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Posted - 2011.01.18 22:05:00 - [61]

Edited by: Rampage88 on 18/01/2011 22:06:28
Totaly Agree think there should allow for mistakes after all we are only human plus I was pritty happy with my Old one would like a chance to reset my pic and try again I think a 2 week/1 month time limit should be enough to let the players get use to it after all I'm paying for the game So I'm the customer and the Customer Is Always Right :)

Siecen K'Solaran
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:06:00 - [62]

Yes please. Did you know that the characters can blink in the portrait screen?

This is a throwaway, but it looks like a stoned ****** just because I caught it half-blinking.

Amaro Tatsiko
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:06:00 - [63]


CarIito Brigante
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:06:00 - [64]


Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:07:00 - [65]


The Guardian Agency
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:07:00 - [66]

Another vote for another ugly portrait in need for a redo Embarassed

Lieka Centar
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:08:00 - [67]

Signed. Even though this toon looks fine. My main, and first attempt are not so nice.

Ak'athra J'ador
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:09:00 - [68]


Salva Veritate
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:09:00 - [69]


Posted - 2011.01.18 22:09:00 - [70]

Agreed - I'd feel bad for petitioning for it (and would be very worried about it going wrong..again) but the option to adjust our portraits with the automated system for free (just for a couple of weeks) would be great.

The complete lack of any guidance in the creation process and no confirmation box when clicking "next" means there are a lot of accidents and missed features (poses in portrait mode for example).

Arx Io Orbital Factories
Arx Io
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:09:00 - [71]

Originally by: Titus Phook
Definitley give us a chance to tweak for a month or so, both my characters don't quite look as good at second glance

I agree. I was lucky getting mine acceptable so to say. But it was pure luck. It was just by accident stuck on the good portrait of the 4. Absolutely no warning about the emminent editor exit.

A month or a few weeks to tweak and try would be nice. Instead of those 100000 petitions.

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:11:00 - [72]

Aside from just swapping portraits, I wouldn't mind being able to retake a portrait in the future.

Casod Sutherland
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:12:00 - [73]

When I clicked on one of the four photos, I didn't realize that would be my final EVE face for all eternity. Now I look as if I have a massive ugly scar coming out of my left eye. My terrible portrait makes me feel ugly inside. Bleh.

The Scope
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:12:00 - [74]

i wanted to make a really fat guy, but somehow it didnt work out Embarassed

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:12:00 - [75]

give me a new chance please Razz

Watak Hunt
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:13:00 - [76]

Supported. If only because the character generator is SO much more graphically intensive than the game itself it requires users of older equipment make a lot of "shot in the dark" decisions about their avatar that they can't actually see the effect of until it is hosted.

Kashanda Torre
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:15:00 - [77]


Marina Nightblade
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:16:00 - [78]

+1 Supported

Le Verrier
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:16:00 - [79]

Supported. Altho I am quite pleased with all the chars I made, there are some things I would love to tweak after seeing the result ingame.

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:17:00 - [80]


Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:19:00 - [81]

You had 4 chances (or more?) to get it right when you were snapping shots if your character.

Why do you need more?

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:19:00 - [82]


I really like my char but well I messed up with sizes ... And I'm really disappointed at the moment.
A few days or weeks to allow players to change their avatars at will until they found what they're ready to go with for a couple more years would be fantastic.

KaiDoh Maru
Terry-Thomas's School for Scoundrels
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:20:00 - [83]

Originally by: Ak'athra J'ador

lol Surprised

I'm loving some of the horrendous monstrosities, part of me is thinking CCP should lock the portraits with no changes even at a charge, some of these portraits are too funny/ugly and it will be a shame if they're fixed!

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:21:00 - [84]

STRONGLY SUPPORTED!! +1 ... please give us a new chance!!

Spear N'hand
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:21:00 - [85]

I could not bear to let you see my main, ashamed does not begin to cover it. she is an ugly monstrosity of a wretch. And for an Ex sex slave to the Amarr, she should have atleast had the look us Grace. For now, the best she can charge is to pay the customer....

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:22:00 - [86]

how about you people look at a certain sticky in the eve general section about the char creator..........

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:22:00 - [87]

/Signed. I couldn't use high quality, so turned down all the settings so the process would be smoother. Wasn't until I got to the posing process I found out that none of the posing/lighting settings actually work on the low settings. Couldn't change settings without losing character completely. My portrait turned out way different when rendered in high quality than it did when I clicked save.

Taipan Leviathan
Dark Star Confederation
The Ancients.
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:22:00 - [88]


People in Lousy Ships
Posted - 2011.01.18 22:23:00 - [89]


30 days only?

What about user generated clothes, hairstyles, shoes, jewelry, tattoos?

Posted - 2011.01.18 22:23:00 - [90]

+1 my portrait doesn't look all that good lol

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