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Infinity Nova
Shadow Company
Posted - 2011.02.17 16:44:00 - [1]

Like the title says, I'm looking for a new home. Home means quite a bit to me.
It includes the pilots you fly with along with many other factors to list.

I've been in my current corp for about 4 years, they've been great. Time keeps
moving though and directions change. This is just a little background info
about myself, so I don't have to repeat it in the future..

What I bring to the table:

55M SP PVP veteran, can do it all, from bombers to supercaps. Erebus ready!
I'm self-sufficient, knowledgable, supportive to corp/alliance mates, active
and join pvp gangs whenever possible. I enjoy smaller skirmish type engagements,
I've done the blobfests, don't care for it, but if needed I can manage.

Perfect manufacturing, refining, hulk pilot, galente/amarr cap pilot, POS Ops, etc.
US TZ, but online various times. Can fly most ships very well, TS3, Vent, etc.
Experienced running ops, corp officer for many years, always helpful.

15M SP Pure PVP alt, covert cyno/scout/recon pilot.


What I'm looking for:

Laid back, but a professional, well-established and respected corp. Deadly fleets!
When the enemy sees our name, they get that oh S**t feeling. You know what I mean.
That's what I'm coming from, Shadow Company was a great corp. When we arrived on
grid you knew you were in for a fight. I'd like to be able to explore, rat, build,
pvp, in some good space and utilize the skills I've developed over the years,
and enjoy the variety of the game without being constantly on a CTA or mandatory ops.
Sometimes RL comes up, with a few kids on this end, things happen.

Just some basics, nothing too excessive. Just looking for a solid crew to fly with.

Thank you for your interest,

Infinity Nova

Posted - 2011.02.17 16:49:00 - [2]


send me a mail in game m8. I think we would have a nice place for you.

Romulus XII
Posted - 2011.02.17 17:54:00 - [3]

Hey Infinity,

We are recruiting active players, old and new!
-PVP training for new players & free ships.
-Base near lowsec and 0.0 for PVP ops.
-Fun times, no drama.
TS3 with working mic required!

Public channel COLBERT

We are US TZ. We are a solid group of 5 - 8 year old vets trying somethign new. We dont hold space, most of us are against holding space at this point anyway (been there done that, pvp = player vs pos). Experience in black ops and shield fleets but we are trying to train new players too in the same time. Possibility we give faction warfare a try, its not an end goal, just doing it for recruitment/training and lol.

Join our public channel COLBERT for more info.

Check us out


Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
Posted - 2011.02.17 17:56:00 - [4]

you didnt mention your TZ I dont think

we're a PVP ONLY corp based in sov 0.0

We are not affiliated with any other major alliance, we dont do POS warfare and we don't do 100 man fleet. We do 3-20 man fleets

All pilots are over 45m SP even though this is not a requirement. Reaction times, intelligence and attitude are much more important

We concentrate on HACs/Recons rather than BC's. We are small, we use speed, agility and recons to our advantage

We're looking for 5 more pilots to fit into our tight knit corp

We offer military upgrades for isk, logistics for moving your stuff, killboard, team speak, forums and instant messenger for letting you know when something is going on

Please EVE mail me any questions
Here is our recruitment thread
Public channel is AKTV8

Admiral Spaz
Mafia Redux
Posted - 2011.02.17 18:31:00 - [5]


What you're looking for is what we'd like to become. The curent group of players are close, more like family than any corp i've been a part of. Long ago we flew together, smashing anything in our path, and the time came for us to get back together and expand.

If you're interested, get with me in game... and check out our thread. Mafia Redux.

Varn Guvera
TH3 UnT0uChaBl3S
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2011.02.17 19:55:00 - [6]

Id really like to talk to you ingame about joining .SS until then here is some info about us

Currently accepting:
Corp mergers with good pvp records or loads of hulk pilots

-Currently #1 pvp corp in alliance.
-Multiple Super pilots in corp (you wont be the only one lol)
best thing about this corp imho is the fact that were not gonna make you use the titan all the time, but youll have plenty of oppertunity to.
-pvp pilots in corp range from 30m-110m sp
-Alliance ranked in the top 5 in EVE!!!!!!
-NBSI policy.
-Huge scale 0.0 battles with our blues in the NC
-Small scale battles/roams on gates and other systems
-The best FC's along with an FC training program unlike anyother
-We live out of outposts NOT POS's (damn that sucks, living in a pos)
-JB network that can take you all over the north
-Great Chain-0f-Command (you'll actually know why your going to a region and kicking people out before they even realize what happened)
-Better prices then the Sell-Order Forums on Supers and other capital ships
-Replacement Program on ALL sub caps
-Great prices on ships and mods in the area
-Mature players
-Pos's for Super Caps
-Some of the best systems to
Rat + Plex (many faction sov systems around here surrounded by blues),
Mine (a couple -1.0 systems with 30+belts and many -0.7-9 systems with between 10 and 20 belts),
PI, manufacture and research
-Great market but always can use more supplys due to the 2000+ players that live in the near by systems/regions
-Easy access to Empire and under 10 jumps from Jita
-Seperate Region for miners thats is not visited by neuts/reds often at all

but what you get in SS that is different from all of the other corps here is we give you the freedom to make isk whenever you want not just inbetween campaigns where the other alliances/corps make it manditory to stay out there in that region and not return until the campaign is over. Which imho makes EvE far less fun

30m SP less if skilled for (logi, recons, Hic, Dic)
Capital pilots must have JDC4
Supers must have JDC5 and racial carrier 5 (FB 4 is acceptable)
all pvpers must have clean records (no killing blues)

*no SP requirements for miners as long as you are able to fly hulks and fit them with T2 shield tanks 0.0 rats hurt

***Mal's Law***
~ If you get killed in highsec during a Wardec 25m isk is to be deposited to the corp wallet if they get your pod its another 25m this law applies to ALL (aka dumbasses that think they can do Jita runs during an ADOPT wardec) in corp not just the newbies

There are no activity requirements to stay in the corp as far as X number of kills per week/month. although if you join and login for an hour then log out for a month or 2 with no kills when you log in you will be removed!!

If your looking to have a good time with some Great PvP and the ability to work the systems around you then you want to join the .SS channel and speak to a recruiter or other members

Drop off an app or poke me anytime

Fly Hard,
Varn Guvera (.SS Recruitment Officer)

Posted - 2011.02.17 21:37:00 - [7]

Hi, I've sent you an Evemail as well, hope to see you around!

We are Currently looking for PvP combat pilots

Quality > Quantity

One Percent was created by a group of individuals who were tired on 0.0 sov and politics and wanted more of fast action small gang PvP without the blobs and politics.

We run a tight knit group of players that have played together for several years and are only looking for experienced eve players that can bring something significant to our corporation. We favor teamwork with pilots who know how to properly use their ships rather than blobs. Obviously we are only looking for people who can fit in this type of atmosphere. With this in mind please note the requirements listed below before joining our public channel.

We have a wormhole home that provides all the isk making opportunities we need to pay for our PvP. We are currently living in a c5 wormhole with a static c5. The Wormhole also allows us to have a fresh set of players everyday to blow up in our static wormhole exit and the k-space connections.

What we Offer:
★ Competent Leadership and Fc's
★ Daily PvP Opportunities
★ A wormhole Isk Faucet
★ A Place to call home
★ A reason to play the game
★ Class 5 Action
★ Capital Escalations and Capital PvP

What you should offer us:
★ A good Attitude
★ Self Sufficient
★ Team player
★ Working Mic
★ Willing to contribute to corp
★ Love for PvP and fly the ships needed in our gangs.
★ A 20 million sp minimum - this can be negotiable if you bring something special like great killboard stats or can fly ships we are specifically looking for.

We are currently looking for people who can fly:
Command Ships

Obviously we are living in a worm hole, if you can not take a loss or you feel insecure in a system with no local and little contact with the outside world then go read another post. Wormholes also require that you know how to probe and do not mind doing it, otherwise you will lose your mind as doing anything fun in a wormhole requires some probing to find it. Keep this in mind before speaking with us.

We are dedicated to a fun time and the access to isk that will pay for the fun. If you want to be a part of this then join our public channel to talk further with us to see if you are a fit to the corp.

A application is required to be filled out to be considered, details on where to fill out application is in the public channel MOTD.

The public is below:

1% public

Aodha Khan
Posted - 2011.02.18 09:13:00 - [8]

Check out our recruitment post and get in contact if interested.

MM Recruitment

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2011.02.18 09:28:00 - [9]

Please consider RETRIBUTIONS before you decide where you want to go. We are an active corp mainly based in the UK but have fellow US/OZ/EU members.

RETS is an organised corp with some very cool, calm and collected FC's who believe that having fun is the operative word.

RL comes first in RETS, it’s only pixels after all. Mature and friendly players who’ll make you feel welcome.

More reds than Arsenal FC at a home game!!!

LOTD Kills and deaths, cos we do that too!

If I've tempted your appetite then join our public channel
LOTD Public :)
so we can arrange a chat.

In the meantime check our recruitment post here

Infinity Nova
Shadow Company
Posted - 2011.02.18 11:00:00 - [10]

bump to top

Ya Nor
Posted - 2011.02.18 11:17:00 - [11]

Looking for small, skirmish gangs, laid back players, a corp that understands rl comes before eve,... look no further. CTRL-Q is a highly respected corp in Minmatar FW and would love to bring you on board. Check out our recruitment thread here, or join in game channel ***CTRL-Q*** to chat with us. Hope to hear from you Infinity!


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