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Judas Mulderrig
Posted - 2011.01.19 06:38:00 - [421]

I must agree with many on here - for such a well-touted in-depth character creator, it seems half-arsed in the end. Do so much with the faces to create different structures, and then for long hair, I could choose: Dreadlocks. Great.

I'm obsessive about my avatars. I've searched for years for a game that will let me create *me* in-game. Oblivion was close - I did make a pretty good facsimile, even considering the general frumpy tone of all faces in that Gamebryo engine.

So when I first saw early test screens and vids for this, I was ecstatic - finally, I could create myself.

So on release, I succeeded in making my face... and my full beard reduced to stubble, my long hair made dreadlocks.

That just seems thoroughly lacking - my Xbox Live avatar looks more like me than I can do in this, due to the complete lack of long hair for the Frenchies, or any race, it seems - save for the Liquid Snake hair the Amarr have.

Just a little more facial hair work, something a little fuller, and options for longer hair would be just so fantastic.

Because honestly, if there's no option in the end for it, I'll probably just cancel my account. I like RPing and immersion, and that's not an option as is.

Sergio Armand
Posted - 2011.01.19 06:41:00 - [422]

Originally by: Urd Laveathain
thanks for nothing as if PI wasnt time intensive before now you just added to the mix by screwing everyone out of making an profit with it and the charecter creation system is the second biggest pile of dung ive ever seen next to wow

Kinda agree with this succinct review.

Pretty limited options in the details and variations in the character creator .... If I'm gonna spend so much time tweeking with settings then I'd prefer to have more extensive options rather then just trying to see the subtle differences in 3 of 9 options that there may be :|

And PI ... was a PaIn and still is .... instead of *double click* fest it's now *click* ... *drag* .... *click* *tweek* *click*
And CCP's scrooowed everyone with this ... for example :

I had a Barren planet with Elite CC and 3 spaceports extracting 3 materials and making 3 products.
I took away 1 factory and the whole 11 extractors and can only now build 2 extractor controls and 5 heads giving significantly lower yelds than I was previously getting.

16,684 of 19,000 Power in use so not enough left to even build an extractor head let alone replace 6 lost extractors :(

So presently can only extract from 2 areas now which means rebuilding the whole PI set up anyway.
It was bad enough b4 having 80 PG short to get the most out of an Elite CC.

Surely there was significant feedback protesting this on SISI ?
I would have though the bloating of the client and limited diskspace prevented me from even getting SISI client up and running :\

Previously it was
1 x Extractor = 800 Power

Now it's:
1 x Extractor Control Unit = 2600
Pus 1 x Extractor Head = 550
Giving a min requirement of 3150 for one extractor

Which is a big penalty in extraction as you effectively lose 3 extractors.
The output per extractor head seems the same as the output per extractor previously on a 5 hour cycle so it's a big not very stealth nerf to PI.

Posted - 2011.01.19 06:43:00 - [423]

Don't know if anyone else is getting this but when I alt-tab EvE my whole screen is now stuck on a low light setting. The only way I can get rid of it is I restart my computer or I start another game then quit. Seems like an eve related problem.

Posted - 2011.01.19 06:49:00 - [424]

If I recycle my avatar do I lose all my points? Or is just the avatar dumped...

Iam Solo
Posted - 2011.01.19 06:55:00 - [425]

People here act like they paid for the new xpac or something...

IQ 001
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2011.01.19 06:58:00 - [426]

every single manufacturing / copying job has disappeared from my queues. from what i gather the copying jobs are still in progress since the bpo's have not been returned to my hangers either.

all filters have been fiddled with in an attempt to see them, still no luck.

Posted - 2011.01.19 07:03:00 - [427]

patch blows so far. what ever it did, it refuses to use my gpu. Now my frames hang around 27fps which was 60+ before.

gpu is amd 6850.

Posted - 2011.01.19 07:06:00 - [428]

Originally by: Nexus Aurelia
Let us change our portrait to one of the 4 upon login, you have such a good character creator but I can't switch between the presets I made for happy, horny, angry and pensive.

I think a posibility to change your portrait in this way would be a great idea. Before I read the help it was my first thought too.

btw the portrait is not looking as good as in the creator. ugh

I expected more from the editor. Sad

Emmy Mnemonic
Lone Gunmen
Posted - 2011.01.19 07:10:00 - [429]

Character creator is OK. Sure it could have more variations, hairstyles, clothes, assessories, implants, tatoos and stuff. But the function itself is awesome. I bet CCP has plans to allow players to add on such things in the future - which would be good. The question here is if we players will have that included for our monthly fee or if we have to pay xtra for it (in PLEX, ISK or real moneyz)

<-- BTW i filed a petition 'cause the character creator seems to have choosen another picture than the one I selected. Now have "silly-look" instead of "angry-with-shaded-face"-look...I hope this can be changed! I had used the character creator on Sisi and still failed in selecting the picture on TQ - perhaps a modal reuester asking "Are you sure this is the picture you want in-game for all foreseable future in EVE" <the actual picture> "yes, no" would have been an awsome HMI-concept here!

The new Neocom was fine on Sisi, a bit dissapointed that we didn't get it on TQ! The old neocom now seems so .... old! ;-)

Anyway, good work CCP. I'm satisfied with the completeness of the Incursion releases. I think many forget that you have made 3 releases over 2 months period, not 1 release!

You have made a good work, and I'm sure you won't stop at this. More will surely come! For the monthly fee I pay, I'd say CCP makes a good work in increasing the content of the game and adding new awsome features. That beeing the "bonus" to the actual game-play itself.

Now I'm REALLY looking forward to the start of the Incursions. I wanna ride on the God rays in my golden Legion! Twisted Evil

Posted - 2011.01.19 07:18:00 - [430]

Originally by: Jalimaru
Originally by: Nexus Aurelia
Let us change our portrait to one of the 4 upon login, you have such a good character creator but I can't switch between the presets I made for happy, horny, angry and pensive.

I think a posibility to change your portrait in this way would be a great idea. Before I read the help it was my first thought too.

btw the portrait is not looking as good as in the creator. ugh

I expected more from the editor. Sad

your chick needs bewbs asap or are they touching the floor?

Hockston Axe
Posted - 2011.01.19 07:22:00 - [431]

Edited by: Hockston Axe on 19/01/2011 07:30:47
The choice of clothing, hair, and accessories totally blows chunks in the char creator. Why can’t we change the clothing color like hair color instead of giving us a tiny handful of choices (though I’d say that those color options are pathetically limited too). Many of the intermediate renderings when changing clothes looked far cooler than the actual extremely limited options. I thought of putting on a robe for about 1 second until I noticed the boots clipping out through the robes.

I guess in the far distant future there must be some stranglehold monopoly on clothing stores so why bother having choices, it comes in blue/black, tan, and green, that’s all you need.

I would tell people about the super awesome character creator that lets you make your totally unique avatar but then I’d be a dirty rotten liar. Sure it’s pretty, but it’s also disappointing. I hope you let us redress our characters when you add some actual customization options to the creator instead of what feels like a tacked-on customization.

Also the graphics settings for character creation were defaulted to medium settings even though I had everything else cranked up, glad I noticed it right away (was all WTF they said it was supposed to be pretty) and changed it to highres textures, but I’d bet a lot don’t notice it. At least not until it’s too late.

Cyrano Jaymin
Posted - 2011.01.19 07:22:00 - [432]

1. The character creator is very nice; however I missed many of its features as I didn't know about them. The paltry help didn't explain much; welcome screens illustrating all of the features would have been useful.

2. I assumed all created portraits would be available in-game as I didn't see anything that stated to the contrary; something stating that the last selected picture being your only portrait is necessary, such as a dialog box showing a large version of the selected portrait and asking for confirmation after one hits "Save".

3. The Retriever colour looks like a cheap bleach-blonde job gone bad. I feel like I need platform shoes, a fur coat, and a pimp hat if I were to fly it again. It is absolutely hideous.

4. I like the expanded bindings; however, I really could use a "Launch drones" binding as well as a "Mine repeatedly" binding.

5. The Journal window keeps insisting it pop up (when minimised) or to the front (when a tab) every zone change.

6. I can't imagine "Dock" not being the most-used right-click station function; I would really like for it to be the first option again.

Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
Posted - 2011.01.19 07:27:00 - [433]

Very nice update imho

Even though the char creator is almost too heavy for my oldish notebook (click, wait 5 seconds, click 5 seconds :D ), I managed to achieve exactly what I wanted. People in corp chat all looked absolutely awesome, and there's much more variety in the portraits. It could of course benefit from more options for clothing, hair, decorations etc, and maybe more work could have been put into keeping the essential features of the old bloodlines.

P.S. Yesterday evening in Seyllin <3 next time I bring bigger guns.

Posted - 2011.01.19 07:34:00 - [434]

It may not serve all or be of much help, but all of those having trouble in avatar ajustment's as in facial minipulation should try the help menu in the far left lower corner, for each altrication... Also to create more selections you need to right click and hold down after mouse over of each item, you will find there are more selections as for backgrounds and as well clothing etc... You must right click and hold down and wait for skeletal light-up then keep holding down to manipilate each feature... it takes some pracrice as much patients to opererate but in time your avatar will come to life... before doing ur snapshot portrait be sure first that your satisfied or you will be stuck with it! Far as I know the only way it can be corrected is to create a new alt avater then pay out $10.00 to switch character...So try not yo do the same dumb thing as I did. I do not think the team placed enough time in for error's by the novice for us fool many hearted and not have to pay for Errored Avatars they should have placed a reload option when they thought of a back button... uh; huh, ya,in-deed..?

Incertae Sedis
Posted - 2011.01.19 07:34:00 - [435]

Originally by: Sparkahn
Originally by: Zilero
How about a warning that when you click "Save" in the new portrait generator, that's what you GET.

Seriously, I know the char look is not important at all :P, but when you create a new char you have the option of scrapping it if things are not to your liking after you hit "save".

With old chars that's just not possible and already I hear people complaining that "Gee, I thought I could choose a portrait afterwards" or similar stuff.

CCP, fix it so a warning is displayed when hitting save saying: "Are you SURE this is what you want to look like for the rest of eternity in Eve?"



ARRRGHH!!!!! I spent almost 2 hours drooling over the 4 different portraits none of which I can now use to swap in and out. The one I created, alas was the least sexiest of the 4 when I hit save. Seriously CCP Whiskey Tango Foxtrot... How about a little warning next time before I hit save telling me that this grin will eternally be in eve.

Ternyeon Schiktol
Posted - 2011.01.19 07:40:00 - [436]

I like new set of hotkeys. But seriously, why I have to select an object ONLY on overview window to make hotkeys work. Why can't I just click any object on the space and press hotkey?

XMX Corp
Stain Empire
Posted - 2011.01.19 07:46:00 - [437]

Character creator will be good, when be possible create something like that .

Diveo Slybovious
Posted - 2011.01.19 07:52:00 - [438]

Originally by: Ternyeon Schiktol
I like new set of hotkeys. But seriously, why I have to select an object ONLY on overview window to make hotkeys work. Why can't I just click any object on the space and press hotkey?


Ortel Fratic
Posted - 2011.01.19 07:54:00 - [439]

Originally by: Kasarch
Character creator will be good, when be possible create something like that .

OMFG!!! I want that so badly...

Datdaar Vanmestvaalt
Muggers Inc.
Posted - 2011.01.19 08:02:00 - [440]

Originally by: IQ 001
every single manufacturing / copying job has disappeared from my queues. from what i gather the copying jobs are still in progress since the bpo's have not been returned to my hangers either.

all filters have been fiddled with in an attempt to see them, still no luck.
The same happened to me. I found out that the dates on the tab are wrong. In the 'From date xx-xx-xxxx To date xx-xx-xxxx (which allows to search for jobs started/ending at a certain date) the second date is the same as the first. So unless you have jobs starting and ending on that exact date, you get no results. Changing the second date to today's date solved the problem for me. Hope it helps.

Posted - 2011.01.19 08:07:00 - [441]

all u guys ranting about a little picture, its just pathetic, maybe u wanna check out some other game like wow.

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.01.19 08:08:00 - [442]


I am highly upset that there were not enough options to make my toon look and pose exactly like Techno Viking. I am immediately unsubbing all of my accounts (I have 23). I intended to train as many toons as I needed to clear belts in my home mission system within 3 mins.; but alas, I must join the ranks of a million leather wearing space yuppies. This is unacceptable, appearance is VERY IMPORTANT. This whole expansion has disrupted my chi, and I cannot even finish my daily affirmations due to my online identity crisis. I'm am STRONGLY considering legal action. I need to look the same as I did before only better, with better clothes, not Asian, and an epic ****ton more like Techno Viking.


P.S. See my new picture CCP? That's smug disregard for all the time, effort, and expertise you SUPPOSEDLY invested in this expansion you didn't make me pay for.

Posted - 2011.01.19 08:25:00 - [443]

Originally by: Iam Solo
People here act like they paid for the new xpac or something...

Actually we did, but I see your point.
If this was a optional expansion I had to pay for I would be ecstatic... but it isn't.
Why would anyone pay for a expansion that ****es them off? Guess what? They wouldn't...

Desh Vors
Posted - 2011.01.19 08:30:00 - [444]

Edited by: Desh Vors on 19/01/2011 08:31:55
- Retriever and Mackinaw - Whats with the colours?! just no.

- The Station Tab doesnt appear when I first log in - its hidden away, and when it does appear, its gone nuts. A single line of buttons across my screen. Seems to reset to normal if I leave the station and re-dock

Also - my drones dont seem to be working properly - they dont auto attack stuff attacking me when set to aggressive, and the short cuts I've set for them dont seem to be working.


Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2011.01.19 08:31:00 - [445]

i want my tribal tatoos back.

theyre part of the official backstory and the roleplay.

hand them back to be please, i had them from my birth on and i got used to them.

best regards
zoolkhan, brutor tribe

Posted - 2011.01.19 08:32:00 - [446]

Edited by: ROD04 on 19/01/2011 08:33:26
hmm.... so many critics, yet those same critics aren't qualified to design even a stickman. but i guess since its the feedback you gotta take the "pros" with the "cons".btw ccp great job on the expansion

on another note is their a tutorial on the new extractors for PI. cause i was wondering if one extractor can extract diff. types of minerals each with a different cycle to use up the cpu instead of spending 500 power + 110 power just for one extractor head

Zarox Ilphukeira
Oberon Incorporated
Posted - 2011.01.19 08:33:00 - [447]


I dont know where to Start but this so called Expansion is just crap.

We have seen a lot of runt here about the Character Editor but well... the pictures are too small anyway do recognise someone so I dont care.
From my perspective the old pictures were good and there was no need to change them.
Apart from the fact that you cant recreate your old portrait with the new Editor...

But there are further thinks that are just plain stupid:

The Cyno change
Wtf were you thinking?
Well this might increase the chances for a few more Capital Kills in Fleets but it basicaly makes moving your own Cap solo impossible.
Actualy CCP do you fly Capitals??

Sansha Incursions.
While the idea itself to hotdrop Sanshas into peacfull systems is stupid enough its only causing turmoil and thats the last thing you want to have in Eve.
There is allread a lot of turmoil around in the Warfare business.
And then Cynojamming systmes where Sanshas are in is just an idiots idea.
You cant even bring Capitals to get rid of that pest fast nor move your fleets around.
So the best time to invade your oponent is when he has a stupid invasion to handle.

If it would not be for all the Friends I have in this game I would Quit right here and now.
From your behavior lately its iobvious that you are desperate for RL Money. Well this kind of expansions that ****es off almost every kind of player in this game is not the way to go if you want more subscriptions.

Enjoy the number of active players drop.

Posted - 2011.01.19 08:35:00 - [448]

Normally I play the game rather than commenting on the forums about it (as I did after the patch, had some great fun with my corp about how char pictures turned out, the ovious stupid ones as well as picking up operations right after a bit of staring and watching)

Now that im done playing my feedback:

+ Download and update of the client went without any issue
+ Char creator ran smoothly and without much issues I was able to create my chars ( I do have a high spec rig)
+ I was able to make a well/good looking character that I wanted to keep with the editor for my main that was most important for me and it worked out.

- Far, far too few options, I miss direly tatoos which were part of my avatar for years. The characters look like they are going for a bar round in the 80's to 90's but no clothing would reveal that they are a future space faring race. No nice doodas. All in all the customization options are totally underwhelming.
- No real good hair and colour options, ive seen f2p games that have way better customization (maybe not as highres but i can live with not uber graphics if they actually look nice and diverse)
- I picked the wrong background since it wouldnt save the picture I highlighted but instead the last taken one (im just glad for my main I had the right posture and looks on all 4 and only fiddled with background)

- Wormholes now bounce you off, my orca didnt like blowing 50km away after landing at the bm for a wormhole. FIX THIS!
- Wormholes uncloak you at a much farther range now and it is a horror to scout systems with enemies in them because you cant cloak right off the hole and need to motor away.

- Bugs left to right, at some point i was not able to steer my ship until i did 3 relogs and clearing of cache, it told me i have 0 room of cargospace. So i was sitting there in expensive Loki unable to do anything because my ship bugged out... next to a wormhole in w-space...

- PI my god I have no clue who smoked bad stuff while designing it. I figured out how the extraction process works, but i have no clue how much i really extract.
Extraction rates vary from cycle to cycle, the advertised "amount per hour" is by far not what is put out. How am I supposed to organise and plan a multi planet operation as well as pos fuel production?

- I had to stop my extraction process, first i had an output of like 20k units, after i redid some stuff it suddenly went down to 15k. After that i tried stopping again, made no changes... down to 10k. What is going on with the values displayed for extraction?

- Where is the beta new Neocom and the overworked Contracts menu?!

all in all, as a player I did the same what I normally do, pvp in wormhole space. As far as the experience of the new patch goes it is 90% negative and 10% laughing over stupid looking characters.

CCP this is not commiting to excellence, this is messing up features that could be good big time.

5 Inch Incorporated
Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2011.01.19 08:36:00 - [449]

Ok so my feedback

1) Character creator SUX hard, i wish i can get my old char back. I hope its unfinished and we will get more options soon. There are limits everywhere. Again it SUX

2) Why you changed button order again!!!! And did someone actually think about that Dock button on bottom. I think most of the times i want dock so i use it often, why is it last option?!

3) I like PI, thanks CCP for this. Finally its useful for normal ppl.

4) Improvements in POS fuel window, great

5) Improvements in contract, great. Cant wait to get rest of new contract system.

MarcAnge Draco
Posted - 2011.01.19 08:40:00 - [450]

Edited by: MarcAnge Draco on 19/01/2011 08:54:35
Character Creator has potential and the results are far superior than the old avatars, but there are some bad calls on how the CC is implemented.

Suggestions for improvement:

• When editing the character, stop the moving background and the head/eye movements etc. It makes the frame rate crappy and it makes it difficult to sculpt it properly because the head is bobbing all over the place.

• Make a button that toggles the head/eye movements on and off, and eliminate the needless rotating graphic behind the head. It does NOTHING but add lag to the editor.

• As others have noted, making the warning about saving the new avatar, such as a warning dialog box before committing is critical

• Add the ability to do two-tone facial hair

• Add the ability to create salt-n-pepper "older" hair coloring for men

• Add more hairstyles, ones that look they belong on someone who isn't a twenty something

• Allow more jaw-line sculpting (all the Gallente jaw-lines on the men look like GQ stand-ins)

• Different styles of facial hair are needed as well. Several mustaches (just stache's) would help a lot since the only stand-alone mustache for the Gallente men looks like a Freddie Mercury ****-stash

• All the sunglasses are lame looking aviator style glasses. Mix them up with more styles, and have regular (stylish) reading glasses, etc.

• Have long-sleeve shirts for the men and not just club/gym-rat style shirts.

• Add a variety of business style suits (many of us play CEOs/leaders of corporations)

• Allow changes in height (this seriously limits the overall body look to basically tall slim body types)

• Allow making very different body types (even when reducing musculature to min. and weight to max. you still don't get someone who is anywhere near overweight... this should be an option).

• Likewise, the posing is very limited in making facial expressions (can't make genuine smiles)

On the whole, I found the CC a good first stab, but needs some serious upgrading. If CCP were to take these (and the numerous other suggestions that people are offering) seriously and roll them into the next rev. (and allow people to fix the avatars when/if these much needed improvements are implemented) it would go a long way to achieving a great CC.

PI changes seem good for the most part, however some comments/suggestions:

• You still can't see basic ship controls in planet mode, like being able to see/active mining modules (or example) while in Plant View mode. This still makes it a massive headache when in the middle of dealing with colonies while out mining, you need to restart a mining laser, etc. and have to exit PI mode just to see which mining laser had its asteroid depleted.

•Still unclear if you can set-up routing between storage modules

• Still can't seem to nickname any colony/planet assets

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