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DeT Resprox
Posted - 2011.02.16 18:03:00 - [1]

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DeT Resprox, on board Nara'Nooin, Muninn class Heavy Assault Cruiser, Teonusude.

Today, the final T.R.I.A.D agency member returned from their latest campaign...Kana'Na'Byess...Into The Abyss.

With our most recent siege ending two nights ago, this ongoing high risk campaign is focused at crippling enemy markets and weakening their military power. Targets within the Amarr and Caldari militias have been hunted down inside their own CONCORD patrolled systems. Enemy navy resistance is present to attempt putting a stop to the T.R.I.A.D offensive as our militia members take to the battlefront.

Our war with the Amarr Empire and the Caldari State will long continue....

Jamyl Sarum, or more properly Empress Jamyl I, is the current Empress of the Amarr Empire.

Shortly after the Battle of Mekhios, she was proclaimed Empress, despite some opposition from those who wondered about her mysterious return to life. She was proclaimed, though, in an unorthodox way, as she was accepted by all Heirs and the Theology Council as Empress, and no Trial by combat was made, as it was usual. Her coronation into power was widely broadcast throughout the Amarrian Empire with billions in attendance

Behind the veil of her Amarr Navy, orders are issued through military agents for the evil denizens of Amarr to strike out against the Minmatar. Likewise, organizations such as the Tribal Liberation Force and T.R.I.A.D send out Matari warriors to strike back against the Amarrian threat. The Sarum family has always been the most belligerent of the royal families, always willing to take up arms whenever required. The family has vested interest in the Amarr military and the armaments industry. They are the only royal family that wants to revive the Reclaiming efforts of old.

More and more Amarrian fighters are being put against the Republic and it is time for us to strike back and hit them where those warriors are born. We need to mount a strike into the Amarrian homeworlds itself - into the very heart guarded by the Amarrian Navy and to tear down all those we see as a threat to the Minmatar Repbulic!

Early in January YC111, in a bold initiative from the Amarr Empire, Empress Jamyl announced a multi-trillion ISK package of investment into the Caldari State. The Caldari-Amarr Economic Stimulus Agreement (CAESA) was negotiated with the assistance of the Tash-Murkon Family and the Khanid Kingdom but reactions within the Empire were mixed. While the more liberal Tash-Murkon and Kor-Azor hailed the investment package, religious conservatives and Amarr business leaders expressed concern that such investment should more properly be aimed at Amarrian businesses. In the Caldari State reactions were almost entirely favourable, with Executor Tibus Heth welcoming the package and pledging that the Amarr Empire would receive a profitable return on the investment.

In a development related to the emancipation, the Caldari Providence Directorate announced it would be making available a number of experienced trainers for secondment within the Amarr Empire to train former slaves who choose to take up residence there.

Ever since, it has been clear that both the Amarr and Caldari are supporting each other in their wars against the Minmatar Republic and the Gallente Federation.

In total our campaign has resulted in Five hundred and sixty four kills including pilot deaths, and almost seven billion isk worth of asset loss. Two hundred and eleven of those kills alone were at the hands of reamorph of T.R.I.A.D. Full statistics can be found on our web portal or directly via our Campaigns log.

T.R.I.A.D shall be celebrating our success with a ceremony in the coming days where those pilots who showed true Matari spirit shall be rewarded accordingly with medals in recognition.

An announcement shall be made shortly.

Markius TheShed
Murientor Tribe
Posted - 2011.02.17 07:58:00 - [2]

Every member of Murientor Tribe salutes the valiant members of T.R.I.A.D and congratulates them on the success of their recent campaign.

I have programmed the barkeeper9000-bot in Santir-bar to provide all T.R.I.A.D members with FREE drinks so we can toast this and the many future victories for the Minmatar people.

Posted - 2011.02.17 11:39:00 - [3]

Good day brother Markius. It seems long since i have flown beside the Murientor Tribe, such has been the campaign - i barely made it back in one piece!

But i have returned and shall be flying with our brothers once more, but first i shall join you for a drink in the Santir-bar and tell you tales of our campaign. One particular pursuit of a guarded Orca from Jita to Amarr i think you shall find most pleasing...


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