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Lodan Menodor
Posted - 2011.02.11 18:44:00 - [1]

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Logistics V
Energy Transfer V

Total of 19 level V skills by the end of the auction - see eveboard sheet for details.

This character was created specifically to fly Guardians and as such has max logistics, RR and ET skills plus Multitasking to III for 10 target slots, Biology to III for X instinct, Rigging to III for energy or armour rigging.

He can even use rep drones.

Basic fitting skills are maxed.

If your FC doesn't love you flying this character then he is a spai.

No corp history or sec history, positive wallet. Has just been on the shelf training.

Located in high-sec Amarr space.

You could just leave this guy as a logi pilot, but he would also make an excellent base for an Amarr all-rounder already having Amarr Cruiser V and fitting skills.

Avatar has character re-design available, but I don't know if this carries over when the char is traded, if so you get the option to make a new face.

Auction Rules:

Reserve price hidden until met
Buyout price is 6 bil
Bids in .25 bil increments
Auction ends 19 Feb 2011 at 00:00hrs i.e. you have to bid before the 19th.

Transaction will be made in accordance with the rules stickied in this forum.

ISK must be paid to this character
Seller will pay the CCP transfer fee
Character for sale has positive wallet balance
Character for sale has no standings
Character for sale has a personal sec status of 0
No ships or assets are included; just the character
You must have a free slot on your account to receive the character
Any and all CCP rules must be adhered to

Please ask any questions here BEFORE you bid. Please make sure this char is suitable for your needs by reviewing the datasheet on

Good luck with your bid!


Posted - 2011.02.11 19:52:00 - [2]

Done and Done man exactly what i was looking for ill take it 6b offered

Lodan Menodor
Posted - 2011.02.11 22:28:00 - [3]

The man knows a bargain when he sees it.

Awaiting ISK.

Lodan Menodor
Posted - 2011.02.13 02:55:00 - [4]

Still no ISKies, so pls consider this auction open untill futher notice.

Lodan Menodor
Posted - 2011.02.14 10:01:00 - [5]

Bump of the day - now rocking 9,884,555 SP and 19 level V skills, all focused on one task - optimising Gaurdian performance.

Biggles AU
Posted - 2011.02.14 11:34:00 - [6]

does he have any remaps available

Lodan Menodor
Posted - 2011.02.14 12:36:00 - [7]

No remaps left, current attribs are:

24 perc
20 will
23 intel
21 mem
17 char

He has +3 implants for intel and perc.

Lodan Menodor
Posted - 2011.02.15 17:14:00 - [8]

Bump of the day, Repair Drone Operation V now queued.

Lodan Menodor
Posted - 2011.02.16 19:47:00 - [9]

Bump of the day. Gaurdian with max logiskills RR and ET, can use ECCM X instinct - complete ready to fly package fly AHAC support now. Over 10 million skillpoints - all for gaurdian.

Posted - 2011.02.16 21:48:00 - [10]

Not sure exactly what the original bidder was smoking but... It's a very specialised character but 6 billion???????

I'll offer 3.5Billion isk

Lodan Menodor
Posted - 2011.02.17 00:08:00 - [11]

Special is my middle name! Well I don't think you could have three-word names back then, but it would have been. That or Conan. Anyway, thank you for your bid!

Vobus Kan
Epsilon Lyr
Posted - 2011.02.17 06:56:00 - [12]


Lodan Menodor
Posted - 2011.02.17 12:07:00 - [13]

4bil bid - thank you.

Reserve is met!

Obdaya Drox
Posted - 2011.02.18 02:56:00 - [14]

nice character !

lucky u have a avatar remap avalaible lol ......

free bump

Lodan Menodor
Posted - 2011.02.18 18:05:00 - [15]

Sensible hair is in, didn't you know?

Oh you didn't...

Final bump of the final day!

Auction ends at midnight Eve-time so this is your lance chance to bid!

With whe whole of null-sec on fire your credibility can only rise if you can field a quality support pilot and here he is; a reping, transfering, target locking, sig-tanking hero with sensible hair.

I will be on as soon as the auction ends to initiate the transfer, so if CCP's 10 hr xfer is realy 10 hrs you could be flying tommorow night. (Assuming payment ofc...)

Good luck bidders!

Vobus Kan
Epsilon Lyr
Posted - 2011.02.19 00:15:00 - [16]

4B sent to Lodan Menodor with evemail to confirm account name.....thx !

Lodan Menodor
Posted - 2011.02.19 00:41:00 - [17]

ISK recived, xfer initiated. Pleasure doing business.

Pepe Le Pewpew
Posted - 2011.02.20 00:14:00 - [18]

Heh, I guess now we know; you can remake the avatar after a transfer.


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