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Posted - 2011.01.18 22:23:00 - [91]

I support this idea.

Lopsy Lu
Ministry of War
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:23:00 - [92]

Yeah, supported.

I'm ok with the way my character looks, just not how far away she is in the pic.

theL337 Corp
Roughneck Regulators
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:24:00 - [93]

Yeh.. +1

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:24:00 - [94]

supportedEvil or Very Mad

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:25:00 - [95]

Always Get one don't yeah O_o But for real Yeah can't apply an update and not Make room for Human Error O_o CCP Should of Pre-pared for this Very poor Planning in my books

come on guys Support it with a Bump!!Very Happy

Karmic Enigma
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:25:00 - [96]

+1 ... Had to petition because I messed up the expression on my toon, would be easier if they added an automatic process...

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:26:00 - [97]

yeah good ideaShocked

Ann Ripley
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:26:00 - [98]


Why not have them customisable?
Atleast some features, like hair, makeup and pose on the portrait.

For the girls: Who would want to be stuck with a bad makeup choice for the rest of your life?

Or Hair style? or beard?

Or having to have to wear the same damn outfit for 6 years... (my old char had started to smell seriously.... and the shoulder spikes that seemed like a good idea at first got boring fast...

Supported and signed from a valued customer

Y Berion
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:26:00 - [99]

Sure it would be nice to get another opportunity.

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:27:00 - [100]


Master Hamster
Testing on Humans
Guinea Pigs
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:28:00 - [101]

I want to be able to make Rhino from Bolt ugh

Kangaroo Rat
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:28:00 - [102]


Bjorn Kjellson
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:29:00 - [103]

Total support.

Jenny Cameron
Ordo Eventus
Inception Alliance
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:29:00 - [104]

Originally by: Ann Ripley
For the girls: Who would want to be stuck with a bad makeup choice for the rest of your life?

Well I must say that most people make their girls look way over the top.
Very dark make up makes a lot of characters look old and witchy, for instance.

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:31:00 - [105]

I'm happy so far, but I agree 100% with this topic!
Please, CCP, give us more chances! Even more for people which made mistakes in their creation.

Baruke Uzbad
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:32:00 - [106]

who wants to swap with me? Very Happy

Naterran Epos
Guinea Pigs
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:32:00 - [107]

After somehow creating this avatar, I am starting to question my sexuality Shocked

Jenna Yehlo
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:32:00 - [108]

Fully agree, some people are really unhappy with the lack of warning or indication. The four portrait system was not overly clear (yes the help icon did explain but how many of the male population of eve players clicked that, honestly :P ) and many have ended up not how they thought or completely ridiculous.

Bailira Johnson
The Angelic Crusaders
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:34:00 - [109]

As the ingame version looks nothing like the preview in the editor, I would very much like that. Also there is NO further warning when clicking "Save" in the editor.. so I had not really much choice than look like I had 2 weeks without sleep.

Octavia Redstar
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:35:00 - [110]

Edited by: Octavia Redstar on 18/01/2011 22:36:56

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:35:00 - [111]

I like my avatar.

However I support this idea, it'd be nice to mess around for a bit with it.

Ded Set
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:35:00 - [112]


Custard Mite
Hootie Owl Round-Tip Scissors Club
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:36:00 - [113]

who wants to swap with me?

Bo Selecta

Interrobang Inc.
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:36:00 - [114]

I agree. Bump.

Spear N'hand
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:37:00 - [115]

Originally by: Terrolph Trick
Co co co combobreaker!

I oppose this idea. As a pathological griefer, I think all those stupid people who failed creating proper character outlooks and portraits should suffer for their ignorance, just to learn and become better people eventually. All these threads and all the crying after every patch just makes me want to use smartbombs to dissolve this crowd. Twisted Evil
is this true, does CCP oppose What the original poster said? Probably not since they wont do anything about it.

I wish my bad pic was not so bad.....

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:38:00 - [116]


Soul Cadillac
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:39:00 - [117]


Posted - 2011.01.18 22:40:00 - [118]


Eddie Stylez
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:41:00 - [119]


When I hit the "save" button it didn't even ask me to confirm my character creation... For a lot of us this is our first time using the character creator. I had NO IDEA what the "save" button even did. I just clicked it crossing my fingers it wouldn't finalize my character. Sadly I was wrong... Sad

Please make this right for us CCP. Thank You.

Lights in the Sky
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:42:00 - [120]

/puppy dog face

please let me fix this atrocity.

I didn't realize save was the absolute end. I thought there would be a confirmation dialog box at the end.

I petitioned in-game (feel bad doing that considering there are probably people with game breaking issues) but this is really important to me.

Just waive the fee for a day or even a few hours. Would mean the world to me and many others to get another chance.

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