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Mr Pikey
Posted - 2011.01.22 16:29:00 - [91]

I think CCP discovered we were not paying enough tax so decided to nerf PI down to either extracting one large resource or two smaller resources from a single planet and then (paying your export/import tax), move it to a third planet for conversion to the final product and pay yet more tax to export it again ready to sell Wink.

Posted - 2011.01.22 18:17:00 - [92]

Anyone experience a degradation of their hot spots? Under old system I kept lines going at same spots for 6 months. Now I hear some people saying their spots are drying up and they will be forced to move. If so, I'd rather do the clicks than have to set up new lines every couple of days.

Ulysses Icarusson
Void Angels
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2011.01.22 19:13:00 - [93]

Edited by: Ulysses Icarusson on 22/01/2011 19:31:37
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Single planet production of high level commodities is impossible with the 'new' PI system unless you spend more time in a click fest than before. By running short cycle times and alternating between raw materials pulled by the extractor, it can be done, but at an even greater loss in final product outputs than the 20% loss under the new system. I know it's already been pointed out, but I needed to add my voice to this crisis.

A solution would be to tie the powergrid needs to the number of extractors in use, similarly to how it was done before. This would allow greater freedom to fine tune PI to your own personal style and needs. Not everyone is into wholesale production of a single raw material from each planet and needs to run ten extractors to get the job done.

I'd like to see a new guide showing the optimal setups and chains of supply needed to run the high end products under the new system. The 'helpful' link to a planetary guide CCP posted on the splash page is 90% out of date. It makes me wonder if they have even read it. :(

Note: If CCP is reading this, I want to let you know that hours of trying to get PI to work since the patch has frustrated me to the point where I've also been considering cancelling my two subscriptions.

Paradox Fight Club
Posted - 2011.01.22 19:48:00 - [94]

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Originally by: Agrapena
god. quitting eve over PI? This has to be a troll. Tell you what.... go try one of the more exciting things Eve has to offer. Either that or you could troll elsewhere.

I agree, PI isn't the only thing you can do in eve. I'm fustrated with the new PI aswell but not near enough for me to to even start considering quitting eve online.

Pooned alot
Cold Steel Inc.
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2011.01.22 20:12:00 - [95]

The problem im finding now is you set your extractors for x amount of mins per hour, and it says your getting it, but you actually arent,so production stops. And after two days none of my planets are producing crap and will have to move them entirely cause the resource nodes arent providing enough base mins now. I only produce p2's and with this new stuff even in null my planets cant even make p1's without completely moving the colonies every couple days.

Deandra Walran
Posted - 2011.01.22 21:13:00 - [96]

Originally by: Raptros
Edited by: Raptros on 22/01/2011 19:51:44
Edited by: Raptros on 22/01/2011 19:50:46
Originally by: Agrapena
god. quitting eve over PI? This has to be a troll. Tell you what.... go try one of the more exciting things Eve has to offer. Either that or you could troll elsewhere.

I agree, PI isn't the only thing you can do in eve. I'm fustrated with the new PI aswell but not near enough for me to to even start considering quitting eve online.

While I'm not quitting EVE, I have canceled accounts that I started just for PI (less money for CCP).

The previous PI system met my needs and took far less micromanagement than the current system. I produced enough PI POS fuel to meet my need with a very minor left over amount and I no longer have those POSes. So there will be no affect on the market of my leaving PI (I produced and consumed and rarely sold), and my consumption of ice products was so small compared to the whole of the market that there won't be any affect there, either.

Posted - 2011.01.22 21:47:00 - [97]

Edited by: kylala on 22/01/2011 21:53:23
Not worth posting.

Celtic Technologies Inc.
Posted - 2011.01.23 00:33:00 - [98]

So much rage over these changes is just silly.

Okay so you have to relook at your setup and maybe some planets wont be the same.
There was always going to be some wrinkles with the update tbh nothing ever goes perfectly.

I personally think the new changes are brilliant.
Some of my planets have increased production.

and best of all

NO MORE CLICKING! all i have to do is spend 5 mins to do 15 planets. The rest of the issues are meaningless.

Also I like how the cycle time is automatically the same.

Some tips as a solution to the issue would be to remove the Powergrid and CPU requirements for the bunkers and only make the actual pins cost CPU and Powergrid. That allows for as many bunkers someone needs on a planet but still restricted by the number of extractors as before.

I think this would solve most of the anger to the changes because i'll admit its tough to fit 3 bunkers on one planet.

Zey Nadar
Unknown Soldiers
Posted - 2011.01.23 01:24:00 - [99]

Edited by: Zey Nadar on 23/01/2011 01:26:35
I have also been disappointed in the changes so far. The problem is that the new system seems to have been designed to produce more of the same material than the previous one, but at the same time allowing the total number of different harvested materials to be fewer. Whereas before I could harvest easily all the materials that the planet could provide, I may now not be able to. The new ECU's only allow one harvestable material each and cost CONSIDERABLY more grid/cpu than the previous extractors.

This has totally borked my previous production chains. And I kind of threw my hands in the air and gave up for trying to do PI for the time being.

I would like to hear who is behind this design?

Fly Drunk
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.01.23 07:35:00 - [100]

Actually, I find that it becomes easier if you set up storage containers to be intermediate material sources, sort of a "mock extractor" if you will. Connect each bin to a production facility.

Once the bins are in place, fill each one up with the desired P0 material. Don't route anything yet; keep them isolated until they are all full of the desired materials from the ECU. Once they're all full, link them to the processors, and then use the ECU to keep them topped off; switching occasionally to the lowest-filled one.

You see, a single storage bin can contain 500,000 units of a P0 material. A base processor requires 6000 units of a material per hour. An ECU unit can produce many times that, depending on the planet's own capacity, and the number of collectors that can be placed. As long as the container is not empty, the processors will continue to produce, completely independent of the ECU's current collection program. Since the ECU can be stopped and changed at will, you don't have to wait for it finish to switch to a non-full container.

So far, I am able to keep four production lines (in nullsec, mind you, empire planets are much more scarce) steady through this method, which is important, because a barren planet is required to produce both biocells and nanites (components that, combined with the productions of 5 other planets, combine to produce Nanite Repair Paste).

Liandra Xi
The New Era
Posted - 2011.01.23 08:56:00 - [101]

People who are complaing about the PI changes are doing PI wrong. The rest of us are perfectly happy, in fact some of us are estatic even, with the changes. Get with the game or as CCP like to say - Harden The **** Up!

KiLL On ConTacT
Posted - 2011.01.23 15:09:00 - [102]

please quit pi
so i can benefit more from the skyrocketing pi market
enjoy your stay in eve ^^

Posted - 2011.01.23 19:20:00 - [103]

I find always funy those type people , which YOu can find in every post. They always claim, tehy do it better than you , if you go its better for them. actually they are not remarkable players as much as they want to show themselves.

Yes IM quiting slowly. I didnt renew suscription of my two other industrial acount.Also I have two buddies from office. I was thinking to invite them here even to put some pressure to make them join. So I decided not to. Its HUlkageddon ahead. Also I see eve in wrong way as long as this restrain increases over industrials miners in order to increase enjoyment for PVPers. I think this is good way to show our's (players) unhappiness to developers. Finaly they see our feedbacks on sales reports not with reading here.

Anyway, finaly CCP admited the mistake on PI If you check out CCP Stevies post in link below

Originally by: CCP StevieSG
The Retriever is rendered yellow.
It can take up to 2 hours for your new portrait to appear in the game.
PI extraction and routing amounts are not correct.

So now we know also yellow retrievers are mistake too

Posted - 2011.01.23 19:24:00 - [104]

I haven't had time to fully evaluate the changes yet, but it's certainly true that it completely invalidated many previous setups.

Anyone producing a full component on a planet, or extracting multiple resources, simply can't do it now.

While this was billed as merely having to set up your extractors again, in actuality you have to revamp your entire PI chain.

The changes do not appear to be well thought out, with the ECU's costing *far* too much powergrid. Just to extract two resources on a planet with a single extractor each costs a minimum of 2600*2 + 550*2 = 6300 powergrid. Before you could run about eight extractors, on however many resources you felt like, for that same cost.

Someone who is strip mining a planet for p0 materials and running 10 extractors will see no increase in power costs - anything else will see a *huge* increase in power costs.

Any potential savings in clicking with the new ECU is countered by the depletion time.

I don't see this system working terribly well for anything other than using a planet only for extracing a single resource in bulk and shipping it elsewhere. Is this truly the intended design?

Bitchslaping Biatch
Posted - 2011.01.23 21:05:00 - [105]

I really do Hope that everyone who disagrees with the new PI stop their productions. Its the only way we have to make everyone understand that this way is not the right way. Boicot to the fuel market, its the only way.

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