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Anshu Zephyran
Laurentson INC
Posted - 2011.03.24 08:30:00 - [61]

Overwhelmed Civilian Facility

A civilian's-eye-view of what happens in an incursion. 2656 words.

Five minutes later, Michel and the rest of his class were crouched in the station’s life pods, wearing the bulky, one-size-fits-nobody enviro-suits. Through the pod’s windows, he could see the Sansha vessels methodically destroying the few sentry guns that had been placed around the station; he watched one of the guns in his field of view disappear, its nuclear reactor going nova. The high-tech “glass” of the viewport darkened and polarized to shield the pod’s occupants from harmful radiation and blinding light, and the station shuddered slightly as high-speed plasma from the explosion splashed against its shields.

“What do you think they’ll do to us?” Lian whispered from where she sat next to him, hugging her knees to her chest.

Probably implant us with mind control chips and use us as cyborg slaves aboard their ships, Michel thought, but aloud he said, “They won’t get us, don’t worry. We’ll be rescued.” A second and stronger shudder shook the station, and alarms began to sound and flash red light through the pod.

Solis Mensa
Posted - 2011.03.24 09:18:00 - [62]

Here is my entry into the contest.. Wandering Faith

Teaser Sampler:

Wincing sharply. Still staring through the rabbit hole that have become my own eyes while droplets of red cascade down my neck before dripping off into the clear water of the sink below. Only then, when the two liquid virtues of life explode into resonating ripples do my eyes find another target to focus on. The red of my blood expanding, following with the ebon flow of the water’s forced determination to disappear down the drain.

And there I go, but by choice or design

I can’t help but ask myself as I watch the fused pinkish-hue mixture swirl into the black hole of my vision. The thoughts never cease. Simply standing there, staring upon myself once more…but not even seeing as my chest raises and falls slowly. My imagination picturing the piece of me that escaped my body, riding upon the train that helped forge this body into existence. Imagining my blood being driven by the water throughout the network of pipes that line this particular space station.

Oriai Hanomaa
Posted - 2011.03.24 13:29:00 - [63]

My entry, In Between.

I guess a lot of things don’t really matter now. When you get right down to it. Not now. Not here.

It’s been … forty-three days.

Levy Break
Posted - 2011.03.24 22:38:00 - [64]

Edited by: Levy Break on 25/03/2011 20:14:05

2,329 words according to MS word. Hope this story gives some people some sense of pleasure in reading it.
I hope it's canon-enough. I read the burning life novel, and it seems to go with that stuff. Could be entirely wrong, though, I unno.

Arc D'landrus
The Industrial Consortium
Posted - 2011.03.25 15:16:00 - [65]

In a world where consumer products mean everything, even a couple blue-collar workers can find cause to question the world and their position in it. It’s from this perspective that Alleu finds the need to re-examine The color of ISK

Shae Tiann
Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.03.25 18:13:00 - [66]

Silver Night
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Posted - 2011.03.26 01:57:00 - [67]

Remember, Sunday at 20:09 Eve time is the deadline! That's this weekend! Everyone make sure and get their stories in, and link them in this thread!

Ghost Brother
Posted - 2011.03.26 09:30:00 - [68]

Edited by: Ghost Brother on 26/03/2011 09:32:27

"The Sun and the Void"
thar she be....

okay so it might seem the EVE browser doesn't support
Please read it though? Copy and paste??

Louella Dougans
Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint Katherine
Posted - 2011.03.26 14:49:00 - [69]

The Iro Incident

A Quafe Troubleshooter investigates odd goings on at some Quafe stations in Iro.

read it at backstage here

Posted - 2011.03.26 15:44:00 - [70]

My entry on backstage is here!

The civilian pleasure liner shuddered briefly as the inertial dampeners struggled against the gravitational forces of a forced warp collapse. Camilla started from her contemplation as attendants began calmly moving towards the respective emergency posts, to find out the reason for the unexpected stop. Unplanned stops for runaway slaves were common on a ship this close to empire borders. If this was what they were being stopped for, then it was yet another delay while the ship was scanned and sent back on their way. They had already had so many stops at several planets and pleasure hubs that one more stop was beginning to vex her.

A Woman Scorned

Posted - 2011.03.26 15:54:00 - [71]

Posted for a friend who's between subs right now.

Short Circuit

Hiyoshi Maru
Posted - 2011.03.26 22:10:00 - [72]

My effort, any feedback welcome to improve as well is appreciated....

Hiyoshi Maru
Posted - 2011.03.26 22:13:00 - [73]

Sigh, sorry, lets try that link again....
Story title: A free drink

Tuga PT
Posted - 2011.03.27 07:07:00 - [74]

And here is my entry to the Annual fiction contest: Who am I, really?


I am losing an awful lot of blood here and I can almost feel my strength oozing out with it. Street fighting is like my front lawn and I do not lose when I have the home field advantage. But, alas, I lost. As I forgot to keep an eye on the back yard.

Granted, I look like a criminal. And this scar tearing the centre-right of my forehead and progressing down would suggest other wars, illegal fighting, exotic dancers and dubious hubs. I have some sort of power you are not aware of? Some power that enables me to control your mind and cause you to think what I want you to think?

My full story can be found here.

Or downloaded on pdf format here.

Sophia Jackson
Deep Black Industries
Posted - 2011.03.27 07:45:00 - [75]

Wow folks, some amazing stuff so far!

My submission, "My Special Girl" is posted here:

on my blog. Total word count at 1,905.

Hope you all enjoy, and feedback is always appreciated. And Silver, kudos to getting this going again!


Matariki Rain
Lutinari Syndicate
Electus Matari
Posted - 2011.03.27 11:20:00 - [76]

Edited by: Matariki Rain on 27/03/2011 11:21:06
"A spaceship designer, huh?" The smile was dry. "Not much call for those in the Republic..."

It wouldn't be the last time she heard that sentiment.

The Empress' edict frees a slave from the design workshops of the Khanid to make a new beginning among the plates and girders of the Matari.

True Line

(Because Gottii encouraged/hassled me to.)

Math'ra Hiede
Trinity's Vanguard
Posted - 2011.03.27 13:38:00 - [77]

Edited by: Math''ra Hiede on 27/03/2011 13:59:32
Set during the period of Jamyll's rise to power, the Royal Khanid Navy went hunting.

It took some special men to find what they wanted.

Shadows and Light
[2572 words]

Its more of an action story but I hope you enjoy it!

Silver Night
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Posted - 2011.03.27 15:35:00 - [78]

Just a few hours left, get those entries in!

Che Biko
Humanitarian Communists
Posted - 2011.03.27 17:34:00 - [79]

Here's my entry:


Bridget Helm
Posted - 2011.03.27 18:13:00 - [80]

Excellent entries good luck Silver Night

Vayn Baxtor
Oberon Incorporated
Posted - 2011.03.27 19:49:00 - [81]

Edited by: Vayn Baxtor on 27/03/2011 20:18:09
Edited by: Vayn Baxtor on 27/03/2011 19:52:08
Edited by: Vayn Baxtor on 27/03/2011 19:50:30
Another late entry.
The Stargazer

edit: The Stargazer - bbcode Forum version (better formating)
(hope I didn´t disqualify for a late secondary forum link version. Main entry was at 19:50 as seen above in the post´s entry box, though Laughing

Type: Spiritual, Humor.
Words: 2936


Strangly, my MS also revealed 2.936 words, yet fanfiction net says its slightly beyond :/. Copypasting the entire text to MSword revealed the same number. Apparently, added the html tags.

Anyways, I hope it is something to read. Sorry for the occassional diction errors. Twisted Evilugh

I`ve read some awesome entries here in this thread. Wow. I´m impressed Shocked.

A bb-forum version will be editted to this posting too.

Kybernetes Moros
True Slave Foundations
Posted - 2011.03.27 20:01:00 - [82]

Edited by: Kybernetes Moros on 27/03/2011 20:15:39
Here ya go.

Extremely last minute entry is last minute, but I got blindsided by some work stuff and then again by trying to think of a title for it. Not entirely sure how I'd describe this shambling abomination that I dare call literature. :P

About 2950 words or so, depending on how hyphenation and such is counted.

Silver Night
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Posted - 2011.03.27 20:16:00 - [83]

Alright, and submissions are closed for this year's contest! I'll be taking the next week or two to sort through entries, and there will be an announcement (along with prizes!) once I've selected the winners. Very Happy

Varlerian Ti'kihli
Dyishi Enterprises
Posted - 2011.03.27 20:19:00 - [84]

Edited by: Varlerian Ti''kihli on 28/03/2011 00:09:53
Edited by: Varlerian Ti''kihli on 28/03/2011 00:08:11
Edited by: Varlerian Ti''kihli on 28/03/2011 00:06:51
Edited by: Varlerian Ti''kihli on 28/03/2011 00:05:08
Heh, I know how you feel Kybernetes...I just barely managed to post my story right on the minute.

Anyways, here it is: The Element of Freedom

"Freedom is liquid, supple, mellifluous. It surrounds us, engulfs our bodies, drowns our fear. We plumb freedom’s depths and consume the nourishment within. From these waters, we are born; when we die, we shall return to those waters.

Out there, among the stars, are the waters, freedom incarnate. That dark, endless void is our destiny, our path, our goal. We must not fear it, nor should we control it. Rather, we should embrace it, trust it, love it. Its ever-changing face, its protean existence, is our very essence. We are those stars, the void, the awesome waters of space: ancient, forever, free."

- Jinsente Parmen, The Gallente in New Eden

GL to all the participants, some really great stories out here!

P.S. Sorry about the not functioning link earlier, was up all night trying to finish this story >.>

Anshu Zephyran
Laurentson INC
Posted - 2011.03.27 20:39:00 - [85]

Edited by: Anshu Zephyran on 27/03/2011 20:39:44
Man, a lot of null links in this thread.

Hint, it goes like this: [ url=]Your Text Here[/url ]

Just get rid of the spaces.

Silver Night
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Posted - 2011.03.27 20:43:00 - [86]

Actually, as I recall, you need quotes around the URL, for this forum. [ url="http://" ]Linkage[ /url ] sans spaces.

Silver Night
Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Posted - 2011.03.27 23:48:00 - [87]

Which stories does everyone else like? I'd love to know your opinions. Very Happy

Varlerian Ti'kihli
Dyishi Enterprises
Posted - 2011.03.28 00:26:00 - [88]

Well, I haven't read all of the submissions so far, but ones that peaked my interest and that I thought were pretty cool were:

Overwhelmed Civilian Facility by Anshy Zephyran
Pyrrhic Victory by Otto Weston

Oh and good luck with reading/judging all the entries,'re gonna have a lot of work over these next couple weeks ;D

Anshu Zephyran
Laurentson INC
Posted - 2011.03.28 01:08:00 - [89]

Originally by: Silver Night
Which stories does everyone else like? I'd love to know your opinions. Very Happy

Well obviously I think my own story is pretty good, but of the ones I didn't write Wink, these two are my favorites:

Ghost Brother
Posted - 2011.03.28 10:30:00 - [90]

am just here checking/hoping mine was accepted minus the non-linking thingy

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