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Prometheus Exenthal
Genos Occidere
Posted - 2011.03.16 04:00:00 - [61]

I'm not actually part of this Embarassed
At any rate, I'd like to think that those who really care who to vote for actually do some reading themselves than have some numbers thrown at them

Knug LiDi
Posted - 2011.03.16 19:57:00 - [62]

I would like to thank Dierdra for the SERVICE she offered to the community as a whole. As far as I can see, no one else provided this service; no one else was willing to commit the effort to creating such a site; and no one felt that the 'improvements' they feel are necessary to make the site useful warranted the effort to make those changes.

This site is the best site of its type for this election.

As a voter, use this site or not, I don't care - just VOTE.

As a candidate - I cannot imagine running a campaign and NOT availing myself of all opportunities to get my positions out there.

Thanks again Dierdra, I hope that such a service will be around for the next CSM

Kind Regards,

Knug LiDi

Posted - 2011.03.17 13:58:00 - [63]

Highest Match was 50% lowest was 35% but when I actually read what the lowest matched said vs the highest match it was a more accurate reflection of what the CSM can and would likely do. Anyways it was nice to have a place to find peoples platforms all condensed together. Vote cast and thank you all for your commitment to the game and its improvement.

Posted - 2011.03.17 19:09:00 - [64]

Thanks for creating this useful site.

After reading some of the comments on the issues made by the candidates I kept thinking the following -
- is that person serious about that issues or are they joking?
- will the devs be listening to that persons and think they really represent the average player?

I may be pointing out the obvious but some manifestos seem to be the work of trolls or some type of meta gamer.

It is nice that ccp do this type of focus group market research but I don't see anyone who I want to vote for but a few who I hope don't get elected.

De Re Metallica
Posted - 2011.03.17 21:36:00 - [65]

Hi There,
Just letting you know that I found this site most valuable for my making my decision.

Nice work.

Johnny Lou
Posted - 2011.03.18 07:59:00 - [66]

first of all: great job, thanks.

second: There's one question I would have added: "Should old players be allowed in NPC corps?"

Ms PacMan
Eye of God
Intergalactic Exports Group
Posted - 2011.03.22 12:24:00 - [67]

In case your vote-match result didn't suit you so well then vote for Ms PacMan.

Ms PacMan the fix nullsec CSM, more challenge for pirates and empire corporations

Aurora Mundi
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2011.03.22 20:04:00 - [68]

This is a wonderful resource, Dierdra. As a relative newcomer to the world of EVE, I could not have possibly gleaned from all the candidate statements how strongly they felt about the wide range of issues facing the CSM. CSM vote match helped me avoid the common mistake of selecting a well-spoken candidate who happens to support gameplay revisions to which I am diametrically opposed.

The vote match is a great starting point, and I am grateful I did not have to read every candidate statement or personal web page before voting. Thank you!

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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