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Kuzim Blaky'all
Recycling and Recovery
Posted - 2011.03.07 09:48:00 - [1]

Edited by: Kuzim Blaky''all on 07/03/2011 09:51:37

Dig it, mi ain so hot wit typin, so a dawg help a dawg out of da dawg house. so forgiv a dawg for maybe not bein 100% tru, but all big dawgs got a speech typer now dig, and Kuzim ain no different KEEP IT REAL! Mi tell a dawg change what a dawg say, not how a dawg say it.

Aight, dig it. A Dawg don't dig how a dawg get himself into CSM Posse, when a dawg dig it, him be all about it. Today a dawg just want to say this:

Eve is a good game.

But its not perfect.

As president of Eveside, a dawg be all about making right whats wrong dig. Its my calling. Here's a history of a dawg:

Mi grew up in West Philly. I seen bad dawgs, learn they ways. A dawg knows a bad from a good dawg from they way they walk to they way they fly in they space ships late, dig. A Dawg know a bad bad dawg from a good dawg from what tehy say and what they type, dig. A dawg know because him keep a bright look into him soul while seeking inside they darkened tin of a bad soul.

After that I moved to New York. And then California. And then Philly. Again. Now I'm back to chillin' (for real) in Wisconsin, sellin sweet beefdawgs to [people] downtown.

A dawg know his iron from aluminum. A dawg know him beer cans from [soda] cans.

A dawg know character.

A dawg know what things been recycled, a dawg himself playing in Eveside been recycled thousands of times, so a dawg is an expert of recycled metal (real life metal gathering beer cans, all other cans), and people (CSM candidate speeches, PRESIDENTS!).

A dawg dig him make it political this tim dig, but politics is big news in eveside. A dawg also got an opportunity to make a difference.

Vote for change and a dawg do this:

Go to CCP to make Reaper a better ship (no bubblz zone!),
More headquarters where a dawg can go when a dawg shots a dawg,
ability to salvage ships in the air,
new ship, all based on re-re business strategy (Recycling and Recovery ships, gears),

I dig, I don't read easily. It's not about communication. It's understanding. As president of eve, [I bring unique understanding and perspective which would empower an entire exciting new industry based on mechanics that already exist.]
[Ed note: "Mi brinin mad digs what a dawg kno what a dawg makes a new gig makin fresh what all dawgs be down wit, all dawgs be doin what dawgs already doin dig, dig it"]

I bring hope. I bring Change. I bring:

Kuzim, 2012!

be safe

Kuzim Blaky'all
Recycling and Recovery
Posted - 2011.03.07 09:50:00 - [2]

any dawgs what be runnin wit a dawg in CSM please also reprazant, a dawg been down wit mittini, him be a strat up top dawg, but no dawg put much commitmint to recyclien causes so a dawg feel him need to come forth.

Any comment about a dawg platform or questions to a dawg, tell a dawg and a dawg dig it.

be safe.

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.03.07 10:27:00 - [3]



Posted - 2011.03.07 15:30:00 - [4]

Kuzim <3


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