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Apollo Gabriel
Etherium Cartel
Posted - 2011.02.18 20:36:00 - [211]

Eagerly looking forward to round 2!

Any word on the AF 4th bonus?

Posted - 2011.02.22 19:47:00 - [212]

Originally by: Fridge Chesthair
Originally by: Lusulpher

AFK mode for my portrait in channels.

They would have to actually add an afk mode before they can have your portrait reflect t.

Exactly, they must add one.

Originally by: Lusulpher

Floating 'Message Of The Day' icon, when you click on the bright little icon

Which icon?
A link that floats at the top of a channel that says "MOTD". So you don't have to relog to see the MOTD, or Director has to spam.

Originally by: Lusulpher

-Floating Fleet Link in channel it is linked in, floats below MOTD float.

Maybe after they implement the new UI code?
What new UI code? What does that have to do with Chat channels?

Originally by: Lusulpher

Mail notification will now chime repeatedly

How about chime once, and flash until read (like the character sheet button after skill completion).
Urgent mails should be annoying.

Originally by: Lusulpher

Currently I can stay cloaked for weeks.

I think the hours of 11:00 to 12:00 GMT might have a word with your cloak.

I can log in and out, for weeks, and remain afk for weeks...Also no module to hunt me down, so...

Originally by: Lusulpher


So, uncloak.
Ambushing requires the right scripts/modules based on the random target. Uncloaking has a 3 second delay for locking, not enough time to change scripts/overheat pts/ MWD and range set. So on a T2 ship like a Razu, those damps have to be set correctly before you activate them. Uncloaking is the last thing you should do. I'd understand that on a T1 ship with no Covert definition, but T2 Covert,Bombers/covert frig, Recons/BlackOps, unacceptable.

Also, the rig for uncloak delay should reduce delay 50-100% on a T2 ship. Or simply remove the delay entirely from that Covert shipclass.

Originally by: Lusulpher

-DDs need AOE script.

Mmmm.... I think many people are happy that most sub-caps don't have to worry about DDs
It's all blobs of Dreads/Moms nowadays anyways, or the Supercaps can log least this way it's interesting. And the AoE can have certain penalties on range and power. Like AOE that puts all ship in 100km into Hull, no more no less. Even if you use 10 of them back to back.[support fleet will be required to finish the job. LIKE IT SHOULD BE]

Originally by: Lusulpher
1-Clicking on an target shows a line that measures Tranversal.
2-Player can set this measurement to a colour code setting.

The targeting UI is distracting enough already. I can understand the thought of changing from the square bracket + vert&horizontal markers to something less complicated, though.

I'm trying to eliminate this section from the overview. Since players only fire on 1 target at once, they could check the best TV merely by clicking on the target they hope to murderize. Then if they are familiar with low and high TV, they fire.

EVE UI needs to have less things on the Overview.

Che Biko
Humanitarian Communists
Posted - 2011.02.22 20:57:00 - [213]

Edited by: Che Biko on 22/02/2011 20:58:17
ArrowHmm, well I have not check up on the new character sheet yet, but one thing that's always bugged me about it is the Birth Date. It should be Graduation Date or licensed Date or something along those lines. Or do they draft capsuleers from newborn clones or something?

ArrowAlso when I have a char training on an account but log into another one on the same account, it bugs me that I'm informed my current char isn't training anything.

ArrowWhy does the charsheet blink when I claim certificates? It just makes me have to open&close the thing again.

ArrowAnd why do I have to relog to switch training to another char?

ArrowWhy do I have to relog to switch characters?

ArrowI can't properly see the edges on extractor heads areas on ice planets, especially if the resource layer is white in the scan view.

ArrowCan't see bookmarks in my overview. Sad

ArrowCan't scan down wrecks. Sad

ArrowOh, and I would like to see crew casualty counts in those nice IC news items. That would really help in a) making people realize that crew exists and helps us guestimate how much are on certain types of ship (and starbases and stuff?) and b) would dramatize the scale of the battles a lot.Twisted Evil

That's all...for now. Wink

Kendoori Jinwah
Posted - 2011.02.24 09:36:00 - [214]

Edited by: Kendoori Jinwah on 24/02/2011 09:50:34
Edited by: Kendoori Jinwah on 24/02/2011 09:48:26
Edited by: Kendoori Jinwah on 24/02/2011 09:43:37
Just a few Design Change Requests I thought I'd air here in the forum along with the bug report;

-> DCR: Allow client side "Flight Log" showing previous coordinates in space youīve been.

This seems like a simple thing that any space faring vessel should be able to do... but every 5 seconds that your space ship is in motion or entering warp or exiting warp (In system or jumping between systems), your spaceship, depending on itīs sophistication, should be able to record a log of where itīs been.

The user should be able to open his "Flight Log" and see a space coordinate, organized by the region, solar system, nearest celestial body, and actual space coordinate.

From these coordinates, the user could right click on a coordinate, and click "Set Waypoint", "Add Waypoint", "Warp at 0", "Warp at 5-100k", "Warp Fleet at 0", "Warp Fleet at 5-100k", "Add to Bookmarks"... you get the drift.

Different sized vessels may be capable of storing a longer log (1 hour, 4, 12, 1 day, 4 days etc..) and should be a setting that allows the user to record locally up to the ships maximum record time.

Example: T1 Frigate. Up to 1 hour flight log. Settings say "Up to 24 hours of logs for any given ship". The T1 Frigate will record up to 1 hour since itīs under the settings maximum.
T2 Crusiers may have up to 1 day. Specialty ships like exploration ships could have extremely long flight logs as a thought to promote using them.

The time should also represent playing time, not actual time as well.

Flight logs should be different for each ship (To throw some realism in there). If two ships are in the same hanger, maybe add right click option to "Download Flight Log" and "Upload Flight Log" to transfer them between ships. Uploading flight logs would override the flight log on that ship and the destination ship could only hold itīs maximum capacity (24 hour flight log uploaded to a T1 frigate would only store the last 1 hour of flight). Interesting spin mabye create a new item or use an existing item like "Datacore" to allow uploading a flight log to it. Itīd have to be a contract item only I think. Imagine a notorious NPC pirate ship being destroyed but his navigation computer with an intact fligth log is salvaged, showing just what he's been up to. Could lead to some interesting engagements. Just a thought. Or even from other players... So that's where you're POS is hiding...

Since chat logs are stored locally from all open windows, I thought this flight log could have many interesting uses to the user and allow a fundamental concept of your ships computer / navigation system, knowing where youīve been recently and interacting with it. Turning off all flight logs is always an option to throw in there for complete stealth operations incase you're blown up.

Kendoori Jinwah
Posted - 2011.02.24 09:39:00 - [215]

-> DCR: Allow filtering chat channel windows where condition =

Allowing the user to filter players that appear in the chat channel windows will hopefully reduce bandwidwith from server to client as the filtering can be done on the server side and optimized. Also allows safer activity for players entering low sec or null sec to only show players which may pose a threat.

Allowing the ability to quickly switch between filtering options (Radial button?) to return to standard view or filtered view would make this functional for Scenario: See enemies entered system, quickly switch to all view to see if friendlies are in system as well.

As a pilot of a ship, this should be an easy ability of the onboard computer system to filter data coming from the communication nodes to "isolate desirable communication frequencies" or some such thing.

Filter By suggestions:
-> Standing - Pirates
-> Standing - War Targets
-> Standing - Bad
-> Standing - Neutral
-> Standing - Good
-> Standing - Greater than Neutral
-> Standing - Less than Neutral
-> Standing - Greater than or equal to Neutral
-> Standing - Less than or equal to Neutral
-> My Corp Only
-> Not My Corp
-> My Alliance Only
-> Not My Alliance

Kendoori Jinwah
Posted - 2011.02.24 09:43:00 - [216]

Edited by: Kendoori Jinwah on 24/02/2011 10:03:36
-> DCR: Allow sorting/ordering player list in chat windows by ... ===================================================

I would like to be able to order the player list in any chat channel by a variety of methods.

-> Sort/Order By "Standing Desc" (Worst Standing players show up on top (War Targets -> Bad Standing -> Neut Standing -> Good Standing)

-> Sort/Order By "Standing Asc" (Best Standing players show up on top"

-> Sort/Order By "Alliance/Corp Desc" (Alliances starting with Z at top then ordered by Corp Name)

-> Sort/Order By "Alliance/Corp Asc" (Alliances starting with A at top then ordered by Corp Name)

-> Sort/Order By "Joined Channel Desc" (Recently Joined to channel at top)

-> Sort/Order By "Joined Channel Asc" (Players in channel the longest at top)

-> Sort/Order By "Activity Desc" (Players with most voice / text contributions with a time period at top)

-> Sort/Order By "Joined Channel Asc" (Players with least voice / text contributions at top)

- In heavy systems where scrolling down the local channel to see if any enemies are in the system, while the list is changing frequently, causes major headache and hard to report intel or to quickly see if the system is safe beofe you are uncloaked at a gate after the minute timer.

- Watching systems you own or are protecting, having recently joined members in channel show up at top helps to quickly identify new threats entering your territory (or territory you are conquering)

Pretenders Inc
Posted - 2011.02.24 09:55:00 - [217]

Oh, for some moment i thought that they really going to fix some annoying things, but it's just UI again...

Carebears with Attitude
Posted - 2011.02.25 14:44:00 - [218]

It is really annoying that chat windows cannot be scroll locked.

In some other systems, such as mIRC or MSN Messenger, if I scroll up even just one line, the auto-scroll of the window ceases, until I scroll down to the bottom again.

El'essar Viocragh
Meltdown Luftfahrttechnik
Posted - 2011.03.05 13:25:00 - [219]

Not sure if this is within your scope, but when motherships got changed to supercarriers, the Hel got stuck with its old logistics bonus basically because there wasn't time to come up with something else. The 'promise' back then was "suck it up, we'll see how it works out, and revisit it later".
I think by now we all really know what we already did way back when, that a logistics bonus on the mothership with the worst cap is cruel and that a logistics bonus on the capital weapon platform with the worst cap is plain mad.

So, could you nudge the powers in control to actually revisit the Hel's bonus?

Che Biko
Humanitarian Communists
Posted - 2011.03.06 23:22:00 - [220]

ArrowI've always thought it to be a bit cumbersome that when you hyperlink an URL in a eve-mail in-game, you have to remove the HTTP:// part when copy/pasting.

Posted - 2011.03.07 11:29:00 - [221]

1) think this needs a grammar check: Tactical Response Trasmitter

for reference on the item above

2) and a second thing is, when I recently did the epic arc from the sisters of eve,
it was annoying the popup text automatically went to the next message after a few seconds.

Can you maybe at the bottom of the popup text add a feature "Next" so we as a player can scroll through the text untill we hit the button "Close" ?

3) why cant I scoop up mining drones in the cargobay thats left behind in a belt or deadspace when the owner is off grid ?

When you are in a fleet its handy to grab it for your fleet member that left it behind after warping off.

Peek-A-Boo Bombers
Posted - 2011.03.10 10:35:00 - [222]

Read back a little bit.

As for having transversal on tactical with funny lines and colors, the overview has transversal and angular velocity columns (not on by default) and can be sorted as such. Perhaps you would like an auto-targeter that can be fitted with scripts to auto target based on certain overview columns (velocity, range, transversal, etc)? Learn to use your overview.

Originally by: Freelancer1173) why cant I scoop up mining drones in the cargobay thats left behind in a belt or deadspace when the owner is off grid ?

When you are in a fleet its handy to grab it for your fleet member that left it behind after warping off.[/quote

I used to regularly go scanning for T2 drones that had been left behind in closed mission spaces. Had no trouble scooping to cargo. You must be doing it wrong.

Posted - 2011.04.17 21:41:00 - [223]

Bump, I want to see a Dev response in here at some point.

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