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Eye of God
Intergalactic Exports Group
Posted - 2011.03.07 17:52:00 - [1]

The nutshell:

Her ideas taken together will change overall gameplay and economics.

It will also help reducing powerblocks.

Solo corps from empire will have an opportunity to access deepspace now and that again will make pirates happy.

Power alliances will have a legit way now to rent systems to 3rd party corporations and CCP will get more control over this.

For deeper insight on her pack of plans see Ms PacMan's Evelopedia

Wife Aggro Productions
Posted - 2011.03.07 18:00:00 - [2]

Does she offer ponies and rainbows and isk on tap too?

You may as well have just posted the link with no text; it would have reflected better on the candidate.

Here, let me make a better post for you:

Hi. Welcome to the future: San Dimas, California 2688. And I'm telling you, it's great here. The air is clean. The water is clean. Even the dirt is clean! Bowling averages are way up. Minigolf scores are way down. And we have more excellent waterslides than any other planet we communicate with. I'm telling you, this place is great!


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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