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The Scope
Posted - 2011.03.05 20:57:00 - [1]

being dead in eve is no big deal , being dead in rl is a bit of a bummer, so you find youself dead after some drunken spree, ill advised stunt, or inapropiate sex act , whats going to happen to your isk and stuff , i think a code word that will implement a in game will could be a way to go.
thanks for your time

Destination SkillQueue
Are We There Yet
Posted - 2011.03.05 21:58:00 - [2]

Drunk posting, best posting eh?

When you're dead, internet spaceships and pixels aren't going to matter. If the asset was personal, it dies with you. If it was a shared asset, others have access to it already.

There is also the practical side, that CCP isn't in the business of monitoring the health status of it's clients, so they have no way of knowing if anyone is alive or not and no one is going to notify them. There is also the issue of RL wills. Wills already exist, so if your internet spaceships and pixels are so important, do a RL will, where in the case of your unexpected death, others get access to your account details and can distribute your stuff to the person or persons of your choosing.

As you see you can already do this yourself. There is no need to even try to mix CCP in to this. Catering to your insane whims is in no way CCP's responsibility as it shouldn't be. You can either talk to a relative about it or overpay some lawyer to handle it.

Word Bearers of Chaos
Word of Chaos Undivided
Posted - 2011.03.05 23:24:00 - [3]

I can do life insurance and a will for your pixel estate.

Stupid McStupidson
Hoek Lyne and Sinker
Posted - 2011.03.06 15:57:00 - [4]


Shobon Welp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2011.03.07 13:44:00 - [5]

If, when thinking about the consequences of your untimely death, the thought of 'oh no what about my pretend internet spaceship assets' enters your head then you really need to re-assess your priorities.

Gerald Sphinx
The Scope
Posted - 2011.03.07 15:43:00 - [6]

People do Wills for dealing with their Facebook/Second Life/WoW accounts nowadays. You'd be surprised. It's becoming a cultural norm now to have a Will setup to deal with your internet accounts. It can act as a power of attorney of sorts for those who it gives power to so that you don't have constantly update your Will every time you update your password in Eve Online.


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