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Lucenda Yil
Posted - 2011.02.11 08:41:00 - [31]

You are aware how easy it is to get a ratting alts into one of the smaller NC alliances or even TEST?

Nice thing with ratting alts/plexing alts in test is that you guys dont CTA so once can chill and just earn the isk needed to fund supers for our main characters :)

Sig Sour
Posted - 2011.02.11 10:26:00 - [32]

I didn't see any dreads (get the point yet ccp?)

Posted - 2011.02.11 10:29:00 - [33]

I, too, like to be a number.

Coffee Lovers Brewing Club
Care Factor
Posted - 2011.02.11 11:06:00 - [34]

Originally by: Mister Normal

Have a look if you want to know what sov warfare is like... thousands of players helping each other out. Taking ownership of whole constellations, systems, stations, POSs, moons, planets, NPC space. All of it!

Although I'm not really much into fountain or what's happening there... I must admit, that you made a great promotional vid :)

CCP Navigator

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.11 11:14:00 - [35]

Moved from General Discussion to My EVE.

Posted - 2011.02.11 13:04:00 - [36]

this totally makes me want to go back to a large nullsec alliance.

a whopping 10 BILLION ISK in 3 MONTH whoooh, thats what i make in, what, 3 weeks, if i gather my **** together.

oh yeah, and thats with 2 hours of work/day.

hope you like defending that space for your alliance leaders, so they can pimpfit all their ships without having to rat, ever.

Don Pellegrino
Pod Liberation Authority
Posted - 2011.02.11 23:08:00 - [37]

Scrubs being scrubs.

Aerion Va'rr
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.02.12 06:05:00 - [38]

Edited by: Aerion Va''rr on 12/02/2011 06:09:48
Originally by: Mister Normal

Things TEST Does:

- Buys new ships alot
- Operate Drake Blob fleets
- gain experience in Tower PVP
- Get farmed in jita lock downs
- Fail Suicide ops
- small gang failfare

... do i need to continue?

Fixed Your Post Brosef.

It is really refreshing fighting against you guys... as an FC I rarely get to give the 'ungroup weapons, shoot whatever' order.

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