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Durin Sarga
Posted - 2011.02.02 20:00:00 - [1]

What are some things that industrialists use all the time in-game that, information-wise, would be nice to know outside of the game at a glance?

One idea that came to my mind was public industrial/science slot queue times. Ever wonder if you could get a better queue time in a different region? I have. Ever wonder, which region currently has the lowest empire queue? I have. Do we have a website, or out-of-game mechanism for tracking any of this in a documented way? Nope.

EVE-Central provides a crude, yet informative tool for the market community. It's not perfect, but at a glance does provide relevant information to users. CCP helped make this possible through the use of the data export tool.

Now I'm not asking that CCP add yet another thing to their already abundantly full plate, because afterall, ther are more important/pressing things to do. However, is this not something that industrial players would find beneficial if it existed? Or am I alone in this kind of thinking?

What are some other ideas that industrialists could collaborate and use?

Phoenix Club
Posted - 2011.02.02 20:58:00 - [2]

Have you checked the science and industry resource thread ?
theres alot of apps and stuff on there.

Durin Sarga
Posted - 2011.02.02 21:05:00 - [3]

Those are about information processing. I guess I'm targeting industrial information flow. Sorta.

As industrialists we care about the price of our component products. Therefore EVE-Central has it's value in our realm, just as it has value to traders/couriers.

Thus my thought about industrial/science queue availability and time (I guess you could add cost, but that's usually a static value). I was just kind of asking if there were other realms of EVE data that we should be looking at to increase out of game information flow.

Killmails and CSV market exports all provide access to information that can then be processed by out of game software. Hence killboards and EVE-Central, etc. Would not something like this for indy characters be beneficial?


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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