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Kuzim Blaky'all
Recycling and Recovery
Posted - 2011.02.09 01:31:00 - [1]

aight dig it small version is:

CCPosse took away old Kuzim face dig, an them sayin a dawg gotta go back wit a new face.
they new face be aight wit a dawg, but a dawg need dreads or rows. they rows be aight but no good light means a dawg with his complexion can be seen proper, like a lights too close dig. so a dawg made mad raps to talk about they issues (its how i express, at my best, when a dawg is feeling under duress):

dig it dawg i make this in a rush ain no time to re-read it, so a dawg come back later an take more looks at it dig, sorry if they be hard reading.

sup wit removin dreads from da game?
wit out them, kuzim neva gonan be da same
to make dis move is inane
to da top dawgs, dig it, its y'all i blame.

dig it dawg, I got somethin to say:
a dawg was gonan login the other day.

But dig it dawg, they changed my face!
they say to a dawg that its time to replace
my form, my figure, my look, my shave
so i started my changes but i didn't save,
you see, long ago before the patch,
when re-re was running in curse an catch
a dawg had dreads, and a fist that was red
but now those options? they're gone dawg, dead
as a door nail or a blood near da crips
an a dawgs almost naked (but she got fine hips)

in short, csm, could y'all save mi face?
Tell them ccp krew them gotta replace:
mi big red fist, kuz mi may be mellow
da re-re posse do all kins of bellows
an mi dreads, dawg, dig it, an dawg please say hello
to da ccposse, dem be mi fellows

be safe dawg

ps a dawg be down wit corn rows but a dawg need good lights for they else them dont show an a dawg him jus look like him got mad bruisen all over, ain no way to be dig.

thanks for reading it dawg.

Xanadu Alexis
First Celestial Investment Group
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:39:00 - [2]

What y'all yappin about boy? Dem dreds be fine!

Petra Darklander
Petra Majin Inc.
Posted - 2011.02.22 23:40:00 - [3]

Oh wow. Thanks for the lol I guess.


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