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Cozmik R5
Dock 94
Posted - 2011.02.03 19:30:00 - [271]



Go Sansha.


Posted - 2011.02.03 20:03:00 - [272]

Hey CCP I still have 14k LP sitting waiting to be split for the Kakol incursion. You said is was fixed comon. I have had no response to my petition this is great customer service.

Phoebus ApolloX
Posted - 2011.02.03 20:05:00 - [273]

Edited by: Phoebus ApolloX on 03/02/2011 20:09:32
Throwing my two cents into the proverbial money bin.

- There should be a level of difficulty between "Scout" and "Vanguard". And while the encounters should remain difficult, it'd be nice if a wider variety of ships could effectively assist in the fleets (if you aren't heavily buffered tanked BC/HAC, an RR BS, or a t2 logistic ship don't bother fleeting to going to an Incursion site). Considering the probability for sudden failure the isk risk seems to far outweigh the potential rewards, to a point where I told everyone in my corp I don't want them wasting isk on these sites I'd rather they pay the same isk to set up PVP ships for proper combat.

- What I'd like to see more than anything is a buff in t1 logistic ships so they can be effectively used to scale up Incursion fleets. Currently no t1 logistic ship gang setup in the quantities of players each encounter asks for would ever succeed against the encounters. They neither bolster enough tank to succeed in repair requests when primary'd nor do they offer enough rep in total, not even a quarter of the rep you'd expect from smaller-sized t2 logistic ship gangs (5 t1 logi ships should perform as well as 3 t2, but the way it is today you might as well not ever use t1 logistics even if you have 10 of them, they won't perform at the required level). Things would be more interesting/fun this way I think, and it'd also improve possibilities for proper pvp fleet composition, but I don't see a change like this happening.

- The players-to-reward layout should accept more people at the higher level encounters to encourage gang formation and there should be a little overlap. 5-15, 10-30, 20-50 should be the standard figures for Vanguard/Assault/HQ. This means that if you're a weaker gang (maybe lower skilled/newer players attempting an Incursion site) and you form up 10 who are having a hard time with a Vanguard you can add a few more people before you're pushed into Assaults by the rewards table where you're going to do even worse.

- The logistical impact of 0.0 incursions is a fantastic way to at least partially implement some of the changes discussed in the recent CSM meetings and despite certain 0.0 residents hating it (everyone hates breaks in their routines) I think it makes an element of the game fresh. Suddenly an afk empire can have its logistics broken up temporarily and can have its often-too-routine ratting (and as well as the macro'ing) becomes dangerous and unprofitable. If anything this element of incursions should be expanded on, there should be serious ramifications for ignoring incursions (maybe instead of despawning like it would in low/high sec, it spreads to neighboring constellations). There should be more frequent 0.0 incursions, and people should learn that if you want to control vast tracks of 0.0 space you need the manpower Incursions require or you need the know-how to work around the logistical problems they cause.

- Incursion regeneration rates should be graduated, as in fighting back the first 50% of Sansha influence should regenerate very slowly compared to the final 50% which should regenerate faster. That way progress from one day does carry over, but not at a steady pace. This means not everyone's work is undone when there is a long gap in running it, but you still need to do more work during the peak hours of incursion running to get the final spawn. The last 5% should be the hardest to run.

- Also... fact is the way the system is set up, a lot of Incursions will not be completed. Concord LP should be an incentive to finishing, but you shouldn't just get screwed out of any Concord LP if it doesn't get finished. This discourages people from doing ANY Incursion work in areas, which stops the progress meter from ever advancing, and some advancement in that meter is what draws people down to complete the Incursion. Maybe getting only 50% of your Concord LP might be more appropriate.

Well that's my thoughts since you guys wanted feedback

Posted - 2011.02.03 20:19:00 - [274]

In my opinion Incursion in 0.0 is a fail

0.0 players live in 0.0 for PVP not for pve .
Pve is necessary for isk but is discrectionaly for player not mandatory .
All game type must be discrectionaly , for this reason exist Empire and Low sec .............player decide where want live .
Incursion is a great problem also for alliance war , incursion sansha can be a serious problem for alliance that defend or attack a system because
block suply transport and all activity and advantage enemies ally ........... is not possible that a pve type of game is crucial for destiny of alliance war
Alliance war is pvp game and destiny of war must be in the hand of pvp player not pve .
Incursion could be as a mission , player decide if make it .
Eliminate incursion or decrease difficult , too much time for eliminate it .


Kaotic Rhage
Malicious Destruction
Posted - 2011.02.03 21:39:00 - [275]

Edited by: Kaotic Rhage on 03/02/2011 21:40:31
How is the balance of the sites within their own tier? For example, is there any Vanguard site that is considerably more difficult/time consuming than the others?

The override sites takes up to 3 times longer to complete than any other sites of the vanguard level.

What set-ups are you successfully using for what sites?

generally speaking for vanguard sites we used a mix of cruiser and bc sized ships from at least 2 to 3 logistics, 1 command and the rest focused on damage dealing and omni tank.

For assault sites we kept a 50% mixture of BC and HACs with 3-4 logistics and 1-2 command ships. the rest of the fleet was BS types focusing on damage dealing and sniper setups.

Are there any objectives/functions within sites that are working poorly?

A few times we were worried about losing our civilians to ninja salvagers/griefers. so we kept someone rushing towards the can when they came up.

What general issues would you like to point out at this point? Anyway, we’ll keep looking at the feature (and the thread). Please note that changes don’t happen over night, but they will continue coming!

ConfusedTHE INCURSIONS ARE TOO SLOW/TOO FEW. today for example the ones that spawned in high sec where completed by the time i returned home from work. Yesterday only 2 were active in low sec. They need to happen more often and faster. There should be a minimum of one active in low/high and 2 in null at any time. IMO. it sucks to get into having this content to only see 2 sites in null sec with 20 gate camps between you and the incursion.

Posted - 2011.02.03 21:58:00 - [276]

For crying out loud could you please tweek it so that those of us who are not in the US can at least PARTICIPATE in this new content!

I go to sleep just as a new incursion spawns

I wake up just after it is defeted

This is F@#KING absurd, US TZ are clearing everything before anyone else has time to do anything

Liosa Rearl
The Lost Legion
Bang Bang You're Dead
Posted - 2011.02.03 23:47:00 - [277]

From what I can tell.

Vanguards are finished quite fast, anywhere between 8 to 15 minutes. In 1 hour 30 minutes my team of 10 managed to complete 6 vanguard sites. We didn't try the mining but we had 3 of the combat and 3 of the hacking. We had roughly 30 minutes of "break" while we ran sites or refitted as we saw need.

Combat very straight forward, easy to do, no stress at all. (I think it's called nation command something or the other.)

The hacking one, we dedicated 1 guy in a very fast cloaky ship to keep hacking while the rest of the fleet continued to kill stuff. We've more or less figured out even when not hacked we can overpower the sansha through raw dps and subtle use of several other mods. Even when we deliberately triggered the next two waves and had 3 battleships in the room it was relatively easy going.

I think that the vanguards are VERY farmable and that anybody else who thinks they are too hard should quit and go play some OTHER carebear game. As a PVPer and a PVEer I think this expansion was awesome and brought some good stuff to the table. The rewards seem fine however having 37821739217398 people blob the mothership was really anticlimax.

Already I've seen ninja salvagers entering our incursions and since they don't gain aggro very often they tend to make alot very fast. While I prefer the 1 fleet wins all concept, I agree that the other people who ACTUALLY did something during the fight be rewarded with maybe 20% the reward for, "Showing up". I'm fine with the rewards, as it is, some guy made 50 k ++ lp during once incursion. with 4 incursions in 4 days under his belt he would have access to potential billions. Don't raise the rewards any further. Ignore the carebears whining about not enough loot/reward. They want it? They work for it.

Thank you

Liosa Rearl

The VonBraun Institute
Posted - 2011.02.04 08:08:00 - [278]

Originally by: nathanius


You heard the man, please remove all PVE content from nullsec, including moon mining please, CCP.

Saxton Hale
Posted - 2011.02.04 09:15:00 - [279]

Originally by: MindRanger
Ok, so now the good residents of 0.0 have been imposed to a largely annoying element of PVE. Most of the 0.0 residents I know, live in their space because they like activites such as PVP, and some occasional PVE activities to make sure they have the ISK needed to replenish lost ships.

Enforcing this nuisance called 'Sansha Incursion' in nullsec equals to me the same coolness level as blocking all gates in a constellation with huge asteroid belts, which only could be remedied by a 200 man hulk gang mining for 8 consecutive hours, before you could use the gate.

Just my $0.02

Translation: This is messing up our bots' PvE, stop it PLZS

Christalline Submission
Posted - 2011.02.04 09:29:00 - [280]

For Me tey're a Fail in 0.0 . The Soverignity system is just too much hard and now the Sansha come here to make it alittle more easy eh?..... The combat system is a bit tooooo much harder. You cannot use expencyve ships to make this thing but the t1 ship are nothing, and 50 pilots in the main site is not enought cause you will get blown one at once. We hardly make a incursion in 0.0 but for 12 hours and 200 pilots but we didn't finish it. After 1 second we stopped it has started to replace it's power. Maybe CCP have to change this things and make it a thing that pilot can afford in Empire. Pilots who join Sovereign war wants to do only Sovereign War. Almost the Stupid thing is the same, you are going to make PvPer's kind a stupid missioneer and in any case even with 200 pilots we lost a bunch of ships and no isk in hand after we finished it cause we outnumbered CCP rules.


Marconus Orion
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2011.02.04 09:46:00 - [281]

WTB Incursion...

Christalline Submission
Posted - 2011.02.04 10:48:00 - [282]

As it is i complete my Post.

Consider if i am going to deal a big scale Capital fight. Consider that is the final fight or one of the last for take a system or a simple Pos or a simple pos refueling. What happens if i get the system cynojammed? What you think i prefer to blow: my Titan or Nyx against players or a stupid Bc/Bs against the stronger Npc in the game without any reward too...?
I consider Incursion that they need to be placed in Empire to get isk for Carebears, Farmers or simple Empire Pilots.

Pilots who join sovereign war Wants to play only Sovereign war.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
Posted - 2011.02.04 11:23:00 - [283]

Originally by: CCP StevieSG
How is the balance of the sites within their own tier? For example, is there any Vanguard site that is considerably more difficult/time consuming than the others?

I think I will just be re-iterating what was said a couple of times before for emphasis.
The Nation Commander Outposts are ridiculously easy to blitz compared to the time you spend on an Override Transfer Array.
All it needs is a handful of bonused webs and all the frigs in the outpost are getting alpha'd as fast as you can lock them with the only EWAR NPCs worth mentioning being the odd jamming frig per spawn (which usually gets alpha'd before it gets annoying) while the Transfer Arrays have jamming frigs, webbing cruisers, painting/neuting BS and annoying RR both from cruisers and the array (although hacking it is nbd if you got one fast ship, usually an inty, dedicated to doing it with hacking rigs and mids full of codebreakers).
Didn't really do much mining colonies, except for when we had someone with some leftover ore from a previous run. In those cases these were OK, I guess. Confused

Didn't do those much, because I tended to only fly with "trusted" people I can rely on and having enough of those available for 16-20 man fleets at the same time was something of a rare occurrence.
We especially went out of our way to not do any of the Consolidation Networks from what was said about them from other people.

The "ordinary" sites I didn't see personally at all, the mothership site is OK, I guess. Had one competent PUG fleet I decided to join take the rewards without a single loss at full payout rate, which I consider a success.

Originally by: CCP StevieSG
What set-ups are you successfully using for what sites?

In general: 2-3 guardians per 10 ships, obviously all armor. BS heavy, preferrably Pulsebaddons or AC-Pests/Phoons for Vanguard sites, Tachs/Arty for Assaults and a couple of web-bonused ships (Lokis, Paladins, Faction-BS/Cruisers) to tackle close range stuff for the BS. One Hacking interceptor for Overrides. Add scorps for flavor if available.

Originally by: CCP StevieSG
What general issues would you like to point out at this point? Anyway, we’ll keep looking at the feature (and the thread). Please note that changes don’t happen over night, but they will continue coming!

Finding suitable ships for your fleet is a massive headache if you're trying to get them out of the incursion channel. A Fleet Finder 2.0 would be a blast. Showing both the fleets looking for new people with fleet composition for the person looking to join a fleet, a filter for accepted shiptypes into a fleet and the fits of people looking to join a fleet for the fleet bosses. Possibly with added filter for skill levels (Logi V brosefs represent that don't want to refit to a second Large Energy XFer to cater for Logi IVs o/\o).

Also the reward mechanism. A fleet at the reward sweet spot should be weighted higher for payout than a fleet that overshoots it. Assuming that the server keeps a "score" for each fleet in a site, just multiply it by the factor for the rewards?

Pointed out before, having more overlap between the site classes optimal fleet sizes/payouts would be great for naturally "growing" a fleet from Vanguards to Assaults to HQ.
Possibly move Overrides to 10-15 man optimal with a very minimal bump in total payout would be a great stepping stone until new intermediate sites are introduced.

Originally by: CCP StevieSG
If there’s any other feedback you’d like to share from us, we’d love to here it!

*hear Razz

As a whole, I'd consider Incursions to be sufficiently fun, but unless variety gets added it will grow stale quick. But until I grow bored, it is by far the least mind-numbingly boring PVE to make some quick and uncomplicated ISK so far, since I never had the motivation for the logistical effort involved with high level W-Space (I just shot the people doing it instead which was good ISK too, as they tend to fly shiniesWink).

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
Posted - 2011.02.04 11:43:00 - [284]

As a quick PS, since I ran out of space:

People saying that Incursions are too hard need to quite frankly HTFU. I first went in with no first hand Incursion knowledge from Sisi, just armed with a general overview from the devblogs and some solid knowledge about PVP fits/tactics. It hasn't failed me since.

Comedy gold from last night's Incursion channel (paraphrased) "Incursions suck I just lost my X-Type fitted Navygeddon".

To further quote TomB from the first night of Incursion in Algintal:
CCP TomB > guys, here's a tip
CCP TomB > do it well instead of sucking

He's very right and I almost fell off my chair when I read that one.
Also this (To whoever shopped this picture: You're awesome Very Happy).

PPS: The regain rate was slightly overnerfed after the first night. Especially if there's only one Incursion at the time and it falls into EUTZ it'll be gone in no time at all, screwing the less fortunate timezones (late/west USTZ and AUTZ). Possibly compensate by making the progress slower? The last incursion yesterday was cleared in roughly six hours just barely going into west coast evening TZ. Alternatively couple the progress per site and Sanshas reclaiming influence to people online and active in the incursion constellation at any one point and make sure that any given incursion site stays alive for at least roughly ~24 hours.

As it is now, people start forming the mothership fleet as early as 10-20% away from the finish line, generally slowing down the last bit of progress and making it hard to find a spot in a decent fleet for people running sites until the end. I was at least twice in the fleet doing a last site to make it spawn and having to jump through hoops to get into a decent fleet to get in on the mom-site.
Add a 10-15 minute timer with the skull icon flashing with a text somewhere along the lines of "The Sansha mothership fleet has been spotted within jump range to reinforce the incursion" before it actually spawns.

Posted - 2011.02.04 12:14:00 - [285]

Originally by: Lakut

To further quote TomB from the first night of Incursion in Algintal:
CCP TomB > guys, here's a tip
CCP TomB > do it well instead of sucking

He's very right and I almost fell off my chair when I read that one.

No need to fall of your chair for that one, it is harmless in comparison to many things of the past Cool Besdes, sucking is not necessarily a bad thing in this EVE economy Cool

In regards to the actual Incursions, they are too easy. No really. There's a few simple recipees to it, once you figure those out it is very very very simple.

Posted - 2011.02.04 12:45:00 - [286]

It's unbelievable. What those Carebear say it's unbelievable. You are saying that, me, Who fighted in conquerable space for years and just now is finding his own way have to watch all his work destroyed by a stupid(i mean s***ker) mission lvl VI? You(CCP)are going to make our work harder or impossible in the case we get it under our way. What does means it? All the people is not Carebear. I like my kind of game i built with work. And it's unbelievable that i run an incursion for play PvP. If people who lives in Empire think that is BEAUTIFULL it means that they s**ks. Everyone has made his own Gameplay as he/she wanted. But who finally can live in conquerable space WORKING (not playing) 16/18 hours a day to make 1 hour a week of engagements have to play your stupid (and you know what i mean) gameplay for...... nothing too? As you can see most of the pilots who says that they're Great lives in Empire. Make it as solution. With this incursions you are changing all the Gameplay in every space. But still 0.0 and low-sec would have been left on theyr own ways. Noone would run one in low-sec and i belive less than it would run em in 0.0 or in neg-sec. I worked out near 3 years to build up my Gameplay and more Worked more than me....

Saxton Hale
Posted - 2011.02.04 12:58:00 - [287]

Delicious ROL tears om nom nom

I think they mad

Acac Sunflyier
Posted - 2011.02.04 13:17:00 - [288]

There should be a reset timer or something on the sites. I was in a fleet and we did one of the vanguard sites but there must have been somebody who did most of it before us and gave up or left. So my fleet and I, not knowing this, did the rest of the site and never got a single isk.

Posted - 2011.02.04 14:19:00 - [289]

What general issues would you like to point out at this point?

Well, as some have said, three Incursions going in 0.0, one in low-sec and none in hi-sec atm, when it should be at least three (up to ten or more) in high-sec, zero to three in both low-sec and 0.0 at all times. Also, please make Incursion fleet finder or fix the current one to better serve our needs.

Lord Ashen
Posted - 2011.02.04 15:37:00 - [290]

My Experiences so far,

- No Corp, very few contacts in game anymore
- Lots of SP


I have joined around 6-10 pick-up groups now and am at the stage now where I have a collection of Channels and regulars that I fleet with. To the point that I might for the first time in a few years join a corp. Overall I like the grouping style however I also realise that when I turn up in a 350k EHP max skill armour Damnation or guardian that I generally get to pick the group I want to join and so far I have part of some amazing groups and in total I have seen less that 5 ships die (3 of those first day)


Vanguard sites as people have stated can be farmed easily, not a great deal of challenge. Against what other people say I like the mining sites as I had a group that was getting these done in around 10-15 minutes for a while. Each site has its own style and I think if you are geared to do that type of site all of them can be done in around 15-20 minutes max.
These are not that hard, quit whining and adapt. not much to say, they are easy and ok payouts. Will do them for speed and also a great way to get a core of a group started before getting more people for larger sites


Again ok, done a few of these now, I dont like the spilt gate one simply because it takes ages for one side and the other ends up waiting and the hassle of splitting a fleet is just annoying. The payout is good and these can be done very quickly with a group that know what they are doing. You can pull these off in 30 minutes with the right group and most likely less.


Done 3-4 of these now, all fine, first run is always the hardest as the group has to get used to working with broadcasts (Focus fire) but once the core of the group has run it 1-2 times they become pretty fast and great payouts. The sites are generally fun and provide a challenge, the only real worry is a non buffered ship getting the alpha wave on each wave.


Well at first I was massively impressed with this on my first one, my second time I did not get a fleet and spent the time flying around in a zealot picking off the smaller ships, and did not get shot once in 10 minutes. The second time the mom lasted 10 minutes, and finally last night the mom fight lasted 9-10minutes at a push. I dont know how to improve this, the only reason it goes down so fast is because you have 500 people in system, but if you make it harder less people are going to turn up and in turn it becomes silly hard.

Lord Ashen
Posted - 2011.02.04 15:55:00 - [291]


Some of my issues with it so far

Losing rewards because people leave grid __

Yesterday running an HQ and the group at the end noticed 1-2 players missing resulting in 35 on grid. Mission was completed everyone happy only to find we had done it under the max number and lost a few million isk in payout and a few LP. I understand that this is to stop small specialised fleets forming up and farming these sites quickly, but I think that is a null issue and that there should be no penalty for having too few on the grid.


Does seem a little short, I have seen 2 invasions cleaned out by the same group, DT + 8 hours and you can spawn a mothership. 35kLP each for this 100%=0%

MS spawning and % of influence__

My Last issue is that around 10% influence everyone starts rushing to the MS spawn, the issue is that the % stops dropping because no one is killing sites. Yesterday we were running HQ and i am sure it was mainly our group running HQs that got the % down since we had been running all day, and did 2 HQs when the % was on 25%. When we hit 0% we still have maybe 5 minutes of the mission left. so we got the last % down to 0 and everyone else in the system gets the mother ship spawn while we finish off the mission.

My issue is that everyone wants to cap the MS yet groups have been farming all day to get the spawn to come, I think it might be an idea to find a way to reward players who have been getting the % down all day at the MS fight over people who just turn up. I know someone is going to say but your rewards is the extra LPs, but I am not interested in ISk.

An Idea, i would like is a delay of 15 minutes from the influence hitting 0% to MS spawn. That way all the people who farmed up until the 0% have 15 minutes to form up and find a fleet for the mother ship. Could roleplay it along the lines of "Sasaha mothership has been called for reinforcements eta 15minutes" At least this way, it means everyone can keep farming to 0% and then everyone gets a fair chance at the mother ship.

This present set-up of everyone stop doing anything at 10% wait an hour then warp in and kill mother ship has no style. FIX IT

Think thats it,

tl:dr, I like it lots, PuGs are not so bad, Today is sunny, and MS spawn change

Sothryn Omidira
Posted - 2011.02.04 20:29:00 - [292]

Incursion seem to have the same problem mining does: By the time I'm online, all of the good stuff is gone.
I tried to mine when I first started flying in Eve. But, I would find asteroid fields literally emptied by the time I got there.

Now Incursions seem to be falling to the same fate, where those of us who get on long after downtime will be left with nothing. So, it seems that I will have to keep running missions, because, no matter what time I start, I can get a mission, the same as anyone else.

Ai Mei
Starfish Operating Syndicate
Posted - 2011.02.04 20:37:00 - [293]

CCP I just wanted to say,
Dont keep these incursions at bay
keep spawning them in 0.0 to cause fear,
Cause I like drinking 0.0 whiner tears.
They say they offer no perk,
What they really mean is they hate to work.

Cause boys this is EvE
The blood thirstiest place in the mmo community.
If you want to be the best and go to the top.

Melisandra Palenis
Posted - 2011.02.05 09:28:00 - [294]

Had another go - Scout sites
4 of us warp in start killing targets - big fleet of 10 warps in kills more and we get nothing.

3 fleets all chasing the one ata time site spawns in the system, what a joke.

I recommend you spawn CONCORD agents which hand the sites out like missions to stop the fleets from all hitting the same site at a time. Then there would be plenty of content for all to complete rather than the waste of time we have now. You could then control the rate of the incursion by how many concord missions are available.

Its a shame we saw an immediate patch to fix the regain rate and nothing since - abandoned content already?

Posted - 2011.02.05 12:35:00 - [295]

Too few incursions when viewed form any given location in empire (26 jumps is like the norm) and they get done much too quickly for people interested to participate.

Regen rate...I think its too easy on the people now, it got nerfed too hard, or you need another method of controlling the speed.

What I would like to see is an initially pretty high control regeneration rate (but not as insane as before). And with plenty of south / vanguard sites to knock over before the main event, even while the main event keeps running. This way many smaller groups will have something to do and contribute significantly while getting reward for their efforts in the fight.

So currently, incursions are kind of do not exist for the average interested player, which is a shame as it is a wonderful concept and I wanted to see it like 3 years ago. We are close now, just improve upon it why tweaking a few things, and whatever you do, do not make the combat easier, bar maybe the instant lock issues people have issues with. I can understand that throwing a fleet away, just to get a foothold for logistics to set up right is a hard thing to ask for anyone going in. Don't dumb it down too much tho, as long as there is a way to do it right and come out on top without heavy losses, it should be fine.

Marconus Orion
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2011.02.05 12:52:00 - [296]


I believe what we are all saying is...

We want more!

More Incursions, more often, more sites, more difficult, more systems affected if ignored. You get the idea.

Are you still watching this thread? Poster above is right. Just the one change and then nothing after.

Golden Lyon Warriors
Posted - 2011.02.05 18:32:00 - [297]

There needs to be some kind of Damn reward for those pilots who help out fleets without actually being in one. As it is, every incursion site is full of people crying to be let into a fleet for hours and fleets not picking them up because they don't want to split the profits. It BS and by only giving rewards to fleets, you've excluded the odd man out from the Incursion experience.

I've actually spent more time in sites as a loner just they're to help then I have in an actual fleet and while it sucks to get nothing for your risk, it benefits everyone in the end so I do it anyway.

Mayhem Schizobadger
Confederated States of Anton
Posted - 2011.02.05 20:27:00 - [298]

Not really about the Incursions but the expansion.

Since the expansion my Succubus has been missing a turret. Thought you would fix it but still nothing. Just telling you so you know.

Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2011.02.05 21:25:00 - [299]

Personally I think the highsec incursions are way too profitable for something very low risk once you've figured it out. I got about 100k concord LP so far and a lot of liquid isk, never came close to dying.
If the highsec stuff is this good, then I don't see any reason for people to do them in low sec.

Ghost Festival
Posted - 2011.02.05 22:20:00 - [300]

Originally by: Marconus Orion

I believe what we are all saying is...

We want more!

More Incursions, more often, more sites, more difficult, more systems affected if ignored. You get the idea.

Seconds this

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