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Posted - 2003.06.30 13:54:00 - [1]

I would really appreciate someone on the development team getting back to me about this as I have seen many people complaining about crashes to desktop and other related problems.

I have about 15 people in my address book some are contacts that I rarely talk to but may come in useful when I need to. I have noticed that upto 3 or 4 of us are logging back on to the server at the same time. This always happens after I receive a CTD, I'm guessing they got one as well. The questions I have is; Are there any plans to deploy another server to take some user load? and if there is one already, how can I try this server instead of the one I am using? Is it possible we are all connected to the same server nodes? and what bandwidth do the servers have to the clients. I also have a friend who nevers gets a CTD (or so he claims)he has noticed 5 or 6 different people going offline when I do. I need to understand this can somebody help me.

I was not too fussed about this until I lost a cruiser on Saturday with lots of cool loot on it, I worked hard for it and now it is gone and I just wanna moan about it to anyone that will listen ;0

Posted - 2003.06.30 14:11:00 - [2]

Sorry... forget spec of system.
Playing FullScreen.

AthlonXP 2600+ (2.1Ghz w/ 333Mhz FSB)
1GB DDR PC2700 (333Mhz)
128Mb GeForce 4 4600 Ti - 44.03 drivers(DualView disabled)
USB ADSL Modem 256k upload /512k download
Maxtor HDD 200Gb (7200 rpm w/ 8Mb cache)
C-Media onboard Audio

No overheating problems cpu never goes above 40 degrees

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Einheriar Ulrich
Vengeance of the Fallen
Posted - 2003.06.30 14:28:00 - [3]

I have almost identical specs on my athlon, and ill keep having CTD´s, it is quite annoying, it happens when i warp, or are putting strain on my connection 512 cablemodem, get it fixed


Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.06.30 14:39:00 - [4]

What driver versions are you using for Audio and Video?

There have been some indications that CTD:s come from problems with drawing text from the chat interface. Perhaps some feature in Dx9 used by eve causes you to CTD when drawing chat messages containing illeagal characters.

Problems like this often come from problems with DirectX and certain driver/hardware combinations. Do a dxdiag and see if you see anything unusual there.

Good Luck!

Posted - 2003.06.30 15:11:00 - [5]

Hi Jehova,
Thanks for the reply however, DXDIAG is one of my favourites utils and all the reports suggest there are no problems found. Also, all the hardware and soundcard drivers are WHQL signed becasue they are all signed the driver versions are not the latest. I will check the exact versions when I get in and post on my specification post. Now that you have mention the text drawing I will kepp an eye on that, but I can not understand why if 3 or 4 different people are experiencing CTD at the same time (remember these are just the few I know personally) how it can be individual configurations that are to blame. The common denominators are the server "Tranquility", "DirectX" (Which works almost perfectly for every other game I have, and reports no errors) and the Game. I would be happy to perform any diagnostics on my PC to help pinpoint the problem. It affects so many people though, I wonder if the actually programming of the application is at fault and really needs to be addressed. I dont just wanna moan about it I wanna help fix it but where do I go from here?

I was deeply in love with my Omen :( <sniff> <sniff>

Posted - 2003.07.01 07:20:00 - [6]

Aha, Jehova said something I have been waiting to hear for some time now.

For some reason some text is hard for the game to render for some people.

I have suspected the damn chat and messae boxes being the reason I crash so much for a LONG LONG time as 99% of my crashes occur when some bit of information is being updated changed and displayed.

The fix to illegal characters may or may not have fixed this. As I STILL get numerous CTD's on tranquility (oddly as of patch 1095 on chaos I no longer get them as often.).

currently in Tranquility the most common time for me to CTD is while in combat or in an asteroid belt AFTER one target has been destroyed, as if somehow the silly message that pops up about killing somehting is to blame?

either way the Next patch should help many people on tranquility, and until I see it in action on tranquility I hesitate to say it's fixed CTD's for me yet completely, since certain things are always going to be different between the test and live server.

Hope you guys nail these problems ASAP.


Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.07.01 08:29:00 - [7]

LeviticusPrime, how many DX9 only games are you playing? Most games are using only DX8 features of DX9 while EVE is using DX9 only features. I suspect some video drivers might have a problem with theese new features.

Demangel, don't get too happy about my text redering suspicions. They are my own, not CCP's. I am but a moderator on the board here. :) On the old boards there were a couple of discussions aboput this perhaps beeing the cause of some CTD:s.

If I read your post right you are experiencing less (no?) CTD:s on Chaos, right? Hopefully this comes from the devs using another (safer?) method of text rendition in DX9 and not from your client not having to render as much text.

Posted - 2003.07.01 09:38:00 - [8]

Excellent point Jehova, I think this is the only game I play using DX9. To be quite honest that may be it, I wonder would it be possible to get a brief list of the DX9 features in use. So that I may do my own investigative work I do not know if you can contact the Devs get this but any help you can get/give would be appreciated.

Seeing as I got my Video drivers from Windows Update it would be to much to ask of Microsoft that they are compatible with the latest version of DX9 I will investagate this and post my findings here.

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Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.07.01 12:29:00 - [9]

I really don't know what DX9 specific features are used in EVE. I didn't notice any significant difference when we went from DX8 to DX9 in the test phases.

My recommendation to you is to play on Chaos for a while and see if you experience the same problems there. After the upcoming patch this might not be an issue any longer.

If you are still having problems try to play around with changing drivers. There are some tools available that makes sure your old drivers are uninstalled correctly.

Also, take a look at your audio drivers. They are often neglected and can cause problems.

Midas Tycho
Posted - 2003.07.01 13:55:00 - [10]

I noticed that before I fixed my hardware issues, I found that node crashes would cause an apparent ctd. (no node crash message but after talking to others I was online with, I found it was indeed a node crash) This would seem to fit the criteria for your problem as well.

Posted - 2003.07.02 07:24:00 - [11]

Yes I AM having less on Chaos, but just barely, and in fact some days it seems I crash just as much...

On tranquility it is almost ALWAYS while I'm fighting in an asteroid belt or people are logging on and off.

Also seems like one of the polaris people crashes about the same time I crash.

There is ALSO the outside possibility that the CTD problems arre partially server related.

For example one of the patches COMPLETELY fixed ALL my CTD problems. a few days later some server side changes were made, and I crashed once every five minutes again as if the patch did NOTHING.

In other games if the net code is buggy it can cause BSOD's CTD's Freezes ETC as well. I played Beta 5 of CS all the way to the gold version and a few patches above, I remember very clearly crashing now and then back in the beta days due to lag ETC, it was a well known issue for some folks.

so it is in my mind theoretically possible the error is coming from the net somehow.

Maybe I am in fact being dropped from the server without getting a message about it?

Oh well. As always Chaos is the place to find out. and yes thingts have gotten better.

I'm also aware they should be MUCH better on tranquility simply due to better/more hardware running the server ETC, so less reasons for things to go pop essentialy.


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