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Cosmic Encounter
Posted - 2011.02.15 20:10:00 - [1]

Edited by: Ravow on 16/02/2011 01:56:16
Update : link correction.


r660g is the open source drivers for the AMD Radeon HD3000+ drivers. it include the new AMD Fusion stuff too.

Today, the git Mesa gain support for S3TC via an external lib libtxc-dxtn for the gallium version of r600 (r600g).

EVE was already working with these drivers (white & gray no textures) but now the textures must show... I think...

To get that working, a env R600_ENABLE_S3TC or R600_ENABLE_S3TC=1 must be use. Plus, of course, you need the latest GIT Kernel+libdrm+mesa+xf86-video-ati. Also, you may need this patch : or the R600_ENABLE_S3TC will do the trick (I'm at work so I did not test these new r600g yet to find the real working procedure.)

== To be continued ==

Phoronix link :

Feature link :

Cosmic Encounter
Posted - 2011.02.16 15:42:00 - [2]

I confirm. this is working! With opensource ATI drivers!!!

The FGLRX days are counted!

You need:
* latest git kernel with the previous one line patch for disabling a part of the cs checkerTwisted Evil. You can enable KMS if you want.
* latest git libdrm
* latest libtxc_dxtn (it's a couple of month old but it's working)
* latest git Mesa
* latest git xf86-video-ati
* latest git xorg-server+dependencies

you need to set the environement variable R600_ENABLE_S3TC=1. like "export R600_ENABLE_S3TC=1" juste before lauching EVE in the same terminal. You can also set it more system wide so it will work with other games without setting the env each time.

Novae Scallion
Posted - 2011.02.21 05:46:00 - [3]

FWIW, I doubt this requires a git build of xorg :)

Cosmic Encounter
Posted - 2011.02.21 15:44:00 - [4]

I tested with. But xorg-server-1.9.x do it too (1.9.4 tested).

Also, with my last test, now I have stable 60FPS in my normal gatecamping activities and 0 graphics corruption. (vsync equivalent enabled to kill tearing in videos playback).

EVE Load faster on login than with Catalyst and it... more stable. 0 Crash yet since I have installed theses drivers.

I did not test the character creation yet but I do that very soon :)

[Low/Low/Low] = normal PvP antilag setting.
POS FPS : 60
WARP FPS : +-40

The chip used for the test is a RV770 (Radeon 4870HD).


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