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Jeff Price
Wormhole Real Estate Agents
Posted - 2011.06.07 02:57:00 - [91]

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Wormhole Real Estate Agents

We are a new corporation hoping to provide quick and easy solutions to your wormhole needs.

How the exchange will go:
First you transfer 30% of the Final Price to my wallet
Second I will give you the system and meet you at the entrance
Third you inspect the hole and ensure your purchase was flawless
Fourth the remainder is sent to conclude the purchase.
Fifth you post on the forums how helpful I was (optional Very Happy)

Approximate Prices:(prices below are subject to change)
c1: 150m
c2: 200m
c3: 200m
c4: 250m
c5: 250m
c6: 300m

Price Calibration:
High sec static: +50m
Low sec static: -25m
Null sec Static: -50m
Jumps from buyer: A - 2*B = P
A= estimated Price
B= Jumps between buyer
P= Final Price
Perfect PI: +50m

Standard Spatial Phenomena Price Calibration:
Black Hole: +0m
Cataclysmic Variable: +25m
Magnetar: +25m
Pulsar: +50m
Red Giant: +50m
Wolf-Rayet: +50m

Refund Program:
Should the hole close before you manage to get to the hole and have no free agents to reserve the system I will give you 50% off the next purchase, or refund the 30% you transferred to me to prevent scams.

Some features you'll find with our service comprise of...
* Friendly Discussions
* Flawless Information
* Reliable Staff
* Scam free purchases

You can find out more information at Wormhole Real Estate Agents
Sign up now and receive 30% off your next wormhole purchase.

SgtGreen theKiller
Green's Business
Posted - 2011.06.15 11:25:00 - [92]

Originally by: Hober Mallov
Originally by: SgtGreen theKiller
hello. could you please get rid of both of my link the "green's freight service" and the "green's lottos".
also could you add one more for me.

Green's micro lotteries
-Fast and painless lotteries right here for you. Only ten tickets per round!

Thank you. fly safe and don't feed the trolls

what's the link for micro-lotteries?

Sorry. the link is

and could you also add:

Green's custom price third party service
-We tailor make the price for your needs.

I have been meaning to ask you to do that for a while.
Thank you very much

Sarah Cor
Posted - 2011.06.17 21:04:00 - [93]

please add this:

Pegasus Scientific
BPC-Pack´s of all 4 race carrier and Nyx-BPC-Pack

Abbadon Karis
Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2011.06.30 11:19:00 - [94]

Please add my signature, avatar, logo and other designing services (Photoshop store).

Best regards Abbadon Karis

Hober Mallov
Posted - 2011.07.02 02:03:00 - [95]

Originally by: Magarine
Originally by: Magarine
you link my Shop to this thread Laughing <- that is the right link (see my link), you link to (wrong link).


please correct the Link in your Link-list Post ;/


Hober Mallov
Posted - 2011.07.02 02:17:00 - [96]

The listing is now FULLY UPDATED.

Sergio Massa
Posted - 2011.07.06 05:41:00 - [97]

Hello, corporation website development service:

Smash Incorporated
Posted - 2011.07.12 05:44:00 - [98]

Auditor/Third-Party Service

Tigerras's Audits and Third-Party Servicing

Dethmourne Silvermane
Black Legion.
Posted - 2011.07.14 13:26:00 - [99]

Please add the following...

Silvermane Character Recycling Center - We buy your starter characters.

3rd-Party Services:
Silvermane Third-Party Holding - Third-party for lottos, loans, etc.

Caps 4U Sales
Posted - 2011.07.17 12:28:00 - [100]

please add in Manufacturing

Caps 4U Super Carrier Store
Motherships at low low prices

Kronus Heilgar
Dark Orbit Media
Posted - 2011.07.24 00:02:00 - [101]

3rd Party Service

EVE Central Intelligence
View lists of members in any give corp or alliance. No more undercover spy alts!

Fearless Bandits
Fearless Bears
Posted - 2011.08.02 22:31:00 - [102]

Please add:
Concord LP Store

Concord LP's -
A large pool of regular incursion runners with variable prices. Keeping the Concord LP market viable long term.

Riley Moore
Sentinum Research
Posted - 2011.08.03 08:09:00 - [103]

Closing Sentinum Research for undetermined amount of time. Please remove from list. Thank you.

Sshen Neriss
Posted - 2011.08.05 17:42:00 - [104]

Can you add Sshens Loan service to your list of services


Genji Ancient
Posted - 2011.08.08 02:21:00 - [105]

When you add services, do you put them at the bottom or the top of the existing services list you have?

Base Instinct
Posted - 2011.08.12 19:40:00 - [106]

Can we remove the StandingsforU link from the standings services as it is run by a scammer.

Lucius Arcturus
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2011.08.15 16:55:00 - [107]

Could you please add:

Taggart WH Sales & Third-Party Services
Let our explorers find your next home; we can also broker and mediate your WH sale.

Infinite Force
Hammer Of Light
Posted - 2011.08.16 22:01:00 - [108]

Please add my mineral compression services.

[SERVICE] Capital Mineral Compression

Mineral compression reduces the overall amount of m3 you have to move for those big nul-sec builds. Get your minerals compressed now!



Meri Bruijns
Posted - 2011.08.21 11:40:00 - [109]

Custom Banners and Alliance logo's

Catalytic morphisis
Catalytic 3rd Party Services
Posted - 2011.08.22 10:05:00 - [110]

If you could add my 3rd party service to the list of Stores that would be appreciated. The forum thread is

Forever Infiniti
Posted - 2011.09.04 23:21:00 - [111]

Edited by: Forever Infiniti on 05/09/2011 13:47:46

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