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Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2011.09.01 12:15:00 - [61]

Originally by: Artamis Kane
I'm not convinced that blasters are 'broken' per-se.

Suffice it to say that a lot of people disagree with you. The proof is in the pudding: how many blaster ships do you see used in PvP (apart from comedy fleets)?

Small blasters seem to be OK, if you dont mind going balls-to-the-wall, but large blasters have a real problem if you can't start the fight within scram range. The increase in jump gate sizes (increasing the average distance a ship has to travel to get within blaster range) and decrease in speed have left blaster BS struggling to find a niche outside station-humping.

And that's before we even start talking about tracking.

Bouh Revetoile
Posted - 2011.09.01 13:28:00 - [62]

I think that blaster could benefit from an ewar module affecting agility (inertia destabilizer), or maybe a script for web replacing the speed reduction with agility reduction at longer range. such a module would give blaster platforms a weapon to fight fast and agile ships without the risk of breaking the balance. Agility and speed problem of gallente hull is partialy due to the nanofibers being popular these days and countering armor tank.

Making hybrid ammo modifying tracking instead of range is, however, a lovely idea ! That would give hybrid guns their originality.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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