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May O'Neez
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:16:00 - [301]

I'm almost pleased with the Character creator: nice stuff, even if we have to lose previous faces. However, some bloodlines changed quite and is it a bit disturbing, for example when you switch from caucasian to asiatic type (case for Vherokior).

Posted - 2011.01.18 23:16:00 - [302]

Edited by: Vorqoth on 18/01/2011 23:21:30
Originally by: Keitaro Baka
I hoped the weeks we spent on sisi playing with and generally complaining about the new character creator would lead to a decent one on TQ.

Sadly I should should have known this would not be the case.

Losing the old characters is a real pain. Progress is fine, but I would have liked to been able to recreate my character if only similarly, but alas, you feel the character creator is fine now.

So what's lacking, imho:

- Hair styles. Hair colour. Hair lengths. More than 2 tones. More facial hair types for men, more hair bits for girls.
- Implants, scars, marks, tattoos, bling.
- Body type fat is not fat, thin is not thin and a little height adjustment might be nice?
- Seriously, sunglasses, for my gallente male, but no reading glasses? Or a friggin' monocle? Wait sunglasses? You could have at least included a LaForge Visor or something, I'm cruising at warp speed with my sunglasses in my pod. Really?
- Pick, sneakers or boots. Fine for certain chars, crap for others, more shoes, including decent businessmanlike loavers for all I care, just give us something.
- Pants, same, needs some classy pants too.
- How about dresses for all women? You need to wear pants? Always? Nice way of keeping all the surrounding imagery you guys like current.
- Two, read it two top outer choices for one of my chars. Seriously, more. I don't WANT to microtransact those later, then have to pay again to get a character reshot. Really CCP, really?
- Normal tops are too few too, all short sleeved so you look like a douche if you don't get a jacket or something.
- Then there's the lights, no coloured lightst to at least give hair a different glow or something, it's just as if the entire character creator is a third year college design course project that's been rushed.

It is horrible.

At first I thought it was mostly to avoid weird looking characters, EvE trying to proof it's all mature and all, but then you get some of the chars ingame, and the sunglasses, and I just don't get it.

I've been through a lot these past 7 years with you guys, but really this one of three times I've just lost all my will to play this game, I just have some main characters which I can't remotely make look like I would like them to look. Good job and good job for listening to what we've been telling you on sisi.

I really hope you fix this pathetic excuse for a 'new character creator', if not fast at least well. For now I'll just click no every time.


I can deal with the lack of clothes for now 'cause i recon we will be able to change them later in Incarna.
But if we cant redo our photo and hair, then at least give us options damnit!
Im one of the long haired Achuras thats being forced to either look like Elvis, bald, or mohawk. I dont want either of it, I want my long hair.

Sybil War
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:18:00 - [303]

Edited by: Sybil War on 18/01/2011 23:19:36
Originally by: Runeaway
Went from a tough looking image to a pretty boy out of GQ. When can we edit these images?????


Norse'Storm Battle Group
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:20:00 - [304]

You do not want my honest feedback in this thread. Because my honest feedback would make sailors and truckers both advise me to watch my language.

However, I will say this:

You screwed the pooch on the character races. Seriously screwed the pooch. Long hair options? Meh - sunglasses and hoods, not really my thing.

But when my character's features change so much that she's a completely separate racial subtype...sorry CCP, you dun ****ed up.

Johan Civire
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:20:00 - [305]

What happend? please fixs this :/ can not login can not update it. Everything is broken i need isk i got a job to do. FIXS IT,Confused

Kityana Sverjie
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:23:00 - [306]

Edited by: Kityana Sverjie on 18/01/2011 23:23:48
Originally by: Dave Day
Originally by: Zarak1 Kenpach1
Edited by: Zarak1 Kenpach1 on 18/01/2011 19:44:40
I know ccp probably didn't intend it this way. But, it feels somewhat wrong that the only group in game that can be made black using the new character skin creator is the minmatar which are former slaves.

I really hope you all didn't do that on purpose otherwise you got some really racist devs. And some lost business...

Good point!

Also the only black characters are the primitive sounding Brutor Tribe. Who above all else value physical strength. It's actually hard for me to believe CCP aren't racist presented with all of this evidence. I mean COME ON!!! The BRUTE-OR!!?!?!? Not all black people are primitive tribesmen! We don't all descend from slaves and we aren't all bad-ass looking Jamaicans! Flattered as I am, some black people are skinny nerds. And SOME just happen to be intelligent, sci-fi loving IT guys who pay to play MMO's LIKE YOURS! There may not be black people in iceland, but come on CCP, get with it. This character creator sucks anyway.

Posted - 2011.01.18 23:24:00 - [307]

I'm usually much more of a reader than a writer when it comes to the forms, however I must put my two cents in today. With all the tears in the forum today I was dreading getting home to see just how sorry the new character creator would be and kicking myself for just paying for a year's worth of eve time. Tears and bears go hand and hand it would seem. I found making my new toon be amazing and just wanted to say on behalf of all the peeps out there that loved it and don't post on the forums well done CCP for steps in the right direction. Very Happy Simply pure awesome in a box, wrapped with epic, and tied with a big red ribbon of win.


Lo Muth
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:27:00 - [308]

100% useless crap !

Wow ! I can get a nice pic now...i would give my right arm to the person whom can explain to me what benefit that does ??

Planetary use have been rendered completely useless....hope you guys roll back the old setup - i estimate that my production gone down with 40-50%.

Thx CCP !!! Twisted Evil

Posted - 2011.01.18 23:30:00 - [309]

My experience with Incursion 1.1.0.

Initial announcement: Would've liked to see it sooner. Not the technical details, perhaps just a "we want to do this" kind of list. Maybe it was in a DevBlog I missed somewhere?

Release and download: Smooth, at the maximum speed my connection could provide.

The character creator: Great! Didn't have any performance or comprehension issues, everything was pretty straight-forward. Commendable UI layout of the whole editor, elegant and simple, not too complicated and therefore easy to 'get'. Lots of fun messing around with the face 'mesh'. Would've liked to be able to choose the race and bloodline again, or to be able to completely alter facial structure. More clothing options would've been great too.

Tops! Keep up the good work and service. :)

Posted - 2011.01.18 23:30:00 - [310]

When I was using the Character Generator I was try to make my toon the way I wanted it, but while I was doing that I could only see his jaw. I added the hair and clothes but still could not see my characters face. I took a pic and saved it but was not ready to do so, but I did it hoping to see what it would look like. Will I be able to add some more features to my toon, because I am not happy with how the generator worked at this time. Please someone advise if I can redo my toon. Thanks

Dardanos Herakles
The Dead Canary Mining Corporation
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:34:00 - [311]

The Floating jaw of DOOM. I feel you bro. YARRRR!!

Sybil War
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:35:00 - [312]

Not that I'm fond of complaining about things, but on top of the random hood spawn of my guy what is with the baby puke yellow retriever, the baby poop brown Sansha's ship and the other ugly colors on the ore ships?

Paladia Haberdash
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:37:00 - [313]

+1 for not enough clothes in the character creator

Also the fugly semi-transparent "window" around the system info and autopilot route. It looked better before the patch. Another CCP fail.

Posted - 2011.01.18 23:37:00 - [314]

Originally by: Paladia Haberdash
+1 for not enough clothes in the character creator

Also the fugly semi-transparent "window" around the system info and autopilot route. It looked better before the patch. Another CCP fail.

agreed I hate that too

Posted - 2011.01.18 23:42:00 - [315]

anyone else having problems with desktop-brightness after eve has been started?

everything works fine in the game, just the brightness on the desktop is messed up!

something in the game seems to mess up the graphics-settings! iŽd love to get a fast statement on this issue! Sad

Mace Maddox
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:45:00 - [316]

I also like the character generator except you cant go back to do fine tuning or use another picture you made before.

Other than that, I want female char without pants or bra! Cool

Piranha Protectorate
Skunk Works.
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:47:00 - [317]

Delivery - Great. Fast download and patched fine.

Content - Dull at best as per normal, however I don't expect anything else really. What have you done which can be called innovative in the past couple of years? Character Creator is a one time gimmick people will play around with when they make their character and that's it. You dig your own grave with people by proclaiming you are "making history" as you said in your dev blog, back it up with content. You had it but lost it somewhere along the way.

Bit harsh maybe, but I just think you disappear up your own arse sometimes with how great you think you are.

Estrale Frontiers
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:49:00 - [318]

Originally by: Propoli
Bit harsh maybe, but I just think you disappear up your own arse sometimes with how great you think you are.

So that is CCP's problem Laughing

Posted - 2011.01.18 23:50:00 - [319]

I see nothing good with this new char re-creation. I'd like my old toons face back now thank you.
Pi now totaly blows, somebody obviously never did any before, and now has it so screwed up I don't want to bother with it now, also thank you very much for messing things up, again, as usual.
I thought you guys were going to fix some things before you moved on, I see a few things that didn't get fixxed, and now I see more things that are yes screwed up.
Nice Job, NOT!!!

Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:52:00 - [320]

After all the hype given to the character creator, I am really and truly disappointed at what we have been given.

Bland faces, bland clothing choices, and (for me at least) sculpting absolutely WILL NOT work. Period. Perhaps it's because I have a Mac? In any case, bravo, CCP... bravo.

Also, hair color choices. It was nearly impossible to get natural looking red hair, as the root choices were limited to black, darker black, and white. In addition, I can't have hair longer than shoulder length. Not that I want that for myself, but this is something I noticed and found ridiculous.

Also (perhaps I need to be able to sculpt to do this?) my character is a very serious man. He refuses to smile.

In any case, for all the time and effort put into this character creator, this is really and truly lackluster. And I haven't even opened up the game yet. I'm sitting on the character creation screen, trying to figure out how I can make my character even moderately acceptable to me.

I will admit, the new characters look way better than the old ones, but the new system actually feel even LESS customizable, were that possible. Again, perhaps it's because my goddamn sculpting tool won't work.

Posted - 2011.01.18 23:53:00 - [321]

Character creation thingy is great!

Nice and easy to use. My character looks great!

Facepalm McPhail
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:58:00 - [322]

My only criticism of the new character editor is that the Minmatar women do not have enough 'Junk in the Trunk"

Drake Tega'pala
Posted - 2011.01.19 00:08:00 - [323]

Edited by: Drake Tega''pala on 19/01/2011 00:16:19
Edited by: Drake Tega''pala on 19/01/2011 00:10:35
So far I noticed that neutrals have no icon next to the nick name in local chat window, whatever how you set up your options.

And my main thing:
I created my avatar as i waned to and later on it has changed. Instead of smooth face it looks like a guy overdosing alkohol for a long time ;)

Oryginal Avatar
After Some Time

Posted - 2011.01.19 00:13:00 - [324]

Edited by: Thelitos on 19/01/2011 00:30:55
I quite loved it. Sure I could only test Caldari Deitis, but the character feels so alive and real, I really love the new character creation.
My only issue is that I messed up my portrait, I think many people did. It came out poorly in the final result; and I clicked save assuming that I would be able to chose from the 4 snapshots at any time... I picked the worst one I had because it looked kinda funny, but I thought I'd be able to switch it as soon as I wanted to.

I sent a petition asking for another chance to re-do the portrait. I think CCP might have to do this for many people as its a new system and most didn't know what to expect, so yeah. My suggestion is, give everyone a second chance to re-create their character or at least re-do their portrait in a day or two.


Update: interestingly enough, when I clicked 'quit game' it crashed. Just sayin.

Zeko Rena
Posted - 2011.01.19 00:16:00 - [325]

Edited by: Zeko Rena on 19/01/2011 00:16:03
So patched now and re-made my main, i must say i really like how my guy turned out, but there is one thing that ****es me off.

I cant have black hair which i saw mentioned earlier by many people with my race/bloodline, but i am FORCED to have black eye brows, what the F, brown hair with black eye brows :(

Oh i have also logged into a black hanger with a hanger sound effect stuck on loop :)

Playboy Enterprises
Dark Taboo
Posted - 2011.01.19 00:18:00 - [326]

Edited by: Aleis on 19/01/2011 00:23:24
Edited by: Aleis on 19/01/2011 00:21:54
Edited by: Aleis on 19/01/2011 00:21:00
Edited by: Aleis on 19/01/2011 00:19:35
Very unhappy with character gen. Not nearly enough options on everything.

I wasn't able to make anything at all like my previous avatar.

even back grounds were lacking, and it would be nice to have a bit of a "Are you Sure?" before your stuck with your picture

wasn't really ready just clicked the Next button and now i'm stuck

I want my Bright red background back.

I didn't want sunglasses but whats the deal with the 7 different versions of the same shades? Really if your going to have options give us options

Where's my Tattoos

Different color Lightings

A "what you used to look like" would have been nice as well. you know for consistency

Wychwood and Wells
Posted - 2011.01.19 00:32:00 - [327]

needed less clothes for the girls Twisted Evil

Posted - 2011.01.19 00:35:00 - [328]

Edited by: Kerobani on 19/01/2011 04:31:08
1) Bring back the capture portrait option. I'd like to see full size portraits after spending so much time on them.

2) Please make the characters stop swaying while they are being created, the movement makes small changes hard to see.

3) What happened to black people, tatoos, cybernetic implants, beauty marks, strange head gear, wierd hairstyles, and business siuts? I miss them all.

4) I like the portait creation screen after the creation section, especially the option to create four drafts before selecting a final one to use. Perhaps modify the selection so you can see and compare full-sized portatis before clicking accept?

Nea Star
Posted - 2011.01.19 00:38:00 - [329]

Loving the char creator! :)

Sure it may lack more variation in clothes, hairstyles, tats and such..but overall it's a powerful tool, and I've seen some AMAZING chars out there.

..looking forward to further improvements!


Arcturus Fortescue
Posted - 2011.01.19 00:43:00 - [330]

Originally by: Lo Muth

Planetary use have been rendered completely useless....hope you guys roll back the old setup - i estimate that my production gone down with 40-50%.

Interestingly, mine seems to have gone up by 50% to 100%. Probably depends a lot on where and how you are doing PI-Stuff.

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