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Posted - 2011.03.03 12:29:00 - [121]

Fully supported.

Friedward Schnorch
Catastrophic Failures

Posted - 2011.03.03 13:47:00 - [122]


Joras Fett
Posted - 2011.03.04 03:02:00 - [123]

110% supported

Awesome ship design. Kudos to the designer, I owe them a drink. Fix the armaments.

Spiritus Draconis
Posted - 2011.03.04 21:53:00 - [124]

Please review the Gallente ships and guns CCP.

True Trade
Posted - 2011.03.05 10:17:00 - [125]

Wish they would give a reply, let us know what that think, good or bad...

Hemmo Paskiainen
Posted - 2011.03.05 12:37:00 - [126]

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2011.03.05 20:21:00 - [127]

Originally by: Ophelia Ursus
hey look, a bunch of people who have trained for [race x] are in favor of boosting [race x] my word this is surprising i would not have expected this in a million years what what what

I'm trained for every race and gallente could use some help, caldari hybrid ships too.

Bernard Newton
Garoun Investment Bank

Posted - 2011.03.05 22:18:00 - [128]


Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2011.03.05 23:12:00 - [129]

Edited by: NightmareX on 05/03/2011 23:15:24
I bet half of the players here that have voted support doesn't even have a freaking clue how to use Blasters to be effective with them.

They just whine that Blasters sucks because they can't get them to work after how THEY are using it.

I'm using a Megathron often now, so i know what's good and bad with it.

Pretty much everything except for the range on Blasters is fine with the Megathron + T2 Neutrons. Can't really say anything about how Blasters are on a Hyperion or Dominix for example, since i haven't used those ships.

I also use a Vindicator, and THAT SHIP is just freaking crazy lol. 235k EHP and 1.6k DPS + 90% web YARRRR!!.

I have an upcoming video (INFOD video) where i'm using a Megathron alot, so you will see that i will hit targets pretty hard inside 8 km, but when targets are longer out than that, my damage gets pretty low.

But that's how Blasters works.

Posted - 2011.03.06 05:03:00 - [130]

seperate hybrids into Blasters and Railers Operation skills since there is no distinction between Gallente and Caldari weapon use which there should be (along with bonuses - except for ship bonuses which new people don't really check into yet), make all weapons like Minmatar Cannons/Autocannons (close range fast dps) and Artillery (slow heavy dps), reorganize drone/missile/torpedo use for all races since they seem to be popular weapons and should be spread around

Blasters Operation
-Blasters (act like pulse lasers/gattlings/gammaxrayish dmg range)
-Energy Type Blast Cannons (artillery variant which detonates splash dmg on impact)
blasters use energy cells of varius types (ion/electron/etc) and when cells deplete over time the strength of weapon decreases by %percent of depletion
so 50% depleted cells would deal half dmg (repairing cells/replensihing them at space station would be like buying new ammo or players could use energy cell replenishers on their ship)

Railers Operation
-Railers (act like autocannons, fire charges which act like Minmatar Ammunition)
-Heavy Rail Launchers (act like artillery or missiles, heavy charges which detonate and explode on impact)

Laser Operations (lasers still use frequency crystals but the crystals deplete by 1% over time (50-100 shots) and decreases max dmg by that percentage so that Laser users actually have to consider ammunition/repair crystals at station
-Laser Artillery (focused artillery variant which causes a splash dmg against hulls of ships
-Pulse Cannons (pulse artillery that causes kinetic/emp explosions

True hybrids/SScience Weapons (require skills in both factions/races, require science upgrades, etc) -Particle Accelerators (act like artillery, slow heavy dmg)
LPCs - short range, extreme dmg
HPCs - heavy artillery long range

ECM Weapons
Heat Ray/Wave - scrambles systems causing heat thermal dmg which cooks the ship
Shocker/Electric weapons - overvolts the ship systems causing EMP like dmg
Sonic Weapons - causes kinetic explosions/waves of sonic energy whihc rock the ship and collapse the hull/armor
Freezer/Cyber Hacking WEapons - freezes systems cutting off life support, shield regeneration and thrusters/stops energy regeneration

Evil PIrate WEapons
-Xombie - contaminates ship with poison infection that makes livestock undead/infects ship and systems/stations ship visits, quarantine by concord
-NanoWar - nanobots that eat away the hull/armor of a ship

finally add middle weapon range of 350/380, 450-480 (bigger than 280 and less than 650/720) artilleries (laser, blaster, pulse, railer variants as well) for close range light cruisers vs frigate combat

also ADD more SML dual, quad weapons like dual 280s (twin medium lasers) on a destroyer/quad 280s (AA or Flak weapons)/dual 450s on a small cruiser would be a good weapon to spam against fast attack frigates while using 650s and 720s against cruisers

Alik Fall92
Posted - 2011.03.06 11:29:00 - [131]

Being a Highly specced Gallente pilot I can say that we really do need a small boost to hybrids.

Jonni Favorite
Sundown Logistics
Damned Nation
Posted - 2011.03.06 21:52:00 - [132]

Gallente love!

State War Academy
Posted - 2011.03.07 16:26:00 - [133]

Originally by: True Trade
Wish they would give a reply, let us know what that think, good or bad...

Keep wishing, hope is fine Laughing

Posted - 2011.03.08 13:23:00 - [134]


Posted - 2011.03.11 00:44:00 - [135]

Edited by: RisingDragon on 11/03/2011 00:44:50
Fully supported.

Posted - 2011.03.11 01:47:00 - [136]


Posted - 2011.03.28 07:50:00 - [137]

knobber Jobbler
Holding Inc.

Posted - 2011.03.28 11:06:00 - [138]

Ibn Taymiyyah
League of Gentlemen
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2011.03.28 11:23:00 - [139]

Posted - 2011.03.28 20:06:00 - [140]

Yes indeed

Sephiroth CloneVII
Posted - 2011.03.28 21:19:00 - [141]

boast hybrids, helps caldari and gallente ships that use them that are underpowered.

Make sig radius close to that of other races for same class ship

SkyNet Technologies Inc.
Posted - 2011.03.28 21:23:00 - [142]


Anshu Zephyran
Laurentson INC
Posted - 2011.03.29 01:20:00 - [143]

Miss Leatherpants
Posted - 2011.03.29 04:21:00 - [144]


QuanNet Evolved
Posted - 2011.03.29 12:21:00 - [145]

+1 Please make it so CSM..

Hallan De'estus
Posted - 2011.03.29 16:09:00 - [146]

Good grief, even the SLEEPERS agree on how underpowered Gal boats are in comparison. Sleepers target the greatest perceived threat.

When our fleet moves into a C5 combat site I run one of our Logistics boats in support. I spend a lot of effort repping other racial BS's. I occasionally have to energy rep the Gallente boats.

... and yes, the Gallente pilots have comparable skills to the pilots in the other ships.....

Inka Kaoru

Posted - 2011.03.29 19:06:00 - [147]


Katie Tanaka
Posted - 2011.03.29 19:23:00 - [148]

Yes, obviously.

Rage For Order
Posted - 2011.03.29 19:41:00 - [149]

Fix Please

Soden Rah
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2011.03.29 22:03:00 - [150]

For those saying the vindicator is great therefor blasters are fine are missing the point... the vindicator is what a blaster ship should look like. no other race needs to get up to a two race skill pirate battle ship to function like its supposed to.

CCP may be right in saying that blasters are just how they want them, but gallente ships are not suited for useing them.

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