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Gareth Ultari
Posted - 2011.01.19 04:03:00 - [391]

its pretty amazing how many asses CCP chapped on this one...

after a big win with the learning skill removal

Chris Camcer
Posted - 2011.01.19 04:03:00 - [392]

Gang bonuses & links are broken with latest patch for some odd reason.

Form fleet with two characters, one as squad member and one as squad commander.
Undock squad commander; no bonuses... good!
Undock squad member; commander gets bonuses, member does not.

Two people confirming this behaviour so far.

Posted - 2011.01.19 04:05:00 - [393]

LOL I just saw the Retriever on the market.
Someone tell me what the hell exactly is the point of it being bright gold now? Is it like a "shoot me, I have lots of stuff in my cargo bay" type of skin?

I mean come on, I don't hate CCP for this update or anything, but did someone get REALLY bored?
I don't see a point for it and it looks kinda laughable now but hey, whatever floats their boat...

Urd Laveathain
Posted - 2011.01.19 04:06:00 - [394]

thanks for nothing as if PI wasnt time intensive before now you just added to the mix by screwing everyone out of making an profit with it and the charecter creation system is the second biggest pile of dung ive ever seen next to wow

Posted - 2011.01.19 04:11:00 - [395]

Edited by: Kerobani on 19/01/2011 04:33:55
Now that I've had the opportunity to test the new Planetary Interaction features, I am more pleased with this release. Every change to PI was a significant improvement. My only request is a larger and graduated slider to change extraction area size. It's hard to eyeball what one day looks like on a 14-day slider a three centimeters longVery Happy

In summary I'm lukewarm to the character creator (see post number 328), and very impressed with the new PI elements.

Posted - 2011.01.19 04:20:00 - [396]

Originally by: Mr Cleann
Originally by: Divenia
Just saw my Retriever... *washes eyes out with bleach*

LMAO your avatar looks like a kid out of middle school.

It's the best I could do with her at this point. How about creating yours first before laughing at others.

Dalton Vanadis
Posted - 2011.01.19 04:28:00 - [397]

Edited by: Dalton Vanadis on 23/01/2011 02:26:39
Edited by: Dalton Vanadis on 19/01/2011 04:38:37
I'm relatively okay with the character creator. It's nice, not great, but nice. And hopefully they'll roll out better options come incarna that can be more readily modified. At the end of the day though, I'm here to fly a spaceship and while I think my character portrait looks badass and I got to get rid of the toon with eyes pulled too close, I'm not too broken up about it either way.

I am a bit bummed that there was no big special event today to mark the namesake of the expansion and that we have to wait yet another week for any of that content to even start showing up.

The keyboard shortcuts are nice. However there are a few things I would love to see added, such as an option to launch drones, or access the contextual menu for items, or access and interact with bookmarks via keyboard shortcuts. Plus other little things, just to give the feature set full access. Otherwise, it's great, but more of a pain in the ass than it's worth, at least for me. Being in a wormhole means I live on bookmarks... And it would be nice to bind the camera to some keys as well.

I'm a little bummed that a few of the features talked about like new forums (EDIT: Sorry, didn't realize this was a separate thing, still wish it would come out sooner rather than later though), neocom, contracts, etc. weren't added in with this release.

Otherwise, I'm a fan of the PI improvements, makes life a bit easier and less of a click fest.

EVE voice doesn't seem to be working on EVE Gate. And it would be nice to see that functionality extended to mobile operating systems in some way sometime soon.

Also with EVE Gate, it would be nice if there was more integration with outside services, like being able to forward mail and notifications to an external mail service like gmail, or have access to an IM extension so people can be notified of some big shindig by their contacts if they aren't logged in. I'd happily postpone ochem work an hour or three for an exciting op, but I won't know about it unless someone tells me, because I'm not on eve 24/7, as much as I may want to be.

I think everyone has pretty much already bashed you guys enough already on the other flaws and not delivering on various promises that I haven't mentioned. So I'll leave that alone. Keep doing good work, maybe make some more improvements on the art, and all that jazz, maybe make 0.0 sovereignty more accessible to less than *holy-balls-huge* alliances, perhaps get Dust out sometime within a year of it's original planned release. And manage the PR a bit better for Incarna (read: don't tell players it's going to be holy-crap-amazing right off the bat, instead say it's a work in progress that will slowly be improved and let them be impressed in their own right). Though I think for your first couple iterations, your still going to have some pretty big hater crowds no matter what (sorry), but hopefully it will be some really cool and engaging content regardless.

EDIT: This particular part of the release was the "meh" part of Incursion for me, as it was built up the most. The last two portions were great for what they were and pretty much met expectations. Just me. Oh and I did enjoy the nice touches the most, like the group-all, expansion of keyboard shortcuts, and in other releases, the skill removal, the monitor spanning, and all that. But I feel like I should have had similar excitement for the big headlining gameplay features of the expansion as well, which, tbh, I didn't have. But perhaps I will bite my tongue in a week and be super excited for the actual incursion content. So, don't disappoint on that front, I beg you.

Finally, congrats, you've gotten someone who is a full-time university student with 3 jobs and too little time to keep playing your game, so I'd count that as a success.

Revant Zeisor
Posted - 2011.01.19 04:29:00 - [398]

I can't understand why I have a hood on my char when I'm in game but in character creator and in the login I haven't!! I don't wanted it! WTF?Shocked

Lego Maniac
Posted - 2011.01.19 04:31:00 - [399]

This must have been asked already, but as far as Minmatar glasses go, is there anything besides aviators that eat up half your face? They make me feel like I'm about to go play beach volleyball with Tom Cruise in some flaming 80's movie about Navy pilots.

I know, I know, I should work on that security thing. But honestly.

Posted - 2011.01.19 04:32:00 - [400]

Well, I somehow feel rendering is better now (now when it doesn't actually renders portraits) on my laptop, and as for char creator, well I wasn't really expected much, and tbh I don't really care, since Incarna is for another group of players I don't care about.

1. Issue with portraits appears in chat windows, they are loading now constantly, instead of a previous behaviour, when they was cached after you click it.
I can survive that on my home PC with a fast connection, but I use my laptop with a cellphone connection to play when I'm not home, and extra traffic generated by this feature is expensive and performance affecting.
More than that, I used this portrait feature to mark pilots I know in local, to notice new faces who have no cached pic, so if you can add an option to disable automatic char pic updates - it would be very appreciated.

2. Retriever texture as mentioned.

3. New incarnation of Ghosts in overview. (TBH better than old one, since it is visible and can be fixed by pressing CTRL, but still).

Couldn't find anything else, apart from a char creator, that is fine, just not finished yet.

Posted - 2011.01.19 04:44:00 - [401]

Serious flaw in this! Can not remotely modify buy orders. Can change sell orders but not buy orders.

Yes, I am with everyone that the character creator is a pain, but I could care less about that compared to the problem with not being able to remotely modify buy orders.

Any chance of fixing this problem?


Apollo Cochrane
Posted - 2011.01.19 04:52:00 - [402]

Edited by: Apollo Cochrane on 19/01/2011 05:05:24
Downloaded the update in about 25 mins and it installed on my PC no problem. Character Creator looks great, but frame rates are not so great. Can't imagine how the framerate is gonna be when we're walking in stations, unless some major performance improvements are implemented by then. I thought the choice of clothes was very limited, and nowhere near bad-@ss enough. Same goes for the hair styles - it was all I could do to not make my character look like a fashion model! And if I needed any impetus to train up from a Retriever to a Mackinaw, well, the new bright-yellow paint job is it!

I seriously think CCP should just let us redo our avatars whenever we like. It takes about an hour or so to recreate a character if you spend the proper time on it, so its not like people would be doing it all the time. And at least then all the time and money they have invested in the character creator would be put to better use (I know it's really a prep for walking in stations, but still...) I mean it's just not right to charge us $10 to do a portrait swap imo. I'm sure they could easily make it so we could redo our characters whenever we liked. But why should they when they can charge us $10 for the privilege?

I do think it's a step forward though (I hated the cartoon style of the previous avatars), and I hope that now it's deployed CCP can give the client several tune-ups in time for Incarna in the summer. I just wish they had spent as much time on developing the UI as they did the character creator. It's very outdated and needs a good revamp. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Edit - can you please add a button to make the guy sit still while I sculpt him? It's kinda hard to get the result I want when he's moving all over the place. Smile

Hurrm V'Bakshi
Posted - 2011.01.19 04:58:00 - [403]

bye bye 4 paid accounts. Although the system requirements are met eve does not work on my home pc and barely (even at lowest settings)on my laptop both of which are less than 2 years old. Tried every trick i learned to keep the game going over the past 4 years but no success there. Below is my comments about what i could do on my laptop.

- avatar creation is a pain w/o benefits and few choices. At lowest settings most of the choices does not make a visible difference at all as expected and warned.
- PI overhaul is complete disappointment. New version forces one to tear down everything one has built so far besides the command centers and no reimbursement there. Sure one can set-up longer cycles but no more constructing advanced stuff on the same planet and i'm sure no one subscribes to play "haulers online".
- can't understand the need for new keyboard short-cuts that forces players to memorize new configurations for no apparent reason. why alt-shift-q?

Autocannons Anonymous
Posted - 2011.01.19 05:01:00 - [404]

So far no problems (am yet to delve into the char creator though). I do have a couple of problems with the short-cut keys though. This is something I think could be easily improved/implemented (and haven't heard mentioned yet... sorry if it has been)?

When holding down "S" or "D" and clicking a warp-to location it would be really helpful if it would freeze the overview in the same way that "CTRL" does for targeting.

Also a small annoyance in the fact that when I warp to a gate (that's already a "selected item"), pressing "D" to jump doesn't seem to work. I've either got to "hold-D-and-click" or re-select the (already selected and highlighted), gate on the overview. Pretty much defeats the point of the shortcut key.

AkJon Ferguson
JC Ferguson and Son Ltd
Ferguson Alliance
Posted - 2011.01.19 05:05:00 - [405]

CCP: "Let's get rid of learning skills so that we can get some clueless, whining EZ-mode WoW refugees to come give EVE a try."

1 month later

CCP: "How do we get rid of these clueless, whining EZ-mode WoW refugees?"

Posted - 2011.01.19 05:11:00 - [406]

Edited by: Awesomesaurus on 19/01/2011 05:13:39
Relatively pleased with the character creator, being human looking is a step up from being a cartoon.

Agree with the rest of the world that we need more clothing options.

+ that Matari need their tatt's, see Ray of Matar

Oh yeah, and lets get these avatars to stop moving a little bit while we touch up their features eh?

Posted - 2011.01.19 05:16:00 - [407]

Man some people love to be negative. I think this is a definate improvement and im sure there is lots to come. I do have some issues getting all the clothes to work ie: the inside shirts dont show and the eyebrows as well, maybe a download issue with mine. But these Characters are way better and I look forward to some new outfits at some stage. Idea Thankyou for all your hard work CCP. Wink

Gerard Pepin
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2011.01.19 05:19:00 - [408]

Why does my character keep fidgeting while I'm trying to adjust his physical parameters?!? The interface is painfully slow and scrolling through the various options is less than intuitive. Some suggestions:

  • A button to stop/start fidgeting

  • Left and right buttons in each scrolling selector

  • When a body/facial part is selected, keep it selected and allow arrow key input for precision.

  • Arrows for zoom and rotation. The interface is so slow that mouse wheel and dragging is counter productive.

Oh, and did I mention that it's slow?

Melichor Duraldi
Fourth Circle
Total Comfort
Posted - 2011.01.19 05:32:00 - [409]

So is anyone else living in wormhole space having an issue with bookmarks? I took some bookmarks for various wormholes and tried to copy them back (sharing is caring!) and now I cannot since I am not the owner of the can...

Capital Construction Research
Pioneer Alliance
Posted - 2011.01.19 05:33:00 - [410]

Edited by: RoyAraym on 19/01/2011 05:34:31
Originally by: De'Veldrin
You do not want my honest feedback in this thread. Because my honest feedback would make sailors and truckers both advise me to watch my language.


My new H-E-R-O-I-N-E!!!!
(Just looking at your toon, thinking about a girl :D)

But perfectly understandable.
(I'm trapped in the loop "patch client? Yes -> download patch -> apply patch -> client broken -> download repair -> repair broken -> unistal client -> download whole client -> client broken".

'azzzo, CCP!

Feedbacks about???
Vel talks!

Posted - 2011.01.19 05:37:00 - [411]

You guys messed up BIG TIME, so many people are ****ed at you. I mean what was wrong with the old one? I cant even get into the char creation, if my days are being counted I demand for them back...

Posted - 2011.01.19 05:38:00 - [412]

i skimmed the responses in this thread, and others related to the character creator, and I just need to point out to all the dorks the following 2 items:

1) we are playing a game where the characters involved are people that live 1 kagillion light years from earth, thousands and thousands of years in the future. Do you really think that anyone refers to dark skinned humans as "african americans" at this point in time?

2) "african american" is used by exactly 1 country on this planet - the united states. Anywhere else, they're just people, or blacks AFAIK. I can't imagine people referring to other people as "african russians" or "african sweedish" or "african chinese"...

this is an international game, just refer to the characters as light or dark skinned, don't bring your uber-PC crap into the game -- see point #1.

Siberokk Darkforge
Posted - 2011.01.19 05:38:00 - [413]

Edited by: Siberokk Darkforge on 19/01/2011 05:40:36
So sad to see such a great game, and a great company deteriorate so badly and diverge so far from its original vision and ingenuity. It would do you well to observe what happened to other games that ceased to listen to its community i.e. Star Wars Galaxies. If things don't change quickly, soon there will be a large amount of ex-EVE players that speak of the "good ol' days" before EVE went the same direction as SWG. This wouldn't be such a big deal if CCP was still known for excellence and improving features over time; but this has been a consistent trend of pushing out unfinished garbage and never looking back.

Cromulent Word
Posted - 2011.01.19 05:43:00 - [414]

TL;DR: patch in more customization options and give us a do-over please.

Q_Q: After testing on Sisi I was stoked. The body and face sculpting was top notch. Smiles, frowns, poses, all very good. However, there was such a ridiculous lack of variety in the final release that my main ended up being a bald guy with a plain black tee.

No "old assets with a fresh coat of paint" so we could recreate our old selves? No pink/purple/blue/green hair? No tattoos? No implants, helmets, hoods, piercings? You can't change the colors of a piece of clothing? You can have short hair or dreadlocks, but no ponytails, no shaggy manes? "Glasses" are a dozen identical Lady Gaga shades with slightly different tint - there isn't a single pair of actual glasses??? If you're not allowed to swap between the 4 snapshots you take at a later time, the "Save" button should at least prompt you with hi-res versions of your choices so you can be totally sure, in case you want to change your mind at the last moment. Right now you have to choose your permanent picture based on a 64x64 thumbnail.

Son, I am disappoint. EVE may not be The Sims, or your Xbox 360 avatar, but since this is our unique identity in a game ironically filled with clones I was at least expecting something closer to Black Prophecy. I know this is the end result of a lot of long, hard work, but it still feels rushed and not up to par, guys.

But I do like the PLEX menu on the char sheet.

Atomic Heroes
The G0dfathers
Posted - 2011.01.19 05:46:00 - [415]

Edited by: WishBlade on 19/01/2011 05:49:02
CCP Fallout
When you play around with the new character creator, during the portrait view, when you create your portrait, you are given the opportunity to take four snapshots. Please keep in mind that when you take these pictures, only the highlighted one is used by the client and EVE Gate. Please do not accept your portrait unless you are 100% satisfied with how it looks! And if you blink, simply take a new picture.

For me it did not use the snapshot I highlighted, but the last version on the big image.
Nor did it offer any differences between a Minmatar character of mine, and this Caldari. Everything was exactly the same, down to the tacky Minmatar sunglasses. I expected some racial differences, as were discussed while this was in testing.

Instead of having everyone petition to redo their profiles due to faulty, and flawed options, and visuals, and thereby creating unnecessary work for the staff which they could use to fix the system, there should be a do-over available, perhaps a certain number of tries after it's been finalized.

XMX Corp
Stain Empire
Posted - 2011.01.19 05:49:00 - [416]

I want my old avatar back!!! CCP tell me, why you not prowide option to save old avatars?

Posted - 2011.01.19 05:51:00 - [417]

Both my characters had face paint where is it?????

The old back grounds what happened to them, it couldnt be that hard to keep them around.

Having had my characters for many years i have grown to like the images and not happy that i can not even replicate the face paint of the same clothes or styles. I know things move forward and things change, but the one constant in this game has been the character portrait and I am not changing mine until it can be closer to my original.
So far after an hours work they look nothing like the original and best portrait i made 5 years ago Sad I am very worried

Posted - 2011.01.19 06:09:00 - [418]

Edited by: ACESsiggy on 19/01/2011 06:11:08
As much of the pain you will receive in this patch ccp, it was defenitely needed.

Jeff Nelson
Posted - 2011.01.19 06:23:00 - [419]

Edited by: Jeff Nelson on 19/01/2011 18:49:07
Character creator is great. And with the second chance CCP is giving us, I can hopefully get rid of this 12-year-old looking avatar, and my other stroke-victim looking one.

Thanks CCP, we all know a 12-year-old girl should NOT be flying spaceships in the company of... :)

Transfer point
Posted - 2011.01.19 06:25:00 - [420]

Character creator is borked. Try to create my own, all i get is a head, and once in a while the torso shows up. Screw it I hit random, no arms but rest of body is there, random again, torso arms no legs, random again no arms or legs. EXIT scrap changes go play game. Set up PI, decommision all the extractors set the new ones up, spend what feels like and hour moving heads around until each1 gets the most pull. Wait 4 hours so I can compare it to the last cycle of the old system, presto best planet I got 45% of the old cycle, worst planet 30%. I'll do a bit more reading see if I did something wrong (that 5 out of the 45 I was running). If not both my towers are coming down and I'll just limit what I do, time is ISK and that small return is easliy replaced by just ratting. Too bad, I was enjoying most parts of the game.

Originally by: Anastrianna StormHeart
Character creation is sweet as. For everyone dissing it for what ever reason, have a care. This is the first game I've played that gives you this much customization on character creation. Also it is their first attempt at this, so how about offering some creative criticism, instead of things like "it's crap".

Go get a trial account for City of Heroes if you want to see a character creator that gives you tons of choices from body to make up to clothes. Their's was good from day 1 and has only gotten better.

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