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Tinak Genry
Posted - 2011.03.03 19:53:00 - [1]

Hello everyone,
I'm Tinak Genry (Aaron M Pollyea) and I want to represent everyone on the CSM.

What qualifies me?

I have a background in Astrophysics and the Python programming language. While I'm an American, I can also speak Russian (to a limited extent) and love interacting with people from across the world. I know when to listen and when to speak up.

I've been a PvPer and a PvEer. I've been a low-sec pirate and an industrialist. I've been a mercenary and an explorer. I think I have seen EVE from most players perspectives at one time or another and I can understand many frustrations as well as positive aspects of each one of those areas.

I'm an ideas person. I constantly see things in real life or in EVE that make me ask myself, "Wouldn't it great if..." Or even, "I think I can make this better." Some of my ideas are out of the box, some of my ideas are more main stream. Some I'm sure would be popular and some wouldn't be well received.

But my ideas aren't what's important here.

Yours are.

I want to hear from everyone about what we can do to improve the game that we all love and hate at times. I want to discuss, with anyone willing to take the time, my ideas or their ideas about what is important.

I feel I can represent more than just 0.0 where I am currently enjoying my time. I feel I can represent low-sec and high-sec interests as well. All of EVE can be improved, not just one section of space, mine or any other.

While I may have ideas or opinions that I think are great for each region of EVE, I'm not above changing those opinions if a better one comes along. I like to listen and debate the pros and cons of things. I want to make sure that what decisions that the CSM comes to are the best we can make. I want to make sure that you as players (as well as myself as a player) feel like we really strive for the betterment of all.

As for specific planks of my candidacy:
1. Deal with the Bot problem. We all spend time and money on EVE. It's an investment in many ways. Bots reduce the value of honest players investment by increasing the ISK amount and material amount entering the market making those of us that work for it receive less of a return.

2. Make low-sec more appealing to all. Pirates, industrialists, and mission runners alike. This means making a carrot and a stick for each group. Shake things up. Don't make it immensely more profitable, make it more interesting.

3. Make EVE more varied and interesting. Day in and out mission runners see the same NPCs when doing a specific mission. 0.0 pilots see the same belt rats and exploration sites. Low-sec pirates see the same gate guns and station gun response over and over. This makes people become stagnant in their thinking. Lets shake it up! Make things more dynamic across EVE. Make people have to think again even when doing Angel Extravaganza for the 30th time, or when they start to do a Sanctum in 0.0.

I have an amazing amount of ideas and a large amount of passion for our game and the people that are in it.

Feel free to contact me with specific questions, I will answer as quickly as I can.

Thank you for reading this.
In game: Tinak Genry
Out of game: Aaron M Pollyea


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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