather then just getting Civ 5 or something like that.

You've piqued my interest. Who are you flying with?

second character
Posted - 2011.03.22 17:49:00 - [98]

Originally by: NightCrawler 85
I guess to actually answear your questions...SP dosent matter...You can have fun with 100k SP,and you can have fun with 100 mill SP. In the end it just depends on what you enjoy,and remembering those small things that makes your eve life special.
As time goes by you will learn to love eve,then hate it,then you will love it again.
You will rage quit when you loose a ship,and you will come crawling back the next day and think "ok i have learned my lesson".
I guess what im saying is..There is no real answear to your question..Everyone will feel differently,but i think most have a ship from their noob days that they undock once in a while thinking back to when they where innocent and dident have a clue Smile

you didnt answer the quesion

Spit Chew
Posted - 2011.03.22 17:54:00 - [99]

Most fun I ever had was living completely solo in Syndicate for about 4-5 months (two, possibly three years ago, and I was well beyond 4m sp at that point) before I was roundly throw the hell out by the locals. I had spent the previous year doing nothing but making isk while too busy irl to really pvp much. Those 4+ months were non-stop solo pvp for the sake of pvp. I lost dozens of ships, made some enemies (some of whom still hunt my main in lowsec to this day Twisted Evil), made a friend or two aswell.

Then I ran out of isk and got really anal about being more efficient. Years later i'm still looking for that same thrill. Though I do have a blast most weekends roaming lowsec with my corp gangs (10 or so pilots generally) it's just nothing like the heart-jarring action of roaming npc 0.0 pipes and finding completely random assortments of big nullbear alliance types, juicy rats, sociopathic hunter-killers, and completely weird folks in-between.

There might be a lot of issues (I attribute 90% of them to the NC, RMT, and Moon goo) with the big picture that is EVE now, but by in large it's still an amazing game. So long as you don't become completely risk averse or take it too seriously.

Orion Teller
Posted - 2011.03.22 18:40:00 - [100]

I once flew a megathron through several gate camps on my first real trip through 0.0 to my first really alliance. and made it.

Was the most fun I had. Was at the edge of my seat the entire time.

Project Nemesis
Posted - 2011.03.22 18:54:00 - [101]

Edited by: betterdent on 22/03/2011 18:58:22
Solo war deccing corporations in high sec who think theyre hot stuff.

Its always lulzy to see peoples ego's get smashed along with their spaceships.

Sometimes even after the war is over, you get apologetic convo's from the CEO's of corporations apologizing for acting the way they did.

Either that or 2 man RRBS fleets w/ logi, taking on 10+ people that stuff is adrenaline pumping.

Posted - 2011.03.22 20:50:00 - [102]

Edited by: Jaik7 on 22/03/2011 20:52:40
going into lowsec to rat in a caracal that had all named items and no t2, but coming out on fire with 10 mil of loot from a t2/faction fitted thrasher that engaged me first.

yesterday i was in charge of a six man fleet that depleted six anomalies in a neighboring wormhole. there's no pve like that stuff, and it rocks out loud.

lording my abc t2 crystals over my corpies and making the orca go back and forth as fast as it can to keep up

i get a buzz every time i load mech parts and coolant that i made myself into our pos.

to all the "back in the day"s that have posted here, there's no reason why you can't have more fun like that. the game is not broken, its just changing

edit: almost forgot, back when i was in nullsec space, a nuet logged in. he said that he used to be part of a corp that had closed, and so now he was hostile to the alliance who's space he was in. i scouted him through our space, through hostile space, through lowsec, and into empire. he gave me a dramiel as thanks. i gave him all kinds of trouble over his ship, a baggaalhorn.

242341 Hibra
Posted - 2011.03.22 21:21:00 - [103]

When I felt like the fun of EvE good really good was when they removed Learning skills. Not for I was happy they did that (Which I was) though i had like 1.7mil ish SP and dumped them into interceptors level 5. Tackling people I love it so much. Have got plenty of kills in a interceptor. Twisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted EvilTwisted Evil.

Desya Dak'ann
No Ducks Allowed
Posted - 2011.03.23 00:00:00 - [104]

The most fun I ever had in EVE, the day I rode on my trusty drake off into the midst of a larger fleet to make that, nerve-racking first kill, excitement and adrenaline took over as I blasted my missiles at everything (including several fleet members) my day ending in a fireball of wrecks and laughs. This is the most fun I ever had, and I will never forget it.

Th3 HuNt3r
The Arrow Project
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2011.03.23 00:27:00 - [105]

Edited by: Th3 HuNt3r on 23/03/2011 00:33:16
Edited by: Th3 HuNt3r on 23/03/2011 00:32:39
Originally by: CCP Navigator
Originally by: Bartholomeus Crane
Originally by: CCP Navigator
There have been so many experiences in EVE which just raised my adrenaline, made me laugh or got me excited. Some of these, in no particular order:

* Getting your first battleship after spending so long saving up and training skills
* Living in Curse during the height of The Five. So many random small fights as well as huge operations of taking down large starbases with Battleships only.
* Warping to a belt and finding your first officer, blowign it up and then hurrying to the can while all the time checking local and hoping for a super pay day
* Coming to my first Fanfest and discovering how many other players had the same excitement about EVE that I did.

I see:
* Battleships and their fittings are dirt cheap because the EVE economy is buggered up by oversupply and lack of demand. So the thrill of saving up for it is gone, with not much thrill in waiting for skills to complete.
* Blobbing is the order of the day (and is boring) and small gangs are hotdropped all over the place, in Curse or most everywhere else in 0.0. And sov warfare means a lot of blobbing, shooting structure and waiting for endless timers. Not a lot of thrill there left either.
* Sanctums and ratting in general is just a mindless repetitive way for earning Isk and crossing fingers and toes for perhaps the chance for an officer kill through the sludge and drudgery of it all is not very thrilling either.
* Fanfest is turned into a festival of spin and broken promises over the years, and the thrill of meeting guys who play the game I can do at the local wateringhole as well.

All this sounds rather like the thrills of years past. So, gramps, the question is: when was the last time you actually played this game? Do you get a lot of thrills and excitement out of moving those extractors around a little?

Sigh ...

Honestly? The Op was asking about the most fun that people have had and, to be perfectly honest, fun is what you make of the environment you are in, how you interact with that environment and with the people who share it with you.

There are no doubt a lot of people who just love running level 4's or Incursions while others enjoy holding huge amounts of systems and massive fleet warfare. Others just like getting on EVE voice, running a mining op and chatting with their friends.

P.S, I also logged in as recently as today and I still have fun in EVE. Thanks for asking Smile

lol, nice troll

and on topic, mining veldspar in a badger until I could finally afford a merlin, (which took significantly longer than a friends brand new account to get into a bc :brokeneconomy:), and promptly wandering into lowsec without knowing what that ment and getting sniped by an apoc. That was the first bs I had seen, was :awesome:

Posted - 2011.03.23 00:54:00 - [106]

Most fun?

A long time ago when GingerMagician and his band of merry men used to camp the Hagilur pocket. One of them went afk camping Rep Fleet in Arifsdald in his Thanny. I loaded up a Stabber and rammed him repeatedly until we were confident he was out of insta-dock range, and then engaged with a battleship fleet.

He was bleeding into structure before his reinforcements arrived to save him.

We didn't get the kill, but it was an awesome night in the pocket.

Menod Penter
University of Caille
Posted - 2011.03.23 02:34:00 - [107]

Originally by: Bruce Destro
... i started can flipping, following around a character named Menod Pentor.

Hello and Good Day to you Bruce,

Some people are fine with following like yourself, while others like me(nod) are leaders :)
How have you been? Been some time since I've seen you arounf Rens. Say hello to Kal if you see her.
Drop in one day, you know where to find me(nod).

Have a Nice Day :)
Menod Penter - Mayor of Rens

The New Guardians of Eden
Posted - 2011.03.23 05:27:00 - [108]

I think the difference in what you find fun is different as you progress. I am enjoying things I was completely incapable of at 5mil SP. I am at 20SP now and things will probably change again for me in another 10mil SP.

The point is that you don't get locked into the same role that you might have been in when you first started. Things will change and as things improve over time, you'll find different experiences give you different levels of satisfaction.

Selective Pressure
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2011.03.23 12:33:00 - [109]

When I first started, I had no idea what was going on. Learning everything, exploring the vast, cold universe and the new feeling of everything was so exiting.

A bit later I would venture into lowsec, and even 0.0, in poorly fit caldari ships, just to get my ass blown up. Still pretty cool.

Of course I learned quickly, and in the end got to fly with BOZO - after a short time living in Curse, our leaders decided to give our blue list (read: TCF, IAC etc) the finger. PvP awesomeness followed; coming out on top of outnumbered fights, thinking tactical and listening to blobs whine when they couldn't get us.

Just returning after a 3 year break, I am crossing my fingers that I will find the same fun I had "back then" :)

Borgh Brainbasher
Saint Industrial Services
Posted - 2011.03.23 13:50:00 - [110]

Edited by: Borgh Brainbasher on 23/03/2011 13:50:57
a few minutes from downtime an Abbadon is tackled, I rush to the scene in my trusty Wolf and start firing away. With my Ceo in his munnin keeping up DPS and me doing the tackling (after our initial tackler died in a fire) he slowly drops and so does the downtime counter. We hit his stucture with barely enough time but he drops fast. CEO Overheats, I curse not having the skill. soon the counter matches the % of stucture he has left 10-9-8-7 AAAAAAAAH. and then the game blinks out. Silence and darkness.

About half an hour later I log in to find a wreck and a shiny killmail with the time of death saying 11:00:00

Posted - 2011.03.23 15:50:00 - [111]

Edited by: Chryzopraz on 23/03/2011 15:50:39

I think it was the most fun experience. But I had many.
Like being chased by two pirates for several systems on my way from 0.0 to highsec. And I was in a noob ship only. They almost got me at one gate, killed the ship but I managed to escape in a pod to the nearest station. Fortunately it was NPC 0.0 already.
I got a new noob ship there and with it attempted to sneak past them... and did it :)



Edit: made a working link

Spectre Wraith
Darwin Inc.
Posted - 2011.03.23 16:53:00 - [112]

Edited by: Spectre Wraith on 23/03/2011 16:54:12
Ninjaing a small amarr pos with zero mods that had a Nyx parked in it with myself + alt in sb + a bud and his sb alt. Yep, funnest pos kill ever.

Then having the person who owned the pos denied to the corp he was applying to. (And the gm of said corp was in the system while we killed the pos that belonged to the app under an alt corp).

I've since turned that nice chunk of isk over multipe times.

Posted - 2011.03.23 17:09:00 - [113]

Originally by: Ira Theos
Fun? Is that why you think you are playing this game?

There is no fun. The Cake is a Lie!

+1 on the portal reference.

Marija Vanszar
The Warp Pub
Posted - 2011.03.23 18:10:00 - [114]

Getting jumped by 4 guys in my Legion and outtank them,
all at a WH :-D

"##CENSORED## > respect to the legion pilot, o7"

Golar Crexis
Posted - 2011.03.23 23:05:00 - [115]

The most fun I ever had was during a hisec war-dec.

The war was almost over and both sides had mauled each other. We were growing tired of the neutral RR and station games and had given up hope of a decent fight.
I was feeling particularly bad as all of the fighting so far had involved tech 2 cruisers, bc's and bs's (none of which I can fly well).

Myself and 2 other low sp corp mates decided to go on a low-sec pvp op in destroyers with heavy alpha fits (but not quite gank). We grouped up in the enemies staging area when 2 war targets log on in assault ships.

Good fights ensued and though I died early on (me being bait) I still did the most damage and kept tackle on long enough for my corpies to pop and pod the war targets.

The war ended 5 hours later.

Sgt Kickass
Posted - 2011.03.24 06:52:00 - [116]

Most Fun I ever had was the adrenaline rush of my first win in PVP (My Thorax beat an enemy Ruppie) Just after I swore I hated EVE and thought it was unbalanced. Second to that probably during a corp roam and perma jamming 3 ships at once with my griffin and owning the damn Ammar. XXX FTWCool

Sad Panda'z
Posted - 2011.03.24 09:36:00 - [117]

Blowing up caps is the most fun thing you can do.

It's even better when you can flip an orca in a belt.

Wildly Inappropriate
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2011.03.24 11:36:00 - [118]

For me it would have to be the old nano roams through curse and catch in my ares and isthar.

Also taking down my first capital in a bs gang, got my blood pumping!

Asa Tru
Lonetrek Trade and Industries
Posted - 2011.03.24 13:39:00 - [119]

Recently? Buying and showing off my shiny new Republic Fleet Firetail =] In ages past, i suppose the one i remember the most was being a bait/scout ship. Warping to a gatecamp, having some idiot in a BC actually chase me breaking the line. I told my corp, told them I was 50 km from gate, he was 20 km away from me, my corp warped to 30 km of the gate right on top of him. Being bait is definately a thrill for me :)

Lev Aeris
United Amarr Templar Legion
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2011.03.24 14:18:00 - [120]

The most fun I ever had was fighting 2 vagabonds in my eagle (Before the projectile buff, and during that golden time where invul fields were bugged with extra resists).

That was the best 10 minutes I've had in this game. I lost that fight too.

The eve-o experience did take a huge nose dive with dominion. I'm not sure CCP knows what the hell they are doing anymore, other than advertising and trying to get subs. Clearly they still have some cool Devs in the mix, but whoever is in the that guy, or at least put him in the mail room where he can't do any more damage.

Things do get better as you go along, but for me seeing a game consistently diminish in quality for over a year kinda took the joy out of it.

Free Abathur, Draw and Quarter Nozh, or please teach him TP mechanics. ;).

Trolling CCP for amateur performance on the forums, always fun.

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