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Louis deGuerre
Posted - 2011.01.30 20:19:00 - [241]

In the overview->settings->appearance
'Reset All' managed to display the missing 'no standing' checkbox option.
With some effort I've got neutrals and no standings people colortagged again.

Only to realize it is now impossible to make a filter for blues-only WITHOUT including people with no fail fail.

Submitted as bugreport 106977

Posted - 2011.01.30 21:37:00 - [242]

Edited by: Tuyrn on 01/02/2011 03:24:31
I have a Mac. OS version 10.6.6. When I boot up Character Creation, my character is just a pair of teeth and only the pants and shoes load. Sometimes the tongue and outer chest clothing load. I have looked and haven't seen ANY information on this issue other than other people reporting it.

I has also noticed another issue. The sun shines through everything. Planets, ships, and stations don't block the sun anymore.

Posted - 2011.01.30 22:03:00 - [243]

So why are we suddenly required to put a shirt on? The shirts are all ******ed looking and unrealistic. Also whats the point of having a top if your wearing an outer?

Circumstantial Evidence
Posted - 2011.01.30 23:28:00 - [244]

NPC station reprocessing - info display is fixed, but base yield still at 30%. Can I have 50% please?

Ytamii Arval
Native Freshfood
Posted - 2011.01.30 23:55:00 - [245]

1. Just spent several hours doing a third CC customization for this character, with graphics options maxed. Finalized it, cleared caches, re-logged, and the new in-game/forums portrait looks nothing like the one I created, nothing like the one on the Finalize dialog--so what's the point of it? In the creator the eyes are wide open; in-game/forums they're half-closed. The in-game render added blotchy shadows under the nose and mouth, and added an excess strand of hair that looks like a graphic artifact. For me, this is just as bad as the phantom hoods and sunglasses.

It's getting insane to waste an entire morning tweaking the portrait only to have our work undermined by the garbage server rendering's random alterations (I won't even get into the slap-in-the-face bloodline issues). I've got an open petition on this requesting a reset, with the two cache images attached. But what's to say the next random server render will be any better? What's really sickening is that we reported these issues over and over on SISI, but they knowingly released it broken onto TQ.

2. Many in-game portraits for agents are still missing no matter how many times the caches are cleared, no matter how many times I double click on the agents.

3. EVE Gate still doesn't keep me logged on though I check that option on every login.

4. Releasing all wrecks in an area used to turn the HUD icons blue. It no longer does.

5. Module run-on still hasn't been fixed, though supposedly it was.

6. The couple seconds freeze upon dropping out of warp has returned.

7. Audio drop-out during combat is occuring more often.

Zeus Cuzzy
Posted - 2011.01.31 01:36:00 - [246]


Queen Cheri
Posted - 2011.01.31 05:23:00 - [247]

Originally by: Zephna
So why are we suddenly required to put a shirt on? The shirts are all ******ed looking and unrealistic. Also whats the point of having a top if your wearing an outer?


Damassys Kadesh
Eternal Damnation of the Woken Mind
Posted - 2011.01.31 06:53:00 - [248]

Not sure if this has been reported, but I'm experiencing a few issues:

1. Fleet bonuses sometimes do not apply for reasons unknown. The member giving bonuses must move to a different position and back. This appears to be random.

2. Every time my ship is destroyed, the neo-com jumps to the upper left of the screen. I must tell it to align to top (because normally it's on the bottom) and then back to bottom to reset it.

3. Not sure if this intentional (and only a minor bother), weapon grouping sometimes resets to ungrouped. Would be nice if it remembered it's state.

Rasz Lin
Uitraan Diversified Holdings Incorporated
Posted - 2011.01.31 10:15:00 - [249]

experimental contract search is great

but sorting on price workds only for WTS, WTB are displayed in random order

Midas Nogero
Universal Solutions Inc
Posted - 2011.01.31 11:23:00 - [250]

Weapon grouping resets to ungroup every time I undock ....Can
this be set to not ungroup, please and thank you.

Posted - 2011.01.31 13:53:00 - [251]

Every time i try to make a buy order the game crashes to the desktop, tried different compatabilities and overclocking on the computer, along with reinstall of the client after that finally started to work.

Kauyon Tash'var
Caldari Elite Force
Apocalypse Now.
Posted - 2011.01.31 15:55:00 - [252]

I'm having some slight troubble with the character creation part.
Since we got ourselves a new chanse, again, to change the appearance of our characters in the latest patch. But I'm experiencing some small difficulties with the "TOP" option. Where the T-shirt or the longsleeved T-shirt is a bit short in the Waist.
You can see it better in detail in the screenshot I've taken.

T-shirt Troubble


Noth Kin
Posted - 2011.01.31 20:54:00 - [253]

Still have no hair showing up in the character creator.

Lenore Leelu
Posted - 2011.02.01 05:13:00 - [254]

Windows7 64 bit, Hitting escape in client to get to settings screen and then returning to game, if you alt tab to desktop or other apps, the graphical effect that is applied to the eve screen under settings is applied to the windows 7 desktop and any applications and it cant be removed until a reboot.

Sinister Dextor
Posted - 2011.02.01 08:20:00 - [255]

May have been reported, but a different twist on the fleet booster thing occurred to me yesterday. Now I occasionally find that fleet bonuses are sometimes applied when characters are in different systems. Situation, main docked in system X, alt who is squad leader/booster jumps into system Y, bonuses appear to be applied, shield go up etc. jumps into system Z, bonuses disappear, jumps into system A, bonuses reappear.

One issue is, are these really being applied, is the grahic of more shield for instance, a display bug, or will it in fact apply in a combat situation?

Miss Rabblt
Posted - 2011.02.01 08:39:00 - [256]

few reports from me:
1. Shuffling windows. Windows keep change its positions when ship docks/undocks. Mostly i have this with windows Overview/current object and drones. Normal position is: overview on top, drones is above it. But sometime i get drones on top and overview window on bottom.
2. Occasionally "kicks" of chars from fleet. Not really kicks but disconnects to bonuses. For me it was in mining operation when 1 miner was receiving bonuses and second (the same squad, both are members) - doesn't. Leave/join fleet helps.

Stain Shone
Posted - 2011.02.01 11:44:00 - [257]


I have several problems which came with the Incursion patch.

1. Advanced options in the graphics menu disappeared. So I can no longer adjust color depth/zbuffer/dither and other options.
2. Interval option and anti-alias options just don't work anymore. Seems they don't save, or reset.
3. Missiles and effects appear to go behind certain types of structures and clouds/nebulae.
4. Shadows no longer appear to be anti-aliased, when i can get anti-aliasing to actually fuction.

These are just the major problems I have encountered and wish to fix if possible.

system spec:

Intel Pentium D 2.8g
Kingston 4gb DDRII
Gigabyte LGA775 MB
ATI Radeon HD3870 512mb
Maxtor 250g HD
WinXp Pro SP3
DirextX 9.0c

All drivers are current.
All DXDiag test show no problem.
All mem/cpu/hd test I have run show no problems.

Posted - 2011.02.01 17:17:00 - [258]

Overview Backgound works fine for neutral-standing and no-standing.


My overwiew is set for 0.0 operations (blue for friends red all other) everthing else off because it does not matter if a friend or foe got a bounty on his pod.

Gladfully i was not killed by a non-standing char because i didnīt see him on the overview!

I could see him only when i turned
security status below 0
Pilot got a Bounty on his Head
to ON

Changes on other standing behavior not testet

Sister Steal
Posted - 2011.02.01 23:42:00 - [259]

Edited by: Sister Steal on 01/02/2011 23:43:22
Only 1-2 ships icons were missing ...
but now more and more of my ships and ship blueprints are disappearing each time I log in !

Never had an issue with eve before (Dell machine, winXP)
Changing the texture resolution, other graphics settings and emptying the cache didn't help.

Seems I am not the only one with this issue


The character generator is boring...

Why not permit more diversity? Even in RL I see more variations than with this politically correct face generator.

Permit more tweaking (distance mouth-nose for example) and more extreme modifications (angle of eyebrows, turning of nose, more/less fat/muscle, etc).

The eyes are imo not focused and you can't change the orbit direction enough.

Rasz Lin
Uitraan Diversified Holdings Incorporated
Posted - 2011.02.02 00:05:00 - [260]

Overview needs real working reliable filter AND OR flags, Each option should be able to be set to AND or OR state for each filter.

Jared Tobin
Bloodstone Industries
Posted - 2011.02.02 08:30:00 - [261]

(Part 1 of 2)

Issues noted, petitioned, bug reported, responded partially to... since back with the 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 upgrade "issues forum(s)" which STILL have not been recognized as "known issues" nor have been fixed:

- Text composer for mail still exhibits erratic movement of lines from top of page to middle of cursor placement when using the DELETE key vs. backspacing. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

- Text composer UI for "Character Bio" is not fixed when involving any editor changes, including linking, changing text style (bold, italic, plain), colors, and any url linking. This was confirmed by GM Xamother stating "There was an issue with the HTML code in the bio (the code is not visible in the editor) and I manually edited the code in the bio to address this issue." A sypmtom of it is when you view someone's (or your own) bio, there may be an extreme amount of underlining. Only solution is to ask a GM to manually fix it. There: THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

- Text composer for Corporate and Alliance "details" exhibits even worse old Dominion "Patch-Crazy time" errors, including the odd inability to select text and link it to an ingame item, such as a character name. The error will attempt to read the previous 4-5 characters previous to the beginning of said selection. Example: let's say "THINGS" was underlined for autolink, then the error naturally says "cannot find [xxxxxTHI]". Makes editing useless. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

- When in a ship (or sometimes viewing a ship), and I do a "Show Info" on my own ship, whether in station or in space, the ship is a "big square image of crazy" better defined as all bit-pixelation of ALOT of bright pink, with some bits of green, blue... imitating ("image noise") static. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

- Charon freighter states its warp speed is 0.75 AU per second. In reality, it is only warping at 0.70 AU. This is obvious as the last 2 decimals that countdown end of warp do not change. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

- Major screen flickering (epileptic-like white flashes) occur for the entire FULLSCREEN of the game itself now, not just the "sometimes an occasional" star ONLY flickers a little unless view angle is adjusted. This occurs seemingly random, but feels more regular in certain system vs. others. One example would be the Abagawa System in The Forge. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

- Planetary Interaction screens seem to lack the ability to be brought forward over other screens in the way, such as the Science and Industry screen. It always will cover any P.I. screen open. Also Extractor Unit windows displaying a "program" will always be on top of other planetary windows. Suggested a possibility to either minimize Extraction Program window, or deal with the entire issue itself. THIS HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED.

- Planetary Interaction is not handling its ROUTINGS correctly. It usually wants to dump items into the launchpad and not reroute those items regardless of originally defined routing upon setup of a planet colony; therefore forcing you to create many new routes almost daily. I also would swear the calculations are not right. THIS HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED/FIXED.

- All container windows opened from containers do not retain their previous placement "memories"... or, if they do, they not remember their width and usually expand to show all columns available. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

- While IN GAME, all OTHER people's small portraits appear smooth (anti-aliased), but my own is horribly bitmapped. When asked how I appear to others, they seem to have the same problem, claiming my portrait in chat looks fine, but theirs is bitmapped horribly. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

- While SHIFT-DRAGGING items to another location (especially the TRADE WINDOW), sometimes the option to split a quantity of items is never able to be achieved. Eventually, moving it to a place and "drag-splitting" in in the same location only ends up to be the temporary solution. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

Jared Tobin
Bloodstone Industries
Posted - 2011.02.02 08:34:00 - [262]

(Part 2of 2)

Issues noted, petitioned, bug reported, responded partially to... since back with the 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 upgrade "issues forum(s)" which STILL have not been recognized as "known issues" nor have been fixed (continued):

- TRADE window remains in background constantly - similar to above P.I. window overlapping issue. THIS HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED.

- AUDIO dropping out is occuring more at random times. Sometimes only parts of sound layers are there (i.e., the sound of initiating warp is there, but the sound of in-warp flight is absent.) And lastly, sometimes the sound of jump gates will never go away. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

- Loading up in a station (or, on occasion, docking in a station) will sometimes show the station with no ship in it. The only way to manage your ship you are in is to right click the ship listed in your "Ships" window. This occured rarely since 2008, but more prominent since 1.1.0 was installed. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

- DAYTRADING seems to "sometimes" work for some (including self) and sometimes it doesn't. THIS HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

- MISSING SHIPS "sometimes"... and if all is there, tried INSURANCE, and "sometimes" does not list all ships that are insurable in the station. THIS HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED.

- When typing in one place (a chat window or composing a mail), sometimes, for no understandable reason, my typing will suddenly be placed as priority in a different chat window. This especially happens when a friend initiates a chat while I'm typing a mail. Next thing I know, I'm typing my mail in the newly opened chat window. THIS HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED.

Those are the most frequent or what I consider mechanically integral with game functionality. Especially the UIs of various aspects of the game.

Things "NOT FIXED" are things that have been reported and somewhat responded with "we'll look into that".
Things "NOT ADDRESS" are things that have been posted before or Petitioned/Bug Reported with no reply from CCP.

United Systems of the Allegiance
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2011.02.02 17:17:00 - [263]

Over View is still broken!

Rats still make too much noise / chatter

Still no option to turn off the new " Shadow Box " where system info is located

Stop fail patching, thank you!

Forerunner Ghost
Posted - 2011.02.02 20:25:00 - [264]

The client crashed as I approached one of the stations in Nedegulf (and my ship presumably warped away). But now every time I log in my ship (a slasher) autowarps back to the same station and the client crashes as soon as I arrive at the station, but before dropping out of warp. So at the moment, I'm stuck in a perpetual crash-loop. I am using the PC client.

My graphics settings were optimized for quality, so I tried changing them to the lowest quality graphics settings and the problem still occurs.

Posted - 2011.02.02 20:26:00 - [265]

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet.

It appears drones are back to misbehaving. I always have them set to focus fire. When I give them an attack order, about half of them will invariably engage a different target.

Jared Tobin
Bloodstone Industries
Posted - 2011.02.02 21:12:00 - [266]

Client: PC

I concur with the last post:

- Drones are behaving -er, misbehaving. The patch notes of the Incursion part 3 mentioned how all our work on "scout drone" skill was for nothing when you decided to switch drones to rely on combat drone skill. Fine, I'm used CCP/Eve programmers to pull a fast one on us like that, but with all "drone extras" skills up to levels 4 or 5, people should have more control (like we were all used to before this expansion and the "redo'ing" of skill prereq's for scout/scout-combat drones) than these little beasties seem to have now. Even the skills descriptions point to each other like two bad definitions in a dictionary, defining one word by referring to another word... and then looking at that referred word and seeing the first word being referred to. A catch 22... jsut with Drones. THIS ISSUE HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED.


- MAILING LIST ISSUE (BUG): I have a mailing list for a higher security level group in my corporation. It appears there is a bug: When you go to send a mail to that group, it first pointlessly brings up a warning/info box stating: "You are a member of a mailing list with the name Bloodstone Lead Staff. Do you wish to send a mail to the mailing list?" GEE, I think the right-clicking and selecting "Send Mail To Mailing List" kinda answered that one. But fine. I say yes to confirm. HERE IS WHERE IT BUGS OUT: If you start typing, and click off to take care of something and return to it, it will ask you that question again.... and again... IF YOU ARE LUCKY, you will be able to post it. If not, it says this:

"There is no recipient for this message, please add some by typing their name or by dragging one or more from your addressbook or any userlist."

NO RECIPIENT FOR THIS MESSAGE?? It clearly has the correct recipient [ML] in the "To:" section. This faults into an endless loop. Therefore leading to complete waste of time and cancellation of mail composition. Only way to get a mail through is to never click off the composer. THIS ISSUE HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED.


- PLANETS: This is something I forgot because I (like many others in this game) seem to attempt to ignore the less "meaningful" glitches and bugs that don't really affect game play, but this one is getting worse each day, I'm noticing: WHEN YOU VIEW A PLANET, every single one seems like it has one complete "ring" slice in it that is graphically mismatched, messed up, or, on some gas planets, purely black and missing a "band" with some pixelation of black along its edges. It's reminiscent of some ol Rubik's orb game wher you just feel the urge to slide the "slice" around to match with the rest of the planet (very noticable on plasma planets with clearly defined lines of this "slice"). Obvious 3D rendering error in the program code. THIS ISSUE HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED.

(Guess that was part 3 of my error list. I'm trying to keep them as condenced into single notes as possible, but this is a bit much CCP... just my opinion.)

Light Style
Posted - 2011.02.02 21:53:00 - [267]

And as it quite often happens, unfortunately, no any response from CCP. Saaad.
A lot of bugs and total silence.
Seems somebody have forgotten about us. ugh

Circumstantial Evidence
Posted - 2011.02.02 23:16:00 - [268]

Originally by: Circumstantial Evidence
NPC station reprocessing - info display is fixed, but base yield still at 30%. Can I have 50% please?

Fixed yesterday - yay!

Chad Lognion
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2011.02.03 06:11:00 - [269]

No color tag for nuets

Dorn Val
Posted - 2011.02.03 07:12:00 - [270]

Overview: I never had to double tap the tab key to clear "ghosts" in the over view until this patch, and now I seem to be doing it every time I leave a gate.

Gun grouping: If I group the guns in station then they stay grouped even when I undock / dock. But if I group the guns when I'm in space using to the new group weapons button they will ungroup when I dock . undock.

Exploration: I've noticed a significant drop in signatures since Incursions 1.0 that seems to be getting worse with each new patch. Hard to quantify, but it's like going from one Radar or combat site (3/10 to 4/10) in 5 systems to one Radar or combat site (3/10 to 4/10) in 12 systems or more. Even in relatively dead areas, and in dead end systems, I'm seeing the same low signature count.

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