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GeeShizzle MacCloud
Posted - 2011.02.21 21:13:00 - [1]

Edited by: GeeShizzle MacCloud on 21/02/2011 21:26:49
hey all Very Happy

thought id use Jita speakers corner for this as its much more informal and collaborative way of putting an idea or set of ideas together.

Anyways i wanted to get peoples thoughts and ideas on making eve feel more physical.
i do not mean adding additional properties to in game things to make interacting with them more interesting, I'm talking about making combat and damage feel more real.

obviously you can only go so far when you only have a screen and sound as outputs for a game... but i wanted to consider some things that FPS games use to make damage taking seem more natural unlike having a GUI to say how many health points you have.

I am NOT saying scrapping shield armor and hull HP indicators, I'm saying include more human-like reactions to damage taking in addition to the visual and audible HP indicators.


There is a bit of RP that ties in with this from the Eve Online Universe and the way Capsuleers are incorporated into ships.
Capsuleers are connected to their ships akin to the idea behind the film series "The Matrix". once connected the ship is you! its sensors are your senses! and when your ship explodes the connections are hard-cut and your pods ejected into space.

at this point your human senses are still cut from your brain and your pods electronic sensors are the ones you "feel". With the first iteration of Incarna coming soon. you'll finally be able to dock up, remove your frail body from a pod and get back to organic sense of touch, taste and smell.


what i want to do is inject a bit of the human element into how you feel the effects of combat in your eve experience. anyone who's experienced a migraine, you'd know where I'm going with this.

my main idea was a bit of a 'red-out' experience when taking hull damage. and some very temporary blurring effects when taking considerable hits on shields armor and hull.
With blurring effects becoming less temporary once you take hull damage.

here are some video's on Youtube with the damage effects I'm on about... you don't tend to see these effects on most space sims, as most sims you sit in a ship conventionally... not 'jacked in' matrix style!

bad company 2 gameplay
call of duty 2 gameplay
crysis 2 gameplay

I think you get my idea though.

Btw to all you lag fanatics this can all be done client side with no additional info to and from the server.

Posted - 2011.02.21 21:39:00 - [2]

New hardware to support Laughing

Unnecessary link removed. Zymurgist

Dynasty Banking
General Tso's Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.22 19:40:00 - [3]

And the first post trolls the OP....

I think it would be an interesting idea. My concern is that it does not add enough to the game to really make it immensely desirable.
I also get the impression you are assuming the pod ships are designed to integrate with pain/stress part of the brain which might not be the case (need to check lore). A ship exploding might not bother the capsuleer at all physically.

Alright enough RP for me. While I could see it being fun to have some 'human' element the point of capsuleers is that they are improved humans (a little more RP) and really I feel this might take away from the game play of EVE more than it would add anything (make it optional I suppose).

GeeShizzle MacCloud
Posted - 2011.02.23 13:06:00 - [4]

thanks for the feedback btw :) i guess i just dont believe in anything that performs 100% right up to the point of it being totally destroyed! which to be honest is pretty much how ship combat works at the moment.
i know u tend to get a reduction in top speed if ur ships taken major hull damage but thats it?? i guess ccp ran some simulations on sisi and realised anything more will up the lag in % considerably in large scale fights.

i wouldnt want to suggest anything that adds complexity to server calculations and therefore increase lag on server nodes so i thought instead of augmenting how ships react when taking damage, augment the ability of the player to understand and react.

thats what lead me to think of adapting full screen damage effects like the ones u see in FPS games. they dont require massive overhauls in base code and they dont require any increase in server requests either.

My thinking in terms of lore is on the basis of any human sensation driven to the extreme has effects that augment your sense of reality. bearing in mind capsuleers senses are connected to ships electronic sensors being bombarded with massive amounts of energy when in combat. in a human context pain is just an alert message informing you of the fact your body is taking damage. its just the human condition that id like to see replicated a lil more.

in terms of game play i see it more of a shift toward player ability and a shift away from the notion of "my high SP beats your low SP" because the skill comes in actually dealing and working through these effects. everyone would experience the same level of effects.


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