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Posted - 2011.01.22 12:54:00 - [181]

Why should I bother?

Price McChecker
Posted - 2011.01.22 12:56:00 - [182]

Edited by: Price McChecker on 22/01/2011 12:56:10
I love my second attemp at a new look!

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Drunken Wookies
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2011.01.22 13:29:00 - [183]

A lot better imo. Im happy.

Posted - 2011.01.22 13:31:00 - [184]

Edited by: Fastbikkel on 22/01/2011 13:44:41
Im still waiting for my 2nd recustomization. Im expecting it to show up when i log in one day. I still have my first one. Does anyone know when other people get their 2nd chance?
Im actually quite happy with this one, its just the lighting i realy wanted to change.
Did this one on my old pc, changing the lighting didnt result in an actual change.

Crimson's Girl
Pator Tech School
Posted - 2011.01.22 13:33:00 - [185]

Oh, you want me to change something now?

We'll have to sleep on it, OK?

Posted - 2011.01.22 13:37:00 - [186]

I'm pretty happy with how mine turned out.

Posted - 2011.01.22 13:38:00 - [187]

Another happy customer, checking in.

Solomunio Kzenig
Indicium Technologies
Hephaestus Forge Alliance
Posted - 2011.01.22 13:39:00 - [188]

Yup, have 5 chars, was only happy with one of my initial attempts, re-did them and I'm happy with the result.

Posted - 2011.01.22 13:42:00 - [189]

Originally by: Vysara
Another happy customer, checking in.


State War Academy
Posted - 2011.01.22 13:45:00 - [190]

I like myself much better now!

Mehrune Khan
Posted - 2011.01.22 13:54:00 - [191]

Edited by: Mehrune Khan on 22/01/2011 13:55:04
I was happy with my first avatar, and then his hood disappeared the second time I logged in. Keep in mind that both on my first log in, and on the character selection screen, he still had his hood.

I was happy with my second avatar, and then on my second login after the recustomization, he switched back to the old avatar with no hood. On the character selection screen, he looks like my new avatar.

I'm not upset, I have faith CCP will work it out. Worst case scenario I end up waiting until they offer paid character recustomization using plex...

*EDIT: That's odd. Even on forums I have my new avatar, but in-game I have my old bald one.

Lazy Old Logistics Associates
Posted - 2011.01.22 14:01:00 - [192]

Not bad, but i still found that the quality in photo mode
is much worst (less "natural"), also control the expression is so tricky...

still appears the old one....Shocked

Klauz Lycan
Posted - 2011.01.22 14:11:00 - [193]

i dont know what everyones problem with the creator initially was, maybe i did have them to but i already played a lot with it on singularity. so i was happy with my first attempt.
but i really spend a lot time with it, the cause might be that i already had to watch on a avatar which was a totally mess since i played eve. ( i dont know what i was on back the days when i created my first pic haha ) so yeah, thats why i really put some effort into it.

tl;dr. im really satisfied. YARRRR!!

Tau Cabalander
Posted - 2011.01.22 14:13:00 - [194]

Edited by: Tau Cabalander on 22/01/2011 14:13:37
EDIT: Helps to post with right account.

Meiyang Lee
Azteca Transportation Unlimited
Gunboat Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.01.22 14:17:00 - [195]

Edited by: Meiyang Lee on 22/01/2011 14:17:55
Haven't found a way to capture portraits from ingame yet (the option appears to have vanished).
But, yes I am pretty happy with the final result.

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.
A handsome Jin-Mei female, if I do say so myself.
(grabbed from the forum portrait, CCP where did you hide the ingame capture?)

Rayeth Sol
Posted - 2011.01.22 14:20:00 - [196]

Edited by: Rayeth Sol on 22/01/2011 15:24:38

Originally, I was wearing too much clothing. Looked great in full-body view, but the jacket in portrait looked too military.

I also thought my mouth was a bit too narrow, and I needed to smile.

Now, I think I look sexy and hug-able Very Happy

Before-and-after Pictures

EDIT: Image changed to a link, as per the forum rules, before the forum moderators attack.

Anne Arqui
Diamonds in the Rough Enterprises
Posted - 2011.01.22 17:51:00 - [197]

Not happy, Vherokior are hopeless ..... Crying or Very sad

Istvaan Shogaatsu
Guiding Hand Social Club
Posted - 2011.01.22 17:55:00 - [198]

Oh, I'm deliriously happy with mine. Just look. That's my happy face.

Unsteady Corporation
Posted - 2011.01.22 17:57:00 - [199]

Edited by: Xailia on 22/01/2011 17:59:51
I'm happy with my first attempt, I did do some tests on Sisi awhile back though.

The New Me

Posted - 2011.01.22 18:02:00 - [200]

I've seen myself looking worse :p

Khun SP
Paramite Factories
Posted - 2011.01.22 18:03:00 - [201]

the new character creator is awesome.

graphics are more than decent, and are a necessary improvement from the old ones. I can't imagine coming back to the old ones, even if only a week before we were using them...

characters look now more human, which is an important matter. And the sculptor is pretty advanced.

the only sad thing is the little variety of clothes. in example, girls can't wear skirts. its OK that CCP dont want us to desing p0rn characters, but still...

Green Gloy
Posted - 2011.01.22 18:05:00 - [202]

Just starting to go to seed, Perfect Very Happy

Posted - 2011.01.22 18:06:00 - [203]

I still just want my hood. But until they are made out of something other then invisible thread, I'm screwed & saving my 2nd redo till the hood bug is fixed ;|

Posted - 2011.01.22 18:08:00 - [204]

I am definitely happy with the new me.

Ligeia Serentis
Vector Industries
Posted - 2011.01.22 18:27:00 - [205]

Funnily enough, my industry/market alt (this gal) turned out absolutely perfect on my second attempt Cool

Antihrist Pripravnik
Scorpion Road Industry
Posted - 2011.01.22 18:38:00 - [206]

Originally by: Ataxio
I still just want my hood. But until they are made out of something other then invisible thread, I'm screwed & saving my 2nd redo till the hood bug is fixed ;|

Yeah... you definitely need a hood. You look like 400 years old Fester Adams Laughing

I'm happy with my second attempt, since the first one was too small for forum and chat.

Mia Sin
Space Ponies
Posted - 2011.01.22 18:54:00 - [207]

She looks more like she used to look now. But either would have been ok.

character swap
Posted - 2011.01.22 19:03:00 - [208]

Edited by: character swap on 22/01/2011 19:03:58
Posted on wrong character.

Lights in the Sky
Posted - 2011.01.22 19:07:00 - [209]

Thrilled. I had the same issue as some others wherein my hood wasn't showing. I was also unhappy with the grumpy old man appearance. I am much happier now.

Would also like to add a big thank you to CCP and a Well Done. They realized quickly that not having a "finalize" button was indeed confusing for a large number of people and they had a fix rolled out in very short order.

Not only did they see a customer service issue and reply fairly and promptly, but there was definitely some work done on the creator itself in the meantime. I speak specifically of the Amarr robe clipping on the arms and the boots. There is still some minor clipping on the left arm but the right arm was completely fixed and there was zero clipping on the boots.

What this says to me is that I am paying a company that is actually concerned about my experience with their product. They want me to be a happy customer and they understand the "little things."

The icing on the cake is that these character portraits are just drop dead gorgeous. Many of us have wasted hours within the creator itself and on these forums just browsing each and every new portrait. They are wonderful and some of the best are downright staggering.

Thanks again CCP.

Shani Khorme
Posted - 2011.01.22 19:16:00 - [210]

Was kinda happy first time out :>

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