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Dorkus Americanus
The Laugh Factory
Posted - 2011.01.19 19:46:00 - [121]

Edited by: Dorkus Americanus on 19/01/2011 19:46:45
Okay... for some reason, my new toon isn't showing up here in the forums... oh well. Looks like a ****ed off Jamaican drug lord. ;)

Posted - 2011.01.19 19:47:00 - [122]

Edited by: Uniji on 19/01/2011 19:47:42
but but but i'm cute :(

no face FTW

Posted - 2011.01.19 19:50:00 - [123]

I am charming

Joshua Deakin
Posted - 2011.01.19 19:52:00 - [124]

Well, Intaki sure isn't in the "lookers" club. The nose and the bulging eyeballs which don't seem to fit in the eye-sockets and when they accidentally do fit then the non-existent eyelids destroy the rest of the image... in November beta the Intaki male actually had some charisma.

Posted - 2011.01.19 19:53:00 - [125]

im not so bad >.>

Yago de'Jammarc
Aperture Science inc.
Posted - 2011.01.19 19:54:00 - [126]

Originally by: Kayla Arujo
Originally by: Funesta
You've heard of the ugly stick, right?

Some of you boys look like the whole ugly tree fell on ya.

I'm curious, do you go out of your way to make them look like that, or do you have your cat make your avatar for you by batting the mouse around?

Are you planning to make an avatar so hideous that people dock up and log off in disgust when they see you in local? If that's it, at least there's some thought or strategy going on.

Men and women view attractiveness differently, and men have a mental blockade against being able to gauge if their fellow men are good looking or not.
Like, I can tell if another chick is hot. I have no problem saying Megan Fox is foxy. Doesn't mean I wanna be her scissor sister, but it's acceptible.

I dunno if there is an actual biological reason for this are if they are all just scared of feeling "gay". I think guys just have a harder time gauging male attractiveness (unless they are attracted to other guys, of course) and just have to go off what females tend to think.

Also, men thinking they are god's gift to women is a instinctual survival tactic. Can't blame them, and it's cute sometimes.

I am not gay but I do believe I am more than capable of judging other mens' attractiveness.

To be honest my taste in men is kind of like my taste in women, and I would not be surprised if this rings true for most (if not all) people.

Things like preferring more symmetrical faces or less, specific features that aren't really gender-specific. I for one hate 'perfect' beauty faces and like a lil bit of flaws because it adds character. This is true for my taste in women but I also find it to be true when judging men.

Anyway, I modelled this guy right here (Yago) like a handsome and cool but kind middle-aged man that looks good and in my opinion I have succeeded.
Ofcourse, that is MY taste, and I do admit that I wouldn't be surprised if women felt differently.

Then again you say you can judge women easily, to that I say that your view on other women (when talking about them corresponding to other-gender judgement) are probably as correct as mine on other men..

Tylinn Rift
Posted - 2011.01.19 19:55:00 - [127]


Posted - 2011.01.19 19:56:00 - [128]

Madness! Well Madness! post-meds and a beard trim.

HUN Reloaded
Posted - 2011.01.19 19:56:00 - [129]


Joshua Deakin
Posted - 2011.01.19 19:57:00 - [130]

For those interested, here's a few Gallente beta faces, quite different of what's possible with the current version.

Two young Gallente males (the other actually reminds me a bit of a Brad Pitt (the shallow cheekbone): visit your user settings to enable images.

Gallente Intaki: visit your user settings to enable images.

John Packard
Posted - 2011.01.19 19:58:00 - [131]

Yeah I'm better looking then Brad Pitt (he wishes he could look as good as me)

jason hill
Clan Shadow Wolf
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.01.19 19:59:00 - [132]

i love my self Very Happy

Posted - 2011.01.19 20:01:00 - [133]

This thread is wierd and very sad tbh....

Count me in Very Happy

Posted - 2011.01.19 20:02:00 - [134]

Originally by: John Packard
Yeah I'm better looking then Brad Pitt (he wishes he could look as good as me)

a plagued rat looks better than brad pitt .


Judge Ment
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:02:00 - [135]

If I have to tell you again, I'm Sexy

Star Mandate
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:04:00 - [136]

just passing through.

The Pwny Express
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:04:00 - [137]

Your search ends here Laughing

Jericho Covenant
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:11:00 - [138]

Originally by: Cato Dregg

I am hot french man oui oui!

Shocked I too am zee hot French man, zis is my brozzer.

Posted - 2011.01.19 20:16:00 - [139]

Hi, I'm Anthony Kiedis

Watak Hunt
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:17:00 - [140]

<---- God's gift to women

....Watak Hunt

Krell Thannar
OCTAGON Conglomerate
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:19:00 - [141]

Interesting thread you've got here...

State War Academy
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:20:00 - [142]

Im pretty Sad

Tycho VI
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:20:00 - [143]

Edited by: Tycho VI on 19/01/2011 20:21:06

Benjamin Uzumaki
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:26:00 - [144]

I expect a retraction from the OP within the hour.

Max Manlove
Pirate Zombie Ninjas from Outer Space
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:29:00 - [145]


Ma Sanbao
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:31:00 - [146]

Its coz you havent seen me yet

Sig Sour
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:34:00 - [147]


Dante Marcellus
Belligerent Underpayed Tactical Team
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:41:00 - [148]

I farted.

Nemi Lethal
DarkStar Armada
Posted - 2011.01.19 20:46:00 - [149]

I think i did pretty good

Posted - 2011.01.19 22:01:00 - [150]

Edited by: Owledge on 19/01/2011 22:08:11
<--- See a streak of Scott Bakula there?


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