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Peek-A-Boo Bombers
Posted - 2011.01.31 10:17:00 - [121]

Oh, noez! The game won't play itself for me! What am I gonna doooooo?????!!!!!

No colors for neuts? Whatever did you all do before this was even an option? Why do you even need a special icon/color for neuts? The lack of a tag/color is plenty of indicator that you don't know that toon, and it is thus neutral.

That being said, why did CCP even bother with it? Waste of dev time.

Docking bug? Working as intended. When you click dock when more than 150km away from station, you should warp to within the docking ring (500m). If you are not within 500m, you will not dock. If you land outside the docking ring, it should automatically approach. Once in a while it doesn't. So approach the station!

Another possibility is you are waiting for a session change timer to expire. Go into your game settings and enable the session change timer indicator. It will appear at the upper left corner of the screen as a rotating circle right next to the system name whenever you system jump, dock, undock, bridge, log-in, change ships, board ship, exit ship, enter fleet, leave fleet, or clone jump. If the timer is active, you will not be able to do any of the things listed above.

If you clicked "warp to" and your ship warps to station without docking, what is the problem? What difference does it make if the game says you are docking and then you don't, when you haven't asked for it? If you were involuntarily docking, then it would be a note-worthy issue worth complaining publicly about. In this non-noteworthy case, submit a bug report and stiffle.

Peek-A-Boo Bombers
Posted - 2011.01.31 10:31:00 - [122]

Edited by: Soldarius on 31/01/2011 10:31:34
Originally by: Morgassana
in these patch notes : Build 214371 to 221279 addresses Patch Notes for Incursion 1.1.0

Boosters and Implants

Low-Grade Grail Omega radar sensor strength bonus is now calculated correctly.
Using Mining Foreman Links in fleets caused the mining lasers cycle timer to go out of sync. This has been fixed.

I can say with out a doubt that the second line HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.
several times in the past few days, either harvesting Ice or mining in general, several of our corporate fleet pilots experienced de-synch, ending up with full cargoholds on a single cycle etc etc

I'll try to reproduce this soonô

Let me get this right. You're complaining that your cargoholds are getting filled with only one cycle? Shocked More power to you.

I've been looking at the toon pics posted around the forums. Clearly many of you have crappy computers that need to be upgraded. I found the character generator to be flawless in performance, though lacking in clothing and hair options. Everything worked as advertised and intended. I am very happy with my character portrait. So happy in fact that when I got the popup saying I was flagged for a redo, I selected "Do not show this again." and hit "Cancel".

Sure I would like the ability to rotate between a couple different portraits. But is that really important? No. I just bothered to try and make mine look good before hitting "Next".

People will complain about anything given the opportunity.

To be fair, the only problems I have had with any of Incursion were with text editing in text-blocks (mail, etc.), and the Incursion 1.0.0 overview bug. Bug reports were submitted, and problems were solved. Overall I am very happy with CCPs performance and customer support. I don't agree with everything they do. But when I have had issues, they have been very good to me.

edit: oh god I double posted again.

Renegade Leader
Posted - 2011.01.31 15:42:00 - [123]

I would like to see a better selection on glasses and the addition of hat wear and gloves. belt worn or shoulder slung armaments would be nice to have also.

I tried a pair of glasses and discovered I didn't want them. When I tried to get rid of them I discovered that they are like an STD. Once you get it you cant shake it.

Zygmunt Ground
Posted - 2011.01.31 20:50:00 - [124]

Iím a bit disappointed there arenít more incursions available to run. High-sec ones are quickly swamped with people and are dispersed within hours.

We all know running these in low-sec require some massive coordination or steep ship sacrifices. From the progress made I suppose the just about everyone agrees the risk-reward isnít there.
Null-sec is only really available to the entity controlling that area.

Today there are only two of them up, none in high-sec.

It is a great feature and for the first time in a long time I have been enjoying PvE. Shame I donít have a choice right now, however.

Miss Rabblt
Posted - 2011.02.01 08:33:00 - [125]

looks like this new char generator made whole Eve universe to group of brothers :D

every man chars look very similar. about 90% have black glasses and look like drug dealers :D

prospector oen
Posted - 2011.02.01 09:44:00 - [126]

do some thing useful with low sec incursions

Captain Oscar
Posted - 2011.02.01 16:53:00 - [127]

Short name for Sansha Incursion = SI

Ok I am realizing this whole Sansha Incursion thing is just dumb. Why do you ask. Well for people who are mining or doing missions, we get severe penalties for being in the system when the stupid SI ships are around we get killed by rats easy in the belts. They should make it where you say you want to join the fight and apply the system penalties to those people only. This whole thing is made way overpowered and no single person can do anything to stop the SI ships they are too powerful!

Sons Of 0din
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.02.02 07:16:00 - [128]

Great work on the character creator, and thanks for the re-do.

Will you be adding the ability to change a character's height? This isn't too important right now but it would be if we had Incarna, otherwise everyone will be the same size.


BugraT WarheaD
Astromechanica Federatis
Posted - 2011.02.02 09:33:00 - [129]

Hi CCP (and hi Forum folks ^^),

Well i want to say that this 1.1.2 fixed lots of things, but i think that lowered the Sansha's Rate of re-controling a constellation was a mistake, Some won't last more than a day ... Nerfing that was a really bad thing, can't you chack this ? or the actual rate will stay forever?

Floydd Heywood
Posted - 2011.02.02 10:13:00 - [130]

Originally by: Renegade Leader
I tried a pair of glasses and discovered I didn't want them. When I tried to get rid of them I discovered that they are like an STD. Once you get it you cant shake it.

Just click the x and they're gone Rolling Eyes Seriously, 99% of the people complaining about the CC are obviously just too thick to use it. Which is quite remarkable, given how intuitive and easy it is to use and understand.

Btw, the one type of character that always looks similar regardless of race is the a**hole-pimp-type: dark sunglasses, shaven skull or short hair. And that's because those guys do all look the same in RL. If you create a bad motherf***er out of the hiphop video clips you'll look like one.

Althos Silverwing
Posted - 2011.02.02 13:23:00 - [131]

Ok, mine is a little off topic but I have not found a place to mention this:

I am using the exact same setup as I was 5 months ago. Same computer, Same ISP, same Connection to Modem. Nothing has changed on that aspect. Only thing that has changed is that I could not update my Client from 5 Months ago, had to download the newest one from the site.

So far, in 2 days, I have been unable to connect at all. EveHQ works fine, has no problems with connecting with the Server, but the Client does not see the server. It states Status is Unknown. When I can Look at EveHQ and see how many pilots are online but the Client itself cannot? Seriously, WTF do i pay money for if I cannot play the game.

Imperator Sinntha
Posted - 2011.02.04 01:41:00 - [132]

2-3 weeks later...still waiting for my hood to re-appear...nothing in the Feb. 3rd patch notes about this issue of disappearing hoods

Vilgan Mazran
Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2011.02.04 02:20:00 - [133]

Incursions seem pretty cool in general, but still need some tweaking.

Lowsec/nullsec incursions the risk/reward ratio doesn't seem profitable enough. It is above anoms, but not enough to justify the hassle and logistics involved. Or alternatively, just run them in highsec with no risk and only slightly reduced reward (just being able to use super pimp ships is a 30% difference in speed already). Also, high sec incursions actually get finished where as nullsec and lowsec incursions don't really.

Likewise, the risk/reward on highsec incursions seems overly profitable.

Finally, highsec incursions seem to finish too quickly, and null/lowsec ones finish too slowly.

Personal thoughts: Slightly reduce highsec income, greatly increase the time to complete a highsec incursion, GREATLY increase low/nullsec profit, make null/low ones easier to complete. low/nulls don't need to be faster really but regenning on a ship death when we all want pvp seems a bit absurd.

Starzi Woman
Posted - 2011.02.04 17:45:00 - [134]

Very Happy

Arwen Ariniel
Shaolin Legacy
Posted - 2011.02.04 23:09:00 - [135]

Edited by: Arwen Ariniel on 04/02/2011 23:15:13
Edited by: Arwen Ariniel on 04/02/2011 23:09:52
Not a rant or a troll, just a sincere thank you to CCP!

After recreating my character, I got the crazy idea of trying the look of my character on myself in rl.

And the response on it has been overwhelming, everyone's loving it :p

I'm pretty sure this was not an intended use of the character creator, but thank you anyways CCP, you made one female player quite happy! And I'm totally looking forward to Incarna so i can try out new fashion idea's before doing them in rl :D

My new awesome look thanks to CCP

Sister Steal
Posted - 2011.02.05 02:31:00 - [136]

Edited by: Sister Steal on 05/02/2011 02:34:49

The creator should have two steps:

- the first is the physical modelling part that can be done only once (or two).
- the second changes the mood (smiling, frawning,...), hairs, cloths, makeup and position that we could redo as often as we want (or limited to 3-5 per years to limit bandwith).

This would permit us to change our persona personality as we play differently over time but still have the same character.

Originally by: Kerfira
Killing: Great!
Smuggling: Super!
Scamming: Fantastic!
Spying: Awesome!
Drug Dealing: Hell Yeah!
Slavery: Woohoo!
A SLIGHT bit of Cleavage: WHAT? This is a MORAL game... Get thee out thou satanic influence!

CCP simply follows (sic) the current morale: showing killing, stealing, etc in movies or news is ok. But sex and love must be banned. I am still struggling to understand why as the reasons I find make me uneasy.

PS: The issue about missing ship/blueprints icons is still not resolved or even acknowledged

Posted - 2011.02.09 01:45:00 - [137]

can we be able to turn the drone damage notifications off? Were not all drone-heads

Hakaru Ishiwara
Republic Military School
Posted - 2011.02.10 17:38:00 - [138]

Feedback: CCP breaks and foobars more existing features than they add quality content. This has been and will always be standard operating procedure until their QA department grows a pair and gets a better budget.

I had high hopes when CCP took a moment and pushed back the release of the full Incursions feature set, back in November. CCP, as a development organization, still has much work to do.

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