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Fred Munro
Silicis Luguolo
Posted - 2011.01.30 22:32:00 - [31]

I wouldn't mind knowing how often they will appear, I was planning on hitting an incursion near me on my day off, (Saturday) but by early Friday afternoon all of them within 30 jumps of me had gone... I haven't seen any info on how often the incursions will re-appear.

Floydd Heywood
Posted - 2011.01.31 01:51:00 - [32]

Edited by: Floydd Heywood on 31/01/2011 08:16:45
Originally by: Maylin Li
Vanguard - Overide Logistic Array

Much, Much harder than the previous site. ... Difficulty: Impossible (No Logistics), Hard (Logistics)

I'm pleased to read that because this site is the only one my corp has done so far, and it did seem quite hard for the second-lowest difficulty level.

In the first repelled incursion we did one Override Logistics Array to test it out. We made it and lost only a t1 hacking frig, but it took a long time. We had three logistics (2 Oneiros, 1 Guardian) and several battleships, but no good webs and insufficient range. Some fleetmates also had poor resists and almost lost their ships.

Today we did another three of those sites, adapting our setups and tactics so each one was easier and faster than the one before. The setup was essentially:
-1 Command Ship (Damnation)
-2 Logistics (at first we had three again but two is enough so one of the pilots switched to a damage dealer)
-1 Paladin with faction super-webbers (98% speed reduction at 14 km)
-1 hacking ship

The other people were damage dealers: a few t1 battleships, a BC and a HAC. Only thing important is to have buffer and good resists. We were 10 pilots, but with good ships 6-7 would have been enough. Gangs that don't have a command ship and no T2 ships may actually need 10 people to do this.

The biggest problem was actually to not let the hacker die. We lost him twice and once he missed the reward for the site because of it, and we lost time while he went for a new ship.

State War Academy
Posted - 2011.02.02 17:56:00 - [33]

Originally by: CCP StevieSG
Incursions are now live, and CCP Soundwave would your feedback on how they have been proceeding. Read his newest blog for details on the latest updates to Incursions and how you can help provide information on our newest feature.

<3 Embarassed

About the incursions:

They don't change anything to me or significantly enough to make me join random PUG's.

Has someone said before armor tanks suffer more than shield ones.

Reasons for me to not do them:

No impact in my usual game

I can win mutch more on blowing belt bs's rats or small anomalie sites in low than in incursion

ATM the ones i've mage lost my ships, i have no problem with that let's be clear, i have a problem when i can't rep my self and the poor logi behind me can't do anything to keep my ship safe.
Now if i have to come in to those with triple large rep double cap injector and half rack of guns because my ship has not enough power to run/fit all of those i see no point on doing them.

My 2cts contribution

Posted - 2011.02.04 02:24:00 - [34]

Edited by: Debrie on 04/02/2011 02:26:45
Edited by: Debrie on 04/02/2011 02:24:48
I dont and I wont , If I wanted to Fight fairytale "magical" beings able to "somehow" nerf me while buffing there own normally insignificant units to "endgame" player strength , I would be playing WoW , its IMO silly to allow NPC's to grow beyond player level in the same lvl/class units (exceptions for npc peacekeepers)

A frig should be able to take a frig a BS take a BS also no caps (Carrier) in high sec (/cough) , play by the rules same as we the players must , to increase difficulty simply ramp up the ammount of ships they use not the power/nerf of the individual ships themselves

but what ever its your game , if you wanna turn this into ANOTHER "magical Fairytale realm" MMO keep up doin what u doin , we can always go find another game if this begins impacting our normal gameplay unfairly

Hyperdynaglide Associates
Posted - 2011.02.05 04:23:00 - [35]

Looking forward to trying these out via PUG. Sure hope I don't end up repping a suicide griefer who gets me killed by CONCORD.

Fly Hard!

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